Happy Second Birthday, Logan!

I don’t even want to believe it, but today Logan turns TWO! Wow! I know I said this last year but where does time go?! How is it even possible that two years went by? It seems like just yesterday we were at the hospital getting ready for his arrival. I want to cry and laugh all at the same time right now.

To our precious Logie Bear,

Today you turn two years old. In just two short years you have grown up so much. You are smart, funny and just a true joy to be around. Your dimples get me every single time. And those curls! THE CURLS! Who doesn’t love those curls?! You are just so beautiful. But your beauty is not just in the way you look on the outside. You’re even more beautiful on the inside. You already show you have so much compassion and kindness in your heart. From the way you smile and say hi to the people in our neighborhood to the ways you try to console your brother when he cries. It’s absolutely adorable to watch you…be you.

We are so proud of the son, brother, grandson, nephew and friend you are. There is nothing your Daddy or I wouldn’t do to show you how much we love you. There are no words that can even come close to it either. Today, we celebrate you and if we could give the world, moon and stars to prove how amazing you are, we would.

We love you so much Logie Bear!  Happy Second Birthday!!!
Never, ever let anyone dull your sparkle! Shine on, bugsby.


Family Traditions: Easter Egg Hunt!

You may have noticed, but here at Forever Young Moms we are big on creating family traditions that we can share and pass on! Now that the babies are toddlers, we thought it would be fun to have an Easter Egg hunt! Just like the conundrum we had with Easter baskets- what do you put in Easter Eggs geared towards toddlers!? Well here are some great ideas that we put together for our little ones!

When they don’t throw their food, toddlers can be eating machines! So we thought some food instead of candy would be perfect for the eggs!

Snacks: We wanted to make sure we included healthy snacks and since we love all things Annie’s, we got snack packs of bunny grahams and cheddar bunnies, but we had to order extra big eggs to make sure they fit! We also went with applesauce pouches which are quick, easy grab and go of one of their favorite foods.


Of course we knew we would be putting toys in the eggs, but what is small enough to fit in eggs, but big enough to not be a chocking hazard? That’s harder than you’d think! We found ourselves taking the Easter Eggs out shopping with us to test them out!

Tsum Tsums: When in doubt, more tsum tsums! We got two Mickeys (no fights here!), Kermit and Miss Piggy and superheroes!

Disney Tsum Tsum

Little People: Little people come in pretty much all variations! So of course we snagged Disney characters. We got two duplicates on a buy one get one free sale (again no fights and saving money!).

Little People Magic of Disney Mickey and Friends

Hot Wheels: Logan is all about cars and trucks right now and hot wheels fit perfectly in an Easter egg!


Mini Beach Balls: Our kids are obsessed with balls, they love to throw things! These mini beach balls were the perfect size to fit in the eggs. Once they find the eggs we will blow them up and set them loose!



In addition to toys, we added some activities to the eggs! We had to buy extra jumbo eggs for these! 🙂

Playdough: Even though it can get messy, playdough is still a toddler favorite!

Bubbles: Have you ever met a kid who didn’t like bubbles!? Ours sure do! There are many many mini bubble wands hidden in these eggs!

Easter Egg Hunt- Bubbles

Slime: These eggs were a perfect addition from the Target One Spot and they’re already shaped like eggs! Perfect!


Once we had dozens of filled eggs we wanted to find baskets for the hunt. We snagged colored buckets at Michael’s and grabbed bunny ears for them to wear.

The day of the hunt we will hide the eggs all over the house and hopefully outside if the weather holds up! Target One Spot had cute egg hunt signs! We enlisted the help of our twin hubby’s to create a maze- starting at the sidewalk, through the entire house and out the back door to the swing set! The kids will love it!  And we can mix this up every year as they grow.

Do you do an egg hunt for your kiddos? What do you put in the eggs? We’d love to hear!

Sherrie & Emily

Easter Basket Ideas for Babies & Toddlers!

We don’t know about you, but when we think of Easter baskets we have visions of chocolate bunnies, Cadbury eggs, jelly beans and peeps! All so YUMMY! But that is not really ideal for babies or toddlers. So what can  you give babies and toddlers in their Easter baskets? Well, here are some of our best recommendations based on what our kids are getting this year!

First things first, you need to pick a basket. You will soon learn that we have a slight obsession with Thirty One Gifts. So when a chick basket was a special in February, Emily just had to have it for Madeline! As for Logan and Finn, Matt and Sherrie love sports, so they picked out a soccer ball and baseball basket for them!  Then comes the fun part, filling your basket! Here is what our kids are getting in theirs!

