Blogger Recognition Award!

What can we say but WOW! We are blown away, we never expected our blog could touch so many people, let along be recognized, so THANK YOU!

We were nominated by Oak City Mama, Mommy is Exhausted and Holden Down the Fort!

Thank you so much to all of you for the Blogger Recognition Award! We are so honored you picked us as one of your nominees! We both love all your blogs!

Here are the Rules:
Thank the blogger who nominated me and provide a link to their blog ✔
Write a post to show the award ✔
Write a brief story of how my blog started ✔
Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers ✔
Nominate 15 Bloggers for the Award ✔
Comment on their blog to know they have nominated ✔

How Our Blog Started: 
Our blog idea started up when we were sitting at the dog park one morning while our husbands were playing soccer. Sherrie said to Emily we should write a mom blog! Logan was a few months old and Emily was still due with Madeline. We didn’t let that idea die at the dog park! Here we are today, a little over a year in, enjoying sharing our journey with everyone!

Two Pieces of Advice:
1. Never give up. Even on the days or weeks you think, “is this even worth it?” Trust us – it is. Keep on, keeping on and you will find your way. We are still navigating the blog world ourselves, but a small win, is still a win.
2. Don’t be afraid to ask other bloggers for help. Blogging is SO hard. There is so much to learn. There are plenty bloggers out there who are flooded with information and knowledge and have no problem sharing – don’t be afraid to ask for help. There is no such thing as a stupid question!

We’re thrilled to be able to pass this on to some of our other favorite bloggers! Check out these blogs too and be sure to give them some love!

  1. Babies to Bookworms: Of course we are going to love a blog about books! You may have figured out we like to read. Vicki over at Babies to Bookworms has an amazing knowledge of children’s (and adult) books- but what we love most, she takes the time to make an experience for each of the books she recommends! Whether that’s a DIY craft  or a fun activity- her blog is the stuff Pinterest dreams are made of 🙂

2. Mom Monster Blog: Morgan over at Mom Monster Blog is one of our favorites because she keeps it real! Literally every post she writes, we can relate to, and she’s brave enough to share it, good, bad, or ugly!

3. The Accidental Mrs.: Amanda at The Accidental Mrs. is our go to resource on all things Disney! You can imagine, Emily can get lost in her blog for quite a while! But seriously, she’s a funny, sassy southern momma and we can’t get enough!

4. This Connecticut Mom: This blog makes us want to live in Connecticut!! Seriously though, she’s always sharing the cute things she does with her son and is out and about- so many neat things to do! We’re jealous!

5. 700 Smiles: We are lucky enough to know Chelsea over at 700 Smiles personally.  FYM Emily (a lifetime ago) used to be a wedding planner and actually was the assistant on Chelsea and her hubby’s wedding! Since then we’ve gotten to watch her journey to becoming a mom and I can tell you this girl is all heart and perseverance.  She is blessed with an adorable little man, Luca, and we are so thrilled to see this take off for her! She blogs for a cause as well, raising money for Cleft Pallet awareness, be sure to stop over and give her some love!

6. Mommy is Exhausted: Cat over at Mommy is Exhausted helped contribute to our Favorite Mom Products post! We love her blog especially her post on breastfeeding. It is always nice when you can relate other moms when it comes to struggles!

7. Simple Kinda Mom: We stumbled upon one of Kyler’s post in a mom group and we were instantly connected. She is open and honest about herself as a mom and we LOVE that!

8. My Joy in Chaos: Katie is another blogger who contributed our Mom Faves post! Her blog name fits her blog perfectly, joyful! Also, she has some amazing free printables you can download!

9. Holden Down the Fort:  Emily is another blogger who keeps it real. It is so refreshing to see other moms who don’t hold back and tell like it is. She is one of them!

10. My So Called Mommy Life: You want to read an entertaining post? Then you have to check out My Kids are Assholes by Renee over at My So Called Mommy Life. This mom is even more amazing as she is currently battling breast cancer. Truly inspirational woman and mom!

11. I, Mommy: Maria is a very supportive mom blogger! She also contributed to our Mom Favorites post. She wrote about her experience with PPD for Mental Health Awareness Month which is such an important topic that needs to be discussed. Also, we love how she ends her posts with, “MM, out!” 🙂

12. Adventures of a Young Mother Kayla is a young mom and she is so proud of it and rightfully so! She wrote an amazing post on how moms may miss who they were before having kids – you need to check it out! It is so true!

13. Love, Life & the Little One Meghna wrote a beautiful post for Mother’s Day about promises to her little one and it hit home for us. Very touching post! She also shared a mom product for our Mom Faves post too! Check her out!

14. Fab Working Mom Life: Julie is just like us in that she is a working mom and she is a military spouse just like Emily. She really gets it and offers some amazing advice and tips for all types of moms!

15. Young Love Mommy: Ellen at Young Love Mommy has a lovely blog! We love that she not only talks about motherhood, but even shares some delicious recipes to try! Her latest recipe is definitely one we want to try!

Thank you so much again for the moms who nominated us! Please check out and support these other awesome Mom Bloggers we love!



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