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Friday Faves: Baby Banana Brush

**This post contains a product review, while we were given the product, our opinions are all our own.**

Have you ever heard the horror story of a child who was running with a toothbrush and then suddenly they trip and it punctures a hole in their mouth? Sounds absolutely terrifying and terrible, right? That is exactly what can, and has happened, when you use the typical hard plastic toothbrushes designed for young kids. That horrifying incident happened to a family when their 2 year old slipped while brushing his teeth causing his toothbrush to puncture the roof of his mouth coming within centimeters of entering his brain. Can you imagine that happening to your child? As parents, the last thing you want is to see your child in any sort of pain or danger. This is why the family of that 2 year old boy decided it was time to take action to prevent something like that happening to another child. That is how the Baby Banana Brush was born!

You may have seen the Baby Banana Brush  when creating your registry, in the baby store or other families using it. It was rated a best product for babies and we are here to tell why! If you are thinking, do I really need this? Guess what – YOU DO! We LOVE these toothbrushes for our kiddos.  Even if your child doesn’t have teeth yet, baby banana has toothbrush products designed for teething infants up to fussy toddlers. We are so thankful to be able to try out these products for our kiddos!

Infant Toothbrush

Baby Banana Brush Tooth GelI know you are probably saying to yourself, my infant does not need a toothbrush! But the truth is that it is never too early to introduce good dental hygiene habits from the start! Baby Banana Brush designed this flexible infant brush in a fun banana shape! It has a soft texture and is made of the highest quality silicone. The  unique design of the wide banana peel handles allows infants to easily grasp the brush to learn how to use the brush in their mouth. You can even use the handles to hold a binky strap! The added bonus? It doubles as a teether! It can sooth sore gums for a cranky teething baby. You can even throw it in the freezer! This brush is intended for children under 1 year of age which was ideal for our littlest family member, Finn. He is 5 months old and in the early stage of cutting teeth. He loved it! The brush was easy for him to hold – he  didn’t want to put it down! 🙂

 Baby Banana Brush TeetherBaby Banana Brush Teether

 Toddler Training Toothbrush

Toddler Baby Banana Brush

When your baby turns to a toddler it is crucial you really get into the habit of teeth brushing, especially since they are now eating mostly solid foods. The toddler training toothbrush was designed with safety in mind. To prevent mouth injuries, it is flexible and bendable and is made with medical grade silicone. The small bristles also massage teeth and gums. This brush is designed for children over 12 months of age, perfect for Madeline who at 1 year of age has 11 teeth! This toddler version of the classic banana brush was the just the right upgrade for her.  We put a pea size of the Kid’s Spry tooth gel and let her chew on it, making sure she’s hitting all of her teeth.  She loves it and we think we have her fooled into thinking it is just another toy! 🙂

 Baby Banana BrushBaby Banana Brush

Elefriend Toddler Toothbrush

Baby Banana Brush Elepfriend

The elefriend toddler toothbrush is a flexible toddler toothbrush also designed to be safer than typical plastic toothbrushes to prevent mouth injuries. The adorable toothbrush is an elephant whose spout is a bendable neck with ADA recommended nylon bristles with enough resistance to effectively remove plaque. This brush was designed for children 2 to 4 years old. This was the perfect toothbrush for Logan, who just turned two last month! He loves animals so the elephant design was right up his alley. He is also not a sit still toddler so we have peace of mind knowing it was designed with his safety in mind. 🙂

Spry Tooth Gel

Baby Banana Brush Tooth GelWhen your kids reach the age of one they can begin brushing their teeth with tooth gel. In addition to their fun and safe toothbrushes, Baby Banana also has tooth gel. The Spry Tooth gel is safe to swallow, fluoride-free and comes in a variety of great tasting flavors! They have banana berry, strawberry banana, bubble gum and more!  And the best part? It is made with all natural ingredients. The gels contain the xylitol which is a proven cavity fighter and provides tooth-strengthening calcium to protect and strengthen developing teeth. Madeline got to try the strawberry banana and Logan had the bubble gum – they loved it! 🙂


We cannot say enough wonderful things about the Baby Banana Brush company and their products. They are fun, effective and safe for children and it is great that they have created a products for teeth brushing for all ages.

Baby Banana Brush

Our kids love their products and we know yours will too! To view and purchase more of their  fun and amazing products, visit their website! Thank you so much, Baby Banana Brush!!!


Eden's Garden Essential Oils

Why We Love Essential Oils!