Books are always a great gift to give for any holiday! You know FYM Emily loves Usborne. This That’s Not My Bunny is perfectly paired with a hand crocheted bunny lovey!!


Imaginative Toys
Our kids are at a stage where they are obsessed with play food! For Madeline- these soft carrots from the Target one spot are perfect! For Logan, who just got his Step2 cozy kitchen from Pampers Rewards, will get a more durable, wooden cupcake decorating set by Melissa and Doug! (We love Melissa & Doug- a post on that a later date).

Easter Basket Fillers for Toddlers

Logan is at a stage now where we are ready to introduce Play-Doh. We got him two containers to start to see how he likes it! Other great imaginative toys are action figures. We thought Logan would enjoy these toy dinosaurs, which even can double as an educational toy!

Sensory Toys
Our kids love puzzles and they make a great addition to any Easter basket. Madeline is just starting to figure out chunky puzzles- so she will be getting this adorable insect wooden puzzle made by Melissa and Doug! Finn will be getting these stacking rings and block set – both are great sensory toys for babies. All of our kids love, and still love, blocks and stacking rings! (Side note- check your local Marshall’s, we found these all at great prices!)

Plush Toys
If you haven’t noticed, FYM Emily is only slightly obsessed with Disney, Tsum Tsums are perfect because they are your favorite characters in a soft, squishy form for your babies and toddlers to enjoy! The mini ones are perfect for their little hands! Since Beauty and the Beast is so popular right now- FYM Emily was able to find Belle, Beast, Gaston, Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts and Chip! Because you want to collect them all- this will be a fun challenge as Madeline grows!


Bath Toys
If there is one activity that our babies love more than anything, it’s bath time. Seriously- we must have some of the cleanest kids around because they love their tubs! We are always looking for fun bath toys. Emily got this adorable Rubber Ducky set for Madeline at Carter’s! And Logan is getting bath crayons while Finn will be getting a bath time book and a lion toy! Our kids will be so excited for all of this!

Another great basket suggestion is to complement what your kids already have/love. Madeline has a Little Tykes vanity that she loves, but she didn’t have any accessories to go with it. FYM Emily was able to find this cute wooden beauty set in the Target One Spot. It will be perfect for the vanity as Madeline learns to play with it more!

Finn is currently obsessed with chewing on his hands. It’s hard to tell if he is teething just yet, so we got him a Nuby teething bib. He absolutely loves it! So we decided to pick up two more for his Easter basket!

Nuby Teething Bibs

Here are the baskets all put together and ready for the Easter Bunny to deliver!

5Sports Easter Baskets

The kids are going to LOVE what the Easter Bunny got them this year! 😉 We can’t wait for him to drop it off for our kids! What is he bringing your kids? Share with us!

Sherrie & Emily

Easter Basket Ideas for Babies and Toddlers
DIY Easter Photoshoot Banner

DIY: Easter Photoshoot! 

Some people like to take their kids to get their photos taken with the Easter Bunny. For us, getting our kids dressed and out of the house at a time that’s not during breakfast, lunch, or nap time is a chore! So we decided again it would be much easier to make our own photoshoot. Here’s how we did it!



Easter Bunny Template (we just printed one)

Easter Ego Template (again just printed)

Bakers Twine

Colored Rin on (we got ours in the Target one spot)

Spring Clips (Target one Spot)

Carrot Clips (Target one spot)

Egg Clips (Target one spot)

Cotton Balls


Plastic Easter eggs

Start off by cutting out your bunny and egg templates. Trace them on the Cardstock, we chose pastel colors. Once you cut out your eggs and bunnies, line them up and clip to your bakers twine. We added cotton balls as little bunny tails – super cute!

Easter Photoshoot Banner Easter Egg and Bunny Photoshoot Banner

Next, cut your ribbon to the desired length and fold over the bakers twine, pulling the ribbon through.  Reapeat that step as until it’s your desired width and you’re done! Hang on the wall with  decorative clips.

Easter Photoshoot Banner DIY DIY Ribbon Banner- Easter Photoshoot  DIY Easter Photoshoot

Place a kids chair in front of the banner and sprinkle Easter eggs around for decoration. Add cute babies and take the photos!

