DIY: Superhero Curtain Tiebacks 

When Sherrie found out Logan would be a Logan I was so excited to get started on all the cute superhero projects I had planned as gifts for her shower! One thing that I knew I wanted to make were curtain tie backs. I thought they’d make a great addition – I think I was right!

Because Logan is named after Wolverine I thought it would be fun to make wolverine tiebacks. What I did was download a template for Wolverine’s mask to use as my pattern.  You can find multiple templates for masks on Pinterest or here. Be sure to print them to fit a full sheet of paper so that they are big enough!

Here’s the materials I used:
Copies of the mask template (I needed three)
A color photo of what the mask should look like
Felt sheets in the correct colors with sticky backs
Glue gun

Once I had the masks printed I cut out each piece that would be a separate color. For wolverine I needed the full size of the mask in yellow, the eye coverings in black, and the eye holes in white.  Cutting the felt was the hardest part! Tip: Make sure your scissors are super sharp.


After it was all cut it was a matter of layering. The sticky back made it really easy and once it was all together I simply glued ribbon to the back on each side long enough to be able to secure the curtains.

Matt’s favorite superhero is Captain America so I also made a set of those as well to switch out if they preferred!


This was a fun, quick and inexpensive touch that makes a great difference!

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DIY: Ruffle Blankets 

One of the things I saw and fell in love with on Pinterest were ruffle blankets! I couldn’t find a good tutorial to use so I made my own. I think they turned out wonderfully!

You will need:

1 yard minky fabric
1 yard coordinating cotton print fabric
Satin blanket binding
Sewing machine

This was super easy! I took the yard of cotton and the yard of minky and trimmed them until they were the same size. Then I laid them right sides together.

Making the ruffle was more difficult. I used a satin binding because I wanted a thicker ribbon. You need to sew this with a zig zag stitch without backstitching at the front or back. Once you’ve done that pull the threads and the binding will automatically ruffle. Don’t worry if it doesn’t ruffle as much as you want.

Start to pin the ruffle between the edges of the minky and cotton. As you go, if the ruffle isn’t ruffled as much as you’d like just start to fold the ribbon under- it will have the same effect.  Once you’ve pinned everything, sew around the whole blanket leaving a space as wide as your hand for turning it out.  Turn the blanket right side out and pin the opening.

 Once you’ve done this you’re ready to topstitch! I topstitched in white thread so it blended in but you could easily do a coordinating color to stand out. That’s it! You’re done- enjoy your blanket!

Here are the two I made for Madeline:

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Madeline’s Nursery!

When we found out we were pregnant, I had some very specific ideas of what I envisioned the nursery should look like for either gender.  If we were having a boy, I had a vision of a rustic theme with grey and wooden details.  With a girl, I was set on pink and metallic gold for colors with a vintage Hollywood tea party glam as the theme.  Now, I realize that’s not a real thing, but in my brain it was going to work! So once we knew for sure we were having a girl, I didn’t waste any time. I flew out to the store and bought the paint color and then ordered all the necessary materials to begin my DIY nursery projects!

All of my inspiration for Madeline’s nursery came from a single piece of fabric. Once I saw it I fell in love and never looked back!


I knew that I would have a lot I wanted to put on the walls so a neutral paint color was key. I chose a Sherwin Williams paint color called steamed milk which is a soft cream.  It turned out to be a great choice as it really brightened the room and made it feel larger.


I should really mention at this point that I love Etsy.  If you have a vision chances are you can find the pieces you need on Etsy! In this case I knew that on one wall whether over the dresser or the crib I wanted metallic gold dots. I thought they would look almost like confetti, just like the fabric.  Sure enough you can order sheets of decals on Etsy for $10! What a great find.

Not one to pass up a sale or coupon, I was able to get the crib and glider for $200 total at Target by combining a clearance sale with their cartwheel app! The only problem was I had to settle for dark wood when I had my heart set on white furniture.  In the end it has actually worked out better and I am positive I would have scratched white furniture before she even arrived!


So now the trick was finding a dresser/changing table.  This is where the bargain hunting really comes into play! I found a solid oak dresser/changer in great shape on a facebook garage sale site for $60! But it didn’t match the rest of the furniture! In the end that was okay because I got to make it my own.  It turns out you can paint furniture (thanks again, Pinterest!). I found the perfect shade of barbie pink and got to work.  I really love the way it turned out but I think my favorite part is the knobs. I found these round cream and gold knobs on Amazon. The downside was I paid almost as much for the ten of them as I did the dresser (about $40)! In the end they are the piece de resistance so I don’t mind!


To me there’s something very vintage about embroidery hoops. Plus it’s a tie in to my love of crafting.  So when I came across the idea of hanging them on the wall – I was instantly obsessed.  I knew I wanted to spell out her name somewhere and above her crib made the most sense.  Also the idea of having embroidery hoops on the wall allowed for the showcase of the fabric I love and some coordinating patterns! The hardest part was figuring out how to get them to stay on the wall! It turns out 3M makes clear command strips that hang up to 3lbs on the wall.  In addition to hanging on the wall I got extra fabric in each of these patterns that I then made into a quilt. This quilt is for her crib and is complemented by pale pink crib sheets and crib skirt.

