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At Forever Young Moms, we are big fans of the apps created by Ovuline. A while back we wrote a post on our favorite pregnancy apps and we discussed our love for Ovia Pregnancy. We both used it and it is wonderful!  That being said, in order to use their pregnancy app, you have to get pregnant!  That is where the Ovia Fertility app comes in. This app certainly works – twice now for Sherrie or even if you use it to not get pregnant like Emily!

 If you’re trying to conceive this is the app to use – it’s so easy! You just have to enter some data each day. You can keep it simple by entering when your period starts and ends and when you have sex or get more involved and include your mood, symptoms, basal temperature and so much more. The more data you enter and track, the better chance you have of getting pregnant. Entering data is very simple – just click the date on the calendar and scroll down to which data you’d like to enter for that day. The homepage on the app will give you a fertility score based on your data: 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest. It will also tell how many days until your next fertile window and how many days you should wait to take a pregnancy test.

Another great feature is the tips and advice it gives in a newsfeed like format. This ranges from what foods boost fertility to proper exercise when TTC to what is happening in your body at the current time during your cycle. The app also has a cycle insights (a snapshot of your cycle based on the data you enter), articles to read about all sorts of fertility topics and the ability to export your data to excel. You can even customize the look of your app with different fun themes to choose from – Sherrie’s favorite is fresh abstract. 🙂

So if anyone can vouch that this app works it has got to be Sherrie. Twice she has gotten pregnant using Ovia Fertility! She started using the app in February 2014 and by  that August she found out she was expecting. Sherrie had irregular cycles so using this app made it easy to figure out when she was ovulating. After a cycle or two the app was able to determine her fertile window. Each time using the app she was pregnant within months and both times tracking a very irregular cycle.

The app not only tracks fertility but also works for simply tacking your period. This is what Emily used the app for. She had many medical issues when it came to her cycle, in fact a few months before they learned they were pregnant with Madeline, Emily had been diagnosed with PCOS which pretty much confirmed her doctor’s opinion on what they had told her for years: she wouldn’t be able to have children.  So she was using the app to track her cycle days, try to estimate her ovulating or fertile days, and try to actively avoid getting pregnant. She had been using the app for almost two years and it worked very well.  In late December of 2014, it became necessary to have her IUD removed because of a hemorrhage and some troubling shadows on an ultrasound – tracking her cycle became even more important.  It also helped her be able to track symptoms that she could update her doctor with at the many appointments she had. Since she was so tuned into her body, imagine her surprise when she found out they were expecting Madeline!  The app is so good, it works even when you don’t mean it to! Seriously though,  Emily is religious about entering information, even now that Madeline is here and they will not be having another for quite some time, Emily is back to tracking her symptoms and inputting information to see what trends arise and make sure she’s on top of what’s going on.

Another great thing about this app is the ability to report special conditions. For example Emily  has reported that she is breastfeeding, so it won’t necessarily take sore nipples as a sign that she’s pregnant. She also was able to ‘hide fertility content’ so her timeline will not show TTC tips as she is not currently trying to get pregnant.

We cannot say enough great things about the Ovia Fertility app! Trying to conceive can be a grueling and emotional process. Using this app can take some of the stress off. Once you report a pregnancy be sure to download their awesome Pregnancy App! Thank you Ovia for helping both of us create our perfect bundles of joy! <3

Sherrie &amp; Emily

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  1. Amy Stratton says:

    This is a great post!!! I use Ovia too. 🙂 my husband and I were trying for 10 months. He had to leave for army stuff and so we will keep trying when he gets back. We are just trying to stay positive and I love tracking things with Ovia.

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