App Love: BabyConnect

I knew the few weeks before Madeline was born that I was going to need some sort of app to keep track of her feedings, diaper changes, etc. At first I just wanted to keep track of how long and on what side she was nursing on. My sister recommended BabyConnect and I love it!


There are so many features to this app I just love! The first is the nursing feature. There is a timer that you can pause and stop per side as you need. In addition you can add in bottle feedings and how many ounces your baby drank at what time. It will grow with her and allow for solids when we get there!


One of the best parts is the dashboard that gives you a constant time of how long it’s been since the last action so feeding, diaper change, sleep etc.


What I love even more is the reporting available on the app. Every section has a graphs feature so I can see cumulatively how long she’s nursed or how many times. This really helps to see when she’s cluster feeding or if something is different than usual.


Diaper Changes: 

Diaper changes work very similar to nursing with the same reporting capabilities. The only difference is you log them based on what was in the diaper and the size.  It also lets you choose if there was a diaper leak or an open air accident! This is a great quick reference for the pediatrician when they’re wondering how many diapers baby is making each day and the consistency and color. I always make sure my phone is charged so I have all the info for doctors appointments.


Speaking of doctors appointments the medical section is wonderful. You can keep track of all visits, shots etc. What I love is that as you can add heights and weights and it tells you what percentile your baby is in, so you can keep track between visits!


The sleep section is great because it is basically a timer so you can keep track of how long and how often baby sleeps. I find this really helpful at night. Madeline has a two hour stretch where she’s awake and if I track when and how much she’s slept throughout the day I can figure out when that stretch will be! As she has grown, I’ve been able to watch how her nap patterns change and have been able to plan around them so as not to disturb her when we have company or we need to go to the grocery store.  I’ve found if she misses a nap she is REALLY cranky and hard to get to sleep at night.



What I love most about this app is that you can share it! All of the data can be exported to excel and you can also add users.  For instance my husband is added as a caretaker, so is my mom and now it’s on their devices. I can even add my daycare provider so whoever is taking care of my baby can add information. The app then syncs across all devices so the crazy first time mom in me can keep tabs on her!  You can gift this app to your caretakers so that they’re not paying out of pocket to download it, which is also a nice touch.

The only down side is there is a cost for this app but it’s the best $5 I’ve spent! Worth every penny!

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