DIY Easter Photoshoot DIY Easter Photoshoot Backdrop

We love how they came out and it really was a quick and easy project. We rotated the babies in and out as naptime and feeding required and it was a (relatively) painless process. Much easier than lugging all the kids to the mall! 🙂

Do you take your kids to the Easter Bunny? Or do you do photos yourself with a different theme? We’d love to see ’em in the comments!

Sherrie & Emily

DIY: St. Patrick’s Day Photo Shoot!

A few weeks ago we shared a post about creating a cute and easy banner to make your own Valentine’s Day themed photo shoot with your little ones. It was such a huge hit that we decided to do it again for St. Patrick’s Day!

Here’s what you need:
Green Cardstock
A Bunting Template (we just printed one off google)
Letter Stickers
Themed Clips (optional)

Once again we just traced and cut out all the  banner pieces on our green cardstock using the printed banner template. For added fun, we purchased green glitter cardstock and also printed a shamrock to cut out! We then stuck on our letter stickers to spell out “Kiss Me” and “Lucky” – you can spell out whatever you want! Get creative! Next we took our white and gold glitter clips that  Emily scored at the one spot in Target and strung it on the ribbon. If you prefer to glue the banner pieces to the ribbon – that wold also work. When you’re all done hang the finished banner on the wall with tape and you’re good to go!

DIY St. Patrick's Day Photoshoot DIY St. Patrick's' Day Photoshoot

It can be hard to get your kiddos to sit still but between the four of us, we always try silly ways to make them smile! We had a lot of fun together!

We even took a break for pizza!


Sherrie & Emily

St Patricks Day Photoshoot DIY

DIY: Classmate & Teacher Valentines

This Madeline’s first Valentine’s Day where she will be has celebrating in a school/daycare setting.  For her fellow classmates Valentines I knew I wanted to make something adorable and yummy.  However, when you think about a typical Valentines for kids- it usually involves some form of candy, which just isn’t appropriate for one year olds. After much searching on Pinterest, I came across the idea of using pouches of applesauce instead.  In addition to these being candy free, it was perfect because Madeline is currently obsessed with anything that comes in a pouch. 🙂

Here’s what you’ll need: 

Printed Tags
Squeeze Pouches (any flavor or brand you prefer)

I made the tags on my computer (you can use word, publisher, etc.). The say, “Valentine- you’re main my squeeze!” I cut the tags out and glued them on to pink cardstock for a nice added touch! I punched a hole at the top and using baker’s twine I tied the tags around the pouches cap.  They came out super adorable!

But- what about her Valentines for her teachers?! I didn’t want them to be left out.  In my opinion, coffee is a must for watching just Madeline, let alone eight kids, so I thought I would get a Dunkin Donuts gift cards.  I stumbled upon this cute (and free!) printable online and couldn’t resist.  I  just printed, cut them out and taped it all together and we were good to go! Super cute and super easy!

They were a huge hit at daycare! And the best part was they were super cost effective and fun to make!

What did you do for Valentine’s? Are you a make your own or buy a box type of person? We want to know!

Emily signature


DIY: Valentine’s Day Photoshoot!

This year for Valentine’s Day we came up with the idea of capturing some cute photos of all the kids together! We don’t have any great photos with all three of them, so what a perfect opportunity we thought this would be.

Of course, that meant that we needed to create a backdrop! Sherrie had all of these supplies in her craft stash, so this took no time or money at all and it turned out REALLY cute!

Here’s what you need: 

Pink and Red Cardstock
A Bunting Template (we just printed one off google)
Letter Stickers
Red Ribbon
Themed Clips

Seriously, this couldn’t be easier, no glue involved at all! Once you trace and cut out all the  banner pieces on your cardstock using your template, you simply stick the letters on in the correct order.  Then using the clips (or glue if you prefer that) and string it on the ribbon.  Hang the finished banner on the wall with tape and you’re good to go!

The craft was much easier then getting the kids to cooperate!


But, in the end we got some good shots!


(Yes, Madeline and I have matching Lularoe leggings- more about Lularoe in a coming post! 🙂 )

For now, Happy Valentines Day from our gang to yours! <3
Don’t forget to take milk breaks- they’re important 🙂

milk break.jpg

Sherrie &amp; Emily


Giggle Lounge First birthday

Madeline’s First Birthday Party!

Can I start by saying I cannot even believe that we just celebrated Madeline’s first birthday!? I blinked and it was here.  That being said, I feel like I’ve been planning it forever! I came up with the theme in April and booked our venue in August, so it was a long time in the making! I hope you enjoy it just as much as we did!