As you may know essential oils are all the rage right now. But don’t worry, we’re not here to make you join a group or buy oils from us, as we know it’s pushy consultants that can give compamies like this a bad rap.  Luckily, we’ve been really fortunate to meet some phenomenal consultants from many companies including DoTerra and Young Living who have gently introduced us to the wonderful world of essential oils.

As moms, we’re always looking for ways to keep our families healthy.  For Sherrie, it started as a replacement to candles who wanted something more natural in the air and safer for her very tall toddler. For Emily, she was looking for a way to introduce a more natural healing method- Madeline was constantly getting sick and she was tired of giving her Motrin or Tylenol.

That’s when we discovered essential oils, whether they’re diffused, in a roller ball, or in a cleaning solution- they have changed our lives dramatically!

What exactly is an essential oil? Well, it’s the extract from a plant. These oils are all therapeutic grade and each oil and plant has its own properties and different uses.  Call us cooky- but this stuff really works!

So how do you get started? We recommend trying out oils from all different brands before committing to a company, each has different standards so you will get to know what fits best for your budget and which companies you like.  We have found for our family that we love Eden’s Garden. These oils are a great quality without carrying a huge price tag. They have single oils, plus some amazing blends and even a line specifically made and diluted for kids!

Eden's Garden Essential Oils Purify Blend Essential Oils

So which oils do you get?  There are SO MANY choices that it can be easily overwhelming- here’s what we recommend starting with.

Lemon– lemon is a staple in both our houses! It’s amazing for cleaning- works like a charm! But it’s also good to diffuse and create a nice crisp, clean scent in your house.

Lavender– lavender is another staple. Known for calming- this is great to add to a hot shower, diffuse before sleep and is the base of many roller ball and spray blends!

Thieves (or the Fighting Five)- this is a blend of many oils. It’s well known for its immune boosting properties. Diluted with fractionated coconut oil- Emily has been rolling this on Madeline for two months and she hasn’t been sick since!

What else will you need? A few things to help you along the way.

Diffuser- Be sure to invest in a good diffuser. This is an easy way to get started with oils. Trust us, you’ll soon find you use it daily. FYM Emily loves this one! We recommend just cleaning them once a month by diffusing a blend of 2/3 water and 1/3 white vinegar.

Roller Bottles– another quick find from Amazon– you’ll soon realize you’re creating blends and rolling them topically. We keep two rollers on Madeline’s changing table and another 2 in her diaper bag! I also carry four rollers in my purse at all times- the headache blend saves Emily at least three times a week!

Fractionated Coconut Oil- If you’re going to get in to blending for rollers or sprays, you’re going to need to dilute your oil. We’ve found coconut oil to be a great way to do this! Fairly inexpensive and doesn’t bother anyone with sensitive skin!

Ready to get started? We will be sharing some of our favorite blends in the coming weeks. In the meantime- follow along with our It’s Essential Pinterest board! We would love to see how you are using oils in your lives!


Product Review: Little Martin’s Nail Trimmer

We are so excited to share this great product find with you!!!

If there’s one thing we absolutely dread it’s cutting our babies nails.  It’s a terrifying process to say the least.  That is not the case anymore because of a company called Little Martin’s Drawer who makes a new nail trimmer that we love and we can’t figure out how we existed before we knew about it!

Here’s what the Little Martin’s nail trimmer looks like. It runs on two AA batteries and is super light and compact.

The button on the front is the on/off switch that controls the speed, high and low, and rotation, clockwise/reverse. There is even an LED front light to make it easier to see their tiny nails. This nail trimmer is also equipped with a “whisper-quiet” motor so you can file nails while baby is sleeping.

There are interchangeable attachments for babies/toddlers and even adults. For babies/toddlers you choose the file pad based on their age, however if you feel a lesser course nail pad is more appropriate you can choose that one instead.  For Madeline, Emily is using the green one, the least coarse, because Madeline’s nails are still very soft (though she did try to use the coarsest one on Bruce Wayne and it didn’t work – she will leave it to the professionals!). There are even 3 attachments for adults: a shaving disc, a polisher and a point polisher. We love that we can use it too!  When the pads wear out, you can purchase replacement pads separate from nail trimmer package.


The scariest part of clipping nails is getting them to stay still. We are both terrified that they would move and suddenly we’d pinch them or worse, cut the skin.  That’s not the case with the Little Martin’s nail trimmer and it’s why we love the product so much.  You can see here, Madeline is moving all about, and as long as her hand is still, it’s easy and quick to trim down her nails!


