App Love: MyFitnessPal 

We just love the My Fitness Pal app! It is similar to the other calorie counter apps but the beauty is that it can sync with other apps.

We have this synced up to our Fitbits. Not only does it give you a gauge of where you’re at with your intake/outtake, but it also updates you on how many calories you have left to eat based on your exercise levels. Fitbit when synced with My Fitness Pal has great graphs to show you if you’re on track or overeating – so you can self correct!


While Emily has been following her modified 21 Day Fix, she’s also been logging her calories in MyFitnessPal. Here’s why: you can eat any carb and have it count in 21 Dat Fif, but caloricaly speaking not all carbs are the same. It helps to be able to track what was different based on what she ate so that she could make the smartest choices possible. While this is certainly an added step in the process, Emily thinks it has made all the difference in her success.

Another great feature is that you can either manually add ingredients from a favorite recipe and it will calculate the calorie and nutritional information based on the number or servings, or if you’re using an online recipe (like from Pinterest) you can just enter the URL and it will calculate all of that for you! This feature makes keeping track really, really easy.  Many popular restaurants also have their information in the systems, so no excuses for not keeping track!


Just like a social network, you can add friends (in fact it syncs with your Facebook account) and keeps track of your friends activity in a news feed like style.  This way you can cheer on your friends in their health journey, and they can cheer on you! Or, in my case, keep me accountable.  It even sends you a notification if you don’t log in for a few days (yes, I’ve gotten one) to help keep you on track! I need someone to push me like that, so I love this feature!

Do you have a favorite app or way to keep track of your intake and output? We want to know about it! Tell us in the comments!

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  1. milesandellie says:

    The timing of this post couldn’t be more perfect! As we are sitting down for dinner last night I started discussing making some better food choices with my husband. With winter and having a super sick kid it was really easy to just go for convenience. Now that we are getting back into our spring and summer routine, an app like this would be a great tool to add to our tool box. Thanks so much for sharing!

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