For her first birthday I took a departure from all things pink and went with a Winter One-derland theme! Given that she’s born at the end of January it was perfect and so cute! It was very easy to pull together given that I got a lot of great decor on sale after Christmas. 🙂


We chose to have her party at The Giggle Lounge.  This is a local business owned by  my mama friend, Traci! It is an adorable indoor baby/toddler play land with rooms to rent out for parties. On top of it being our favorite place to play, they make birthday parties so easy and extremely reasonable for parents!

Giggle Lounge First birthday

A party at The Giggle Lounge includes decor and balloons. We also brought some in ourselves for personal added touches.  I have a friend who is a graphic designer who made this amazing board, as well as these photos of her when she was one day old and now one year old – I think they were the perfect touch! (She also made the invitations- which are featured on their site!)


I decided I wanted to make, what I am calling, a garland of faces as a backdrop.  I had printed out photos from her first year that were all face shots.  I chose to print them in black and white so they would all match.  To ensure they were all the same size I used the top of a quart container to measure out circles from scrapbook paper. I put silver circles on the bottom, blue and green on the top of that and then glued it all together with the photo on top.  I hot glued all the circles together with to ribbon and voila!


Our favors were fun to make! I used piping bags that you’d use to decorate a cake with and filled them with hot chocolate powder and mini marshmallows for the adults.  For the kids I used the same bags, but filled them with EZ Snow.  This is powder that when mixed with water will make snow. It’s cold like snow, but feels more like kinetic sand.  I thought it would be really fun! These were a great way to say thank you “snow” much for coming!


The Giggle Lounge also includes a craft for the kids to do.  In keeping with the theme- I wanted to have a “Do you want to build a snowman?” craft! They came out great!

For the food we chose a brunch theme; coffee bar, bagels, fruit, yogurt parfaits. I loved making this chalkboard sign to dress up the coffee bar.


And of course- cupcakes for dessert! Yummy and they are amazing!!! Dolce and Biscotti did an amazing job. Madeline tried her first cupcake- she was pretty happy. 🙂

We loved being able to spend time with our friends and family celebrating this little girl.  I didn’t have to worry about a thing and was able to just take in the moment.  Happy Birthday Princess! 🙂

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Happy First Birthday, Madeline! 

Dear Madeline,

On the eve of your first birthday I sit here thinking about where I was this time last year. Tomorrow we are celebrating your first birthday and it will be joyous, wonderful and hectic; but for now I take solace in the peace. The same thing happened this day last year. Your father and I spent the night in the hospital as I was being induced. I was tired, uncomfortable and anxious. As your daddy slept in the chair next to my bed, I lay awake waiting to meet you, wondering when you would get here. But I felt peace and calm just as I feel now. Little did I know the joy you would bring to our lives. You were the piece of the puzzle that was missing, what we dreamed of always having, and my darling, you have not disappointed.  This year has been nothing short of miraculous. Watching you learn, grow and discover who you are and what you are capable of brings me no greater joy.

You are a bundle of energy, our tumultuous tornado of a little girl. Your laugh melts my heart, your smile lights up a room and your adorable little voice as you learn and express words is music to our ears. You are the sweetest, kindest and best baby in the world. Your daddy and I are so blessed and lucky to call you ours.

I hope the first year of your life was been everything you could have dreamed of because it was everything we have dreamed of and more. You have showed us the true meaning of living and loving and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you my girl, because it is amazingly bright.

I’ll share with you a quote from a wonderful story, Cordelia, in the hopes that it can fill the words that I can’t put together, “Don’t let anyone tell you how high you can fly.”


We love you, Princess. Happy birthday.

Mommy 💕

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DIY: Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

One of the DIY projects that I saw on Pinterest when I was pregnant were these adorable Christmas ornaments and I knew I could make them! But, Madeline was born in January so I’ve been hanging on to her things waiting for the best time! I couldn’t hold out any more!

Here are the supplies you’ll need: 

Clear Glass Bulbs
Baby Hat
Baby Hospital Bracelet
Bakers Twine

First, you will want to take the bulb out and fit the hat into it.  I had to cut mine (yes, I shed some tears as I was doing it!)  Then you want to stuff it in so it makes a background.


Next you want to put the bracelet in so that you can read the tags.  I went back and forth on adding a ribbon many times, or a baby’s 1st Christmas tag.  In the end I liked the simplicity of just using bakers twine.  I think this is going to look great on our tree and it’s a good way to remember the year!


Have you made something similar? I want to see them!

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