As a small child I Ioved reading. I was hoping to pass that on to my daughter. I knew she would have a ton of books and we would need a place to keep them! I learned this trick from Sherrie. IKEA sells spice racks for about $3 each. With a little paint and a lot of my husband’s patience they turned out pretty well!


One of my favorite purchases for the nursery was this little pink chair. I absolutley love tiny armchairs! I got a great deal this past Labor Day. The plus side of not sleeping well during your pregnancy is the deals you can find online at 3 am! This is from Target- it was originally $129 but I paid $81! Still a lot for a little chair but I just couldn’t help it!


After that it was all about the little details. One of my best friends is a graphic designer – she made some adorable signs including this one that I knew would be perfect next to the pacifiers.  It may seem crazy to have an apothecary jar just for pacifiers, but I thought it totally added to the ambiance.  Add to that this adorable hand pump (it’s actually a soap dispenser) that I filled with hand sanitizer and we had a changing table ready to go!



I am obsessed with her nursery and how it came out! What do you think?

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Logan’s Nursery!

The theme for Logan’s nursery was a no brainer for us. Matt and Mike are totally obsessed with superheroes so as soon as we found out we were having a boy, it instantly became my mission to track down all things superhero!

I purchased a matching crib and dresser set from Buy Buy Baby since I had some high value coupons because we registered there. I ended up saving myself hundreds of dollars! I am in LOVE with our crib, once I saw it in the store, I had to have it! One of my thrifty tips is to reuse your baby shower décor for the nursery. We purchased these awesome jumbo superhero comic book word cutouts from Oriental Trading when they were having a super duper sale. I got them for under $5 and we used them as shower décor and now they are hanging above Logan’s crib. I really think it looks great and Logan loves the colors! The batman blanket hanging on his crib was handmade by my coworker Kendall- it was such an awesome gift! Everywhere we go people ask where we got it and I get to tell them it is one-of-a-kind! 🙂


Above our dresser is a handmade quilt that Emily made for Logan. This quilt was just too awesome to have folded in a bin with the other blankets. When Matt said he wanted to hang it on the wall above the dresser to showcase it, I was like, what? No way! Who hangs blankets on walls? But I came around to the idea and boy, am I glad I did. It looks so cool! Thanks, Emily! 🙂


Storage is a necessity for nurseries. I never knew how much stuff babies need until I had one. Check out these awesome storage shelves with bins that were gifted to me from Emily at my shower. The shelves and bins are from Amazon and then she made the superhero logos from felt stickers. Of course she included Matt’s favorite superhero, Captain America!


For Logan’s shower we asked that people spend a few bucks on a book, rather than on a card. Cards are so pricey these days (usually $5!) so we thought why not ask people to spend that money towards a book for Logan’s library. We asked that they put a little message inside the book too. It was a great hit at my shower! So with all these books we had to put them somewhere. Thanks to Pinterest I saw this Ikea hack where you turn spice racks into book shelves. They were surprisingly inexpensive at just $3 a piece and with a little navy blue spray paint, we had a place for all those books! I purchased wooden letters from the craft store (coupons in hand!) to spell out the word READ and painted them red to match the blue. This might be one of favorite DIY projects I have done. A tad tricky to hang, but once they were up, I was just obsessed! This will be a nursery DIY project for all babies to come!

img_5265 (1)

Some other superhero decor items we have are some more pieces that were gifted to me. One was a shower gift from my best friend. She purchased these superhero picture sheets spelling out Logan on Etsy and then she framed them herself. They are just so stinking adorable! And the other was made by Emily, which are wooden letters and then printed comics cut out and pasted on the top. How freaking cool are these both?! I have Emily’s on Logan’s door and my friend Jess’ on the wall in his nursery.

Check out these curtain tie backs Emily made. She made wolverine since that’s who Logan was named after (I told you my husband was obsessed). They are so cute and so easy to make – expect a DIY post on this one later!

A few other details include a Superhero Rules sign that I purchased from Hobby Lobby (my favorite store!!!) when they were having their 50% off all decor sale – it was just $10. Worth every penny! It is hanging above this adorable navy blue mini chair for Logan. This was a Target find one day while out shopping with Emily. We spotted it and the price tag said $60 – womp! womp! But thanks to the Target Cartwheel app they had 20% off all kids furniture that day, the timing was perfect so in the cart it went! We take his monthly photos on it and it’s been fun to see how the chair is getting to be more for his size!

We also have a superhero growth chart that I purchased online. I love that it is personalized. It reads, “Logan Reaching Superhero Heights!” The best part is that it was only $25 which I thought was a steal for a keepsake we will have forever.


Logan’s nursery is my favorite room in our home. All the superhero details come together so beautifully! We are always getting comments on how fun and colorful it is.
What’s your nursery theme?

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