App Love: Fitbit

 Sherrie and I both own Fitbits and just love them!  Actually, Sherrie is the reason I switched from an Up fitness tracker to the Fitbit, so we could utilize the challenges and push each other to reach our goals!

If you don’t know what a Fitbit is – it’s an activity tracker that you wear on your wrist. It can count how many steps you take in a day, as well as active minutes judging by your heart rate thereby giving an accurate reading of how many calories you’ve burned. It also tracks your sleep and can tell you how many times you woke up,  how often you were restless and how long you were asleep for. You can also track your food and water intake and other exercise you do like riding a bike, playing soccer, etc.


Fitbits can be a great source of motivation and accountability. You can add other friends who also have Fitbits and challenge them to see who can get the most steps. I know that when I have challenged Sherrie to see who can get the most steps in a week I find myself deliberately getting up and walking more just to see if I can get those extra few steps in! You can write to them supportive messages and cheer their progress. In addition, when you win challenges, like hitting a milestone in numbers of steps or a milestone in weight loss, you earn badges and trophies. I’m always psyched to earn more!

We truly believe that our Fitbits are helping us to lead healthier and more active lifestyles. So much so we’ve convinced our hubbys to get them too! What are some ways you try to stay active and healthy?

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