Want one of your own? ( Trust us, it will change your life!)  Grab one here and be sure to check them out and like their page on Facebook!

Sherrie & Emily

Products We Love: Foodii

In the the past  we reviewed the Kiinde Bottle System.  Now what we love even more is Foodii, the baby food system made by the makers of Kiinde.  This works perfectly in conjunction with the Beaba Babycook and is a staple in FYM Emily’s meal prep Sunday routine!

Everyday I send pouches of homemade purees to daycare for Madeline each week.  We have mentioned previously how it’s much easier to make baby food in advance. While I meal preps lunches and snacks for my husband and I on Sundays, I know started adding Madeline to the mix and found it only adds about 30-45 minutes of time.

Once everything has been made in the baby cook, or if it’s been made previously and frozen in cubes, I can put the puree into the foodii container.  What I love about this container is that it holds 16oz! It has measurements on the side, so you can keep track as you’re filling your pouches.  Madeline typically eats 2 oz of puree at a time, so I fill it to 4 oz.  which gets us through a good two feedings.  That’s perfect for a day at daycare, or if we’re out and running errands.

I typically label my pouches with the contents, amount, name and date.  Then I blow air into them so they stand up and are ready to go. The Foodii system comes with a funnel that fits tightly in the top of the bags to avoid wasted spills.  It’s important to note these pouches are the same bags from the Kiinde system I’ve been pumping into using for storage and bottles!

Now you’re good to go! Either put them right in the fridge to be used in the next few days or freeze them.  I usually make 4 pouches of 3-4 varieties a weekend every other weekend and freeze some.  This way I can be sure Madeline is getting a variety of flavors and nutrition.

When you’re ready to feed the baby, the top screws off and this spoon pops on.  I LOVE this spoon, it’s the best part of the system. When the spoon is on, you just squeeze the pouch, or tip it down, and the channel fills the spoon for easy feeding.  Sometimes we feed right from the pouches at home – less clean up! – but is great for on the go.  When we’re on the go, you don’t have to re-screw the cap back on, there is a top for the spoon and fills the channel to ensure no spillage of food and fits tightly to keep the feeding part hygienic and clean!  We actually leave a spoon attachment at daycare, it’s quick to wash and can be used over and over again.

We are really enjoying this new feeding adventure with Madeline and the Foodii system makes it so easy for us! You can read more about this great product on their website. Happy feeding!

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Products We Love: Teething Necklaces 

When we knew we were having Madeline I registered for a teething necklace but wasn’t 100% sure what it was for. I wore it a few times when she was a newborn and realized we didn’t need it yet. But recently I have discovered why it’s so important.

Madeline is at a stage that I call “the windmill.” She is constantly swinging her arm around in the air – particularly while she’s nursing, which frequently means hitting me in the face. She’s also in a phase where she likes to hold onto my shirt while she’s nursing. Recently I remembered the teething necklace and it has made all the difference in the world! Now while she’s nursing she has something to hold on to, something to keep her occupied, she’s much happier and so am I!

I’m not sure why it’s called a teething necklace, we don’t use it in that way yet. I could see her wearing it in the future and chewing on it as her teeth are bugging her. For now, it’s a lifesaver as a nursing mom!


There are quite a few styles to teething necklaces, personally I like this one because it’s all silicone and easy to clean. The big beads are easy for her to grab and hold onto. But check out this one from our friends at Sass and Bo.

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Products We Love: Mabel’s Labels

**This post contains affiliate links. While we may be compensated for this post, at no additional charge for you, the opinions are all our own**

One of the products that we just can’t get enough of is Mabel’s Labels!! Sherrie came across them and shared them with Emily and it was love at first peel!

When you first start to think about sending your child to daycare, there are a number of things you need to send with them.  In addition to things like diapers and wipes, milk or formula, you need to send things like extra blankets, a crib sheet and extra outfits.  In a daycare setting with multiple children, you can imagine it’s difficult to keep track of everyone’s things.  Insert: Mabel’s Labels.  These are genius!! The idea is they are peel and stick labels that can go in anything, and suddenly, your child’s things are personalized!

These labels are just too cute – of course I chose a princess theme in shades of pink and purple for Madeline, but there are lots of different themes, colors, and fonts to choose from.

