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Why We Love Essential Oils!

As you may know essential oils are all the rage right now. But don’t worry, we’re not here to make you join a group or buy oils from us, as we know it’s pushy consultants that can give compamies like this a bad rap.  Luckily, we’ve been really fortunate to meet some phenomenal consultants from many companies including DoTerra and Young Living who have gently introduced us to the wonderful world of essential oils.

As moms, we’re always looking for ways to keep our families healthy.  For Sherrie, it started as a replacement to candles who wanted something more natural in the air and safer for her very tall toddler. For Emily, she was looking for a way to introduce a more natural healing method- Madeline was constantly getting sick and she was tired of giving her Motrin or Tylenol.

That’s when we discovered essential oils, whether they’re diffused, in a roller ball, or in a cleaning solution- they have changed our lives dramatically!

What exactly is an essential oil? Well, it’s the extract from a plant. These oils are all therapeutic grade and each oil and plant has its own properties and different uses.  Call us cooky- but this stuff really works!

So how do you get started? We recommend trying out oils from all different brands before committing to a company, each has different standards so you will get to know what fits best for your budget and which companies you like.  We have found for our family that we love Eden’s Garden. These oils are a great quality without carrying a huge price tag. They have single oils, plus some amazing blends and even a line specifically made and diluted for kids!

Eden's Garden Essential Oils Purify Blend Essential Oils

So which oils do you get?  There are SO MANY choices that it can be easily overwhelming- here’s what we recommend starting with.

Lemon– lemon is a staple in both our houses! It’s amazing for cleaning- works like a charm! But it’s also good to diffuse and create a nice crisp, clean scent in your house.

Lavender– lavender is another staple. Known for calming- this is great to add to a hot shower, diffuse before sleep and is the base of many roller ball and spray blends!

Thieves (or the Fighting Five)- this is a blend of many oils. It’s well known for its immune boosting properties. Diluted with fractionated coconut oil- Emily has been rolling this on Madeline for two months and she hasn’t been sick since!

What else will you need? A few things to help you along the way.

Diffuser- Be sure to invest in a good diffuser. This is an easy way to get started with oils. Trust us, you’ll soon find you use it daily. FYM Emily loves this one! We recommend just cleaning them once a month by diffusing a blend of 2/3 water and 1/3 white vinegar.

Roller Bottles– another quick find from Amazon– you’ll soon realize you’re creating blends and rolling them topically. We keep two rollers on Madeline’s changing table and another 2 in her diaper bag! I also carry four rollers in my purse at all times- the headache blend saves Emily at least three times a week!

Fractionated Coconut Oil- If you’re going to get in to blending for rollers or sprays, you’re going to need to dilute your oil. We’ve found coconut oil to be a great way to do this! Fairly inexpensive and doesn’t bother anyone with sensitive skin!

Ready to get started? We will be sharing some of our favorite blends in the coming weeks. In the meantime- follow along with our It’s Essential Pinterest board! We would love to see how you are using oils in your lives!


Common Illnesses: Yeast Infections

Our poor Madeline has been plagued with sicknesses as of late.  The latest is a yeast infection.  I’ll spare you the photos, but I can only imagine it is painful!

Yeast infections manifest themselves in babies as a diaper rash that you can’t get rid of with any diaper cream.  Eventually, Madeline’s started to look scaly, like small bubbles. We tried our go to, Boudreaux’s Butt Paste, for 5 days to no avail before calling the pediatrician. It turns out, when a baby has a yeast infection, you need a prescription, Nystatin, in order to clear it up.  This cream, applied liberally, to dry skin three times a day takes about a week to clear up.

It’s important to know that yeast breeds in warm, moist places.  And yeast is evident in all foods.  So diapers are a perfect breeding ground for yeast infections.  The best way to try to avoid them is frequent diaper changes.  That being said, you’ll never be able to control that 100%.  We change Madeline every two hours, with the exception of overnight, and she still got one.  Let the baby air out as much as possible, apply the cream, and it should clear up!

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Common Illnesses: Croup

One the many common illnesses we’ve been dealing with recently is croup.  For some reason when I hear croup, I just think it’s old timey, like it’s something that babies don’t get anymore –  I couldn’t be more wrong.

Madeline had been pretty cranky one day and fought going to sleep.  Finally I got her down and laid her in her crib.  Over the monitor I heard what I thought was her sneezing, went in to check on her and she was awake.  I got her down again and sure enough not twenty minutes later, I heard another noise from her room, this time it sounded like she was choking.  When I got to her she was worked up, red and struggling for air.  Every time she breathed out, it sounded like wheezing, but it was more of a barking cough.  At this point it was almost eleven at night so we took her straight to the ER.

Croup is apparently worse at night.  Many times, cold night air, or the air from the freezer can help with that cough.  It is characterized by a barking cough that sounds like a seal on their exhale, this is known as stridor.  Croup,  an inflammation of the vocal box, is kind of like laryngitis for babies, so their lungs are typically clear.  There’s not much that can be done for relief other than a steroid treatment, so it’s important to see a physician.

