Books We Love: Usborne Books & More 

You’ve probably heard of Usborne Books and More at this point, it’s a super fast growing company. Emily has been to three of these Facebook parties in the last month!

Given all of the exposure we’ve had to them recently we are in a great place to tell you why we love them.

They’re for all ages: A lot of what we blog about is for babies because that’s what we have – babies! But these books span a wide age range. They have board books, picture books, fiction, non fiction, chapter books, activity books, even adult coloring books. And really who doesn’t love an adult coloring book? We certainly do! Case and point we got each other them for Christmas this past year – what a funny coincidence!

They’re interactive: Madeline’s favorite book right now is from the “that’s not my” series and it’s “that’s not my puppy.” She loves to touch the pages and feel the different textures. Plus they’re all brightly colored and eye catching. There are many in this series we just added that’s not my pig, that’s not my princess, and that’s not my dragon to our quickly growing library.

Another fun title that we love is All Better. This is a book about booboos. It comes with “sticker” bandages but they are magnetic so you can move them over and over again.  We read this one at a play date recently and even Forever Young Dad Matt was playing with it – popular with big and little kids alike!

FYM Emily also recently bought some shine a light books for her nephews 4th birthday. These books you read with a flashlight and as you shine it on the pages hidden images appear – how cool!?

They’re cost effective: Most titles are under $9.99 per book. That makes it really easy to scoop up a few at a party or give them as gifts. The company also has a great policy that if they wear out they will replace them at half cost!

That leads us to- they’re high quality. These books are durable. They really stand up to the beating that our babies give them. Particularly Madeline who likes to put everything in her mouth and Logan who throws everything he can get his hands on, these kids need books that can hold up!

They make great gifts: We mentioned earlier that Emily got her nephew some shine a light books. What’s great is how easy the site is to use. If you do chose you can start a wish list with a unique URL so that you can share it with friends and family. The last thing Madeline needs is more toys but we will always welcome more books! Now I can keep a running list of titles we want to check out!

We can’t wait to share these books with you. FYM Emily has decided to become a consultant, she is that passionate about them!  As a introduction we’re hosting our own Facebook party! Come join us from your couch on Thursday, August 11th at 8pm. Learn about the books, play some fun games, and be entered into a giveaway for a free book! We know, no matter your child’s age, they will love these books! Be sure to join us for all of the fun! If you’re ready to shop right away, or just want to browse, visit the site.

Already familiar with them? Let us know your favorite titles in the comments so we can check them out!

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  1. Morgan says:

    My four year old son loves their Lift the Flap series. These books hold his attention and he has learned a great deal about a variety of topics. He’s forever telling me facts about outerspace, the human body, sports, and our world (the four titles he has so far!)

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