Mabels Labels

What we also love about them is that they are able to stand up to the laundry.  Wash and dry the clothes and the labels are still on them! This is super helpful so you don’t go through thousands of labels.  It’s enough of a problem to try to label all of the clothes that Madeline has! The only regret I have is not ordering more! I got a baby pack, and the first order you make there is a coupon code! So worth the money for the convenience.

In addition to the peel and stick labels for clothing, they have all sorts of other great products. Bag tags, child safety products, household organizational labels and so much more!  Their products are made for people all ages from baby to toddler to teen to adults. The other thing we love? It was a company founded by moms – so you know these products were designed to be safe, durable, fun and functional. Be sure to check them out!

Sherrie & Emily

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Products We Love: Beaba Babycook 

There are a few products that you don’t know you need until after you have a baby. The Beaba Babycook is certainly one of these products!

Emily was determined to make homemade baby food for Madeline. After all, she makes food for Bruce in the crock pot and then purees it in the food processor – how hard could it be? Well, actually the cooking and purée process takes a long time, so the Babycook is a life saver! Sherrie loved making homemade food for Logan and he loved it too!

IMG_7799 copy

Emily’s sister had the Classic Babycook for her first baby, Jack, who is now almost 4! Since then there have been a few versions of this. Sherrie used the newer version – the Beaba Babybook Pro 2x. She loved the ability to steam twice the veggies at once, however, you can still only blend one side with the Beaba Pro 2x.  After hearing her input, my opinion is the Classic is the way to go! It doesn’t hold as much as food, but it still gets the job done and is cheaper than the other options (the Pro and Pro 2x).

Here’s a quick run down of how it works. You chop up the fruit or veggie you want to purée. If it’s something with a high water content like zucchini or apple, fill the container to 1. If it is not high water content like squash or potato, fill to 3. Pour the water in the steamer reservoir on the left and your veggie/fruit you’re making – peeled and chopped – to the steamer basket on the right. Turn the knob to steam and let it go. Usually about 7 minutes later it will beep to let you know it is done and you’re ready to rock and roll!

Since I’m making purees for Madeline’s first foods it was important to me that they be a good consistency and not too thick. I chose to keep all the cooking liquids in them. Once it’s done, you dump the contents of the steamer basket in and hold the knob to purée to desired consistency – then you’re done!

IMG_7806 copy

I chose to freeze them in 1 inch cubes using a silicone ice cube tray. Once fully frozen I put each variety I made in their own Ziploc and they went back into the freezer. I made zucchini, sweet potato, carrot and acorn squash. I estimate this is good for almost the first month of trying solids. When she is ready for solids you can also use the Babycook to defrost and reheat the food making the Babycook a 4 in 1 baby food maker – steam, puree, defrost and reheat! We both love it!

What we also love about this machine is how easy and quick it was to use. When it all was said and done it takes about 45 minutes to make everything. My only cost was the produce – so about $4. Plus it’s super healthy for my girl! I imagine this machine probably saved 2-3 hours of prep, cook and blend time! Clean up is also quick and easy as the parts are dishwasher safe (top rack only).  For a working mom who relies on meal prep that’s precious time I get back to spend with my daughter.  I feel like this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship for the Babycook and I!

Do you make your own food for baby? What are some of your tips and tricks? Tell us in the comments!

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Products We Love: BabyBum™ Diaper Cream Brush!

Let me tell you about my all time favorite baby product: The BabyBum™ Diaper Cream Brush! Have you heard of it? Do you already use one? Well, I am a HUGE fan!

I first saw this product all over Pinterest and like others my initial reaction was, “is this baby product really necessary?” There are so many products out there for parents and some of them are really just money wasting, useless items we don’t need or don’t use. This is NOT one of those products!


Photo Credit:

A few weeks after my little guy was born he developed a nasty diaper rash and we switched to a super thick diaper cream that was difficult to spread and even more difficult to get off our fingers and from under my nails. While he is wiggling around my fingers are covered in the cream and I am trying my hardest to close the diaper without getting it all over him or me. Now I have to go wash it off which was another task I hated – it’s so sticky and it is under my nails…GROSS.  Even using a baby wipe was no match to this thick cream.

So one day I sat down and said that is it! I am going to give this product a whirl, it is only $8! I hopped on to Amazon and ordered one blue BabyBum Diaper Cream Brush. Well, this was the best $8 I have ever spent on baby products! My husband and mother were also hooked after the first use.