That being said, our doctor recommended spending time outside in cool night air when the cough acts up and a cool mist humidifier.  Nevertheless, it can take 4 days to a week to clear up.  Untreated croup can become quite serious, so if you hear the tell tale signs of the barking cough- get checked out.  Otherwise, buckle in and get ready to ride it out!

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Common Illnesses: Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis)

If you have ever had a kid in daycare, or really if you’ve ever had a kid, then you know that there is one thing they always are: germy.

That’s how on a Monday morning we ended up home battling pink eye. This is another one of those super common illnesses that gets passed around. Pink eye can be caused by a lot of things such as a cold, contact with the virus, or just a piece of dust that she rubbed into her eye. If you think your child may have pink eye, here are the things to look out for.

With Madeline we noticed the area around her eye got really red and puffy.  She typically rubs her eyes when she’s tired but this was much more than normal.  As it got redder and puffier, it also got really watery, it start to leak mucous like green crusts and even just straight clear liquid.  That’s when we knew something was off.  She was cranky and complaining more than usual.   The real test is when they wake up in the morning.  The first morning she woke up, her eye was swollen shut. Our pediatrician recommended a safe dose (based on Madeline’s weight) of Benadryl to help until our appointment later that day. Always ask your doctor for what medications and dosage amounts are safe to give your child before administering any medications to them.

Depending on how old your child is, they will either prescribe an oral medication or an ointment to be placed on their eyelashes so that they can blink it into their eye.  We got the ointment because she’s under 8 months.  As soon as we got it in, we started seeing improvement.  After just two hours, Madeline was bouncing back to her usual, happy self! And the other good news is that after 24 hours they’re good to go back to daycare or school.

Be sure to go to the pediatrician, even if you have the ointment at home because sometimes pink eye can be paired with an ear infection and it’s important to make sure you’re treating all the issues at hand.  We were lucky that it was just one of her eyes, but it can easily spread to the other eye as well.  Good luck and here’s hoping for healthy babies!

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Common Illnesses: Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (Coxsackie Virus)

Inevitably, children get sick.  Particularly in a school or day care setting, it’s pretty much guaranteed that at some point, your child will get sick.   When Madeline got sick for the first time recently, I turned to google to explain the virus outbreak at daycare and was surprised that there wasn’t a lot of information on the internet that wasn’t of an alarmist nature.  I turned to my copy of the New Basics, but I decided that it would be a good thing to tackle on the blog and help my fellow mommies (and daddies!) out there to hear real cases or this illness.

I had no idea what Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease, also known as Coxsackie Virus, was.  To be honest, it sounds worse than it is.  Typically this virus is characterized by red bumps that start to appear on the feet, then spread to the hands, and eventually the mouth. This can be an issue because these sores hurt so it can lead to an unwillingness to eat. These bumps can also grow and blister, thankfully that didn’t happen to Madeline- but they look like this.

Another tell tale sign of this illness is a fever. Though that’s not really helpful in determining if your child is sick considering it’s a symptom for about 12 other common infant maladies.  You can also recognize common symptoms such as red watery eyes, and lethargy.

Once I figured out Madeline had this, my first call was to the pediatrician.  Given the fact that this disease is highly contagious (and apparently prevalent in spring/early summer), don’t be surprised if your pediatrician doesn’t want you to come into the office.  This is exactly what happened with us, they confirmed from her symptoms that she had this over the phone.  This is a virus, antibiotics will not cure it, you simply have to ride it out.  The best thing to do is to keep your child on a course of infant Tylenol.  Please be sure to consult your pediatrician for exact dosages as they can vary greatly based on your child’s age and weight.  It is also imperative that you keep your child as hydrated as possible.  For those of you who breastfeed, grab bottled water and snacks and park yourself somewhere, you’ll likely be there a while.

 The good news is, this disease passes rather quickly.  It typically takes about three days to resolve itself.  In our case, Madeline was diagnosed on a Monday evening, it was rough as she cried and was inconsolable for many hours until she fell asleep. She spent most of Tuesday passed out until bedtime, she again spent Tuesday evening crying inconsolably for hours part her bedtime. She even woke up halfway through the night (i’m assuming when her Tylenol wore off) crying.  I can count the number of times she’s cried in her four and a half month life on one hand, so this was disturbing to me and extremely hard to hear.  All you can do is keep reassuring your baby that it will be okay and comfort them to the best of your ability.  By Wednesday, she seemed to be back to her happy self, with a little bit more fussiness than usual.  Though her fever had broken (which is the tell tale sign that they are no longer contagious), I kept her on Tylenol every four hours.  By the evening, she was less fussy and went to sleep easily and slept through the night.  Thursday morning she was back to her routine and back to daycare!

My advice to parents is: 1- Don’t panic. It’s very very hard to watch your child sick or suffer, but the calmer you are, the more calm they will be.  You have to be able to care for them. 2- Call your pediatrician.  You should always trust their diagnosis and opinion over the internet/others.  3- Hang in there, you will get through this. I promise. 4- don’t lose sight of the fact that you can catch this from your child, I did! Take care of yourself too, you have to be healthy to care for your baby!

Best of luck to those of you fighting this off with your little ones!

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