So here is the lowdown on how it works. You grab your BabyBum Diaper Cream Brush and apply as much diaper cream as you need right on the top of the brush. The brush is made from BPA free silicone so it is safe and flexible making it super easy to spread evenly on your baby’s bum. After the cream is applied the brush conveniently has a suction base so it can stick to your changing table. This allows you to finish closing up the diaper without sticky fingers! Simply then take one baby wipe and wipe it clean. It is that easy!


Photo Credit:

Also – did you know that you should be washing your hands before applying diaper cream? If not, you are spreading the bacteria on your hands right onto your baby’s bum which could create rashes or make them worse. That is another thing I love about this product – it is sanitary. I never have to worry about transferring any sort of germs to my little guy’s bum!

I love this product because it is easy to use, easy to clean and is sanitary for babies. It is my go-to baby shower gift! My only regret was that I didn’t buy more than 1 the first time I made my purchase.  I am convinced in a few short years this product will be on every baby changing table – I am that much of a believer of this product! You can purchase your very own brush on their site, as well as these other retailers:


Are you curious to give this product a whirl? Well you have the chance to win your very own BabyBum™ Diaper Cream Brush thanks to BabyBum Products!  We will be giving one away on Facebook and Instagram! Here is how to enter:

1. Like Forever Young Moms  and Baby Bum Products
2. Like the giveaway post
3. Tag a friend (or more!) for one extra entry!

1. Follow @foreveryoungmoms and @babybum_products
2. Like the giveaway post
3. Tag a friend (or more!) for one extra entry!

Official Rules:
1. You must like and/or follow both Forever Young Moms and BabyBum™ Products pages.
2. You can enter on both Facebook and Instagram but can only win once.
3. You can tag a friend(s) which will give you ONE extra entry.
4. You have until Thursday, April 21st at 11:59 PM ET to enter.

The winner will be announced Friday, April 22nd at 12 PM ET!

Good luck!

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Kiinde Bottle System 

Today I want to give a shout out to the Kiinde bottle system. When we began our registry I knew we would need a bottle system that I could use for pumping when I go back to work. I have two mom friends that both recommended the Kiinde bottle system to me and am so glad they did!

The basic idea behind this system is that everything is done in pouches: milk, formula and even food! You have the option to pump directly into the pouches via an adapter or pour into them as I am doing right now (I am portioning my milk since I typically pump more than baby girl will eat in a single feeding).

These pouches fit into a bottle casing and the nipple, of which there are three speeds, twists right on. This is great for two reasons: the messy part is disposable so it makes clean up a breeze and it’s quick and easy. Kiinde also has a bottle warmer and a special cleaning tool for washing the nipples. This system is very helpful for daycare or late night feedings when you’re half asleep!

It has a very small footprint, which is helpful in our tiny house. We are able to just have the casing and nipples – no need for having to store multiple bottles. For those of us who are short on space this is a lifesaver!

What I love most about this system though is the versatility – as baby grows the system grows with them.  Pouches can be purchased to hold up to 6 oz and then up to 8 oz when they start eating more. These same pouches can then be used to store homemade baby food. These pouches are great for on-the-go feedings. There is a spoon attachment that just twists on and the pouches are not bulky for carrying in the diaper bag!

FullSizeRender (1)

Kiinde can be purchased at all major retailers or online (Target, Amazon, Buy Buy Baby, etc.). If you like their Facebook page you will be able to see when they are running good sales! Have you tried Kiinde? What did you think?

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Pampers Rewards: Why We Love It!

As couponers and money saving mommy’s we love rewards programs, but one of our favorites is Pampers Rewards! We both love and use Pampers diapers – our favorite style is swaddlers & cruisers! Pampers offers a  Rewards Program that is super easy and the rewards are awesome. If you’re not signed up or don’t know what this program is, you can check it out here!

Here is the lowdown:
You go and create an account on the Pampers website. When you purchase any Pampers brand wipes or diapers there is a code on the packaging. You then enter the code on your computer or their mobile app and it gives you a certain number of points depending on the size of the package.  There is no fee for this program, you simply just have to  buy Pampers diapers or wipes.


Code not valid, for demonstration purposes only.

Your points accumulate and you redeem them for rewards. These rewards range from coupons to gift cards to books to toys or even a play kitchen that Sherrie is holding out for!


How easy is that?! If you’re a Pampers family like us you have to take advantage of this awesome program. We love Pampers and this rewards program just makes it even better!

Sherrie &amp; Emily