#lovecarters Unboxing 

Here’s a great example of why it pays to follow your favorite brands on social media!

I have a shopping problem. Seriously it’s bad. So much so that the last three months of my pregnancy my husband (among others) banned me from entering a Carter’s store. I love their clothes they are adorable, durable and affordable! So naturally I follow them on Twitter (and you should too).

Leading up to Mother’s Day, they ran a promotion asking you to tweet about your Mother’s Day and use their hashtag #lovecarters. I tweeted them this photo:


To my surprise on Saturday they messaged me to say they wanted to send me something and today it arrived! Here’s a fun video of what I received!

I am so excited to use my new reusable cup at Starbucks (where I also have an addiction- it’s like they know me!)

IMG_8304 (1)
Thanks Carter’s! I’ll be putting these coupons to good use 😍

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Thank You Mom!

Today is Mother’s Day! This whole week we have focused on all things motherhood with our little ones, but we thought it would be nice to talk about our amazing mothers!


If there’s one person that I am most thankful for it’s my mom.  She is always there for me, whether I call because I’m sick, or something more serious.  There are no questions asked.  I joke with her that she makes the “grandchildren circuit” visiting us, my sister in NYC and then my sister in Virginia, but she is a lifesaver.  Baby is sick and need a last minute babysitter? Call mom.  Daycare is closed for a week and I can’t take the week off of work? Call mom.  Need a pedicure and just need to get out of the house? Call mom.  Even though my parents moved to Buffalo last year, my relationship with my mom has only gotten stronger.  I talk to her at least twice a day (on a busy day) and wouldn’t have it any other way! I can’t imagine not having her around just to talk to, get advice from, and just spend time with.  Particularly with Mike being gone, my mom has been my rock, my other hand, my sounding board, my shoulder to cry on, my everything. The only thing that I think is better than having my mom as my mom, is Madeline getting to have her as her Grandma.  Maybe it’s because she raised three girls, but my mom gets Madeline laughing, she soothes her, and she is the best playmate (just ask my niece and nephew who keep her locked in their rooms with them for hours!).  I tend to think it’s because she’s just such a genuinely nice and caring person.  My mom is the best role model, and I really hope that I’m half the mom to Madeline that she is to my sisters and I!  Thank you Mom, for always being there for me! I know I call in quite a few favors, but you never say no and I really appreciate that. I love you, Happy Mother’s Day!


My best friend in this whole world would be my mom. She is truly one of a kind. She is not just my mom though – she is everyone’s mom! I always say she is basically everyone’s second mother. She will take the shirt off her back for anyone in need especially her 3 kids. I can count on her for anything at anytime, no matter the circumstance. I can’t think of anyone I talk to more than my mom. My morning, afternoon nor evening feels right unless I talk to her on the phone. I even call her throughout the day when she’s at my house watching Logan. Did I mention she travels 3 hours one way to watch Logan 4 days a week?! While she is there she also helps us out with cleaning and cooking. She is truly a rock star! I know the day she became a grandma was one of the best days of her life. Seeing her love Logan melts my heart! She’s now not only the best mom but the best grandma ever!!! Now that I am a mom I can understand the unconditional love you have for a child so I know how much she really loves all of her kids and Logan. Mom, you’re my best friend and I would be lost without you. You’re always there for me and can’t thank you enough for all you do – which is like a million things each week! Logan, Matt and I love you past the moon and the stars! Happy Mother’s Day!

To all the moms out there – Happy Mother’s Day from us at Forever Young Moms! We hope you take the time you deserve today to doing something nice for yourself. Enjoy!

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My First Year of Motherhood

A little over a week ago Logan turned one – wowee! It also marks my one year anniversary of being a Mom! To some that may not sound like a big deal, which I guess in the grand scheme of things one year compared to those who have years and years under their belt (my mom is just about to hit 30 years!) is nothing. However, others will totally understand my bittersweet feelings about this milestone. It is a big deal to me because it was my first year.  A year? One whole year? Already? It can’t be true. But it is. People ask me who am I? Why are you here? Well, I am a wife, sister, daughter, aunt, niece, friend, coworker, acquaintance, stranger…but most importantly I am a mom. And that is why I am here. For as long as I can remember I wanted to be a mom. Everyone told me I would be an excellent mother someday, that it was in my DNA, my nickname was Mama Sherrie and strangers would even ask how many kids do you have? I can now proudly say I have one adorable son. 🙂

first year of motherhood

The last week I have been reflecting on my first year of motherhood. What  has changed in me since day 1 to now? Well, here a few of things I have reflected on that I’d like to share:

My Emotions
I am 1,000% more emotional. I have always been an emotional person – just ask my friends and family, but suddenly anything about babies or kids makes me cry – even happy stuff. Give me a newborn to meet? Instant tears. See a Dad pushing his kid in a stroller? Instant tears. See a family laughing on the playground? Instant tears. If it includes my own son, tears are a given. I cried when I asked the lady a Toys R Us for his birthday balloon and crown – everything just gets my emotions flowing!

Mom Guilt
It is true when they say you are your own worst enemy. Yes, Logan was mostly formula fed and we put him into daycare and occasionally we purchased baby food. Those are just a few things that made me feel guilty. All of it weighed heavily on me and I would think, why didn’t I breastfeed longer? Why didn’t I plan to stay home and watch him? Why didn’t I wake up earlier to make more food?  Now a year later – forget it. I don’t feel guilty because I was doing what was best for my family at the time. In order to take care of someone else, you need to take care of yourself first! If you’re child is happy and healthy then do not feel guilty or let anyone make you feel guilty for any decision you make as parent. You are doing great!!!

Mom Judgement
Before I was a mom, and I think most would agree, you have in your head the exact type of parent you will be.  A year ago I might have thought to myself, oh my how could that mom do that?! I will never do that when I am a mom! Now I get it. You do what is best for your family and your child. If there is one thing certain about motherhood it would be you cannot 100% plan for what will happen – expect the unexpected is my motherhood motto. I will never judge another mother for her decisions on how she chooses to raise HER child. Just like I don’t want you to judge me on how I am raising mine.

 Love for My Husband
The love for my husband since I have become a mom has grown exponentially. I never had a doubt that my husband would love our son and be an excellent father. If it weren’t for him I wouldn’t be the mother (or a mother at all haha) I am today. He is the glue that holds our family together and he is my rock to lean on. Sure we have our bad days, but what couple doesn’t? Becoming parents has made our love and bond that much stronger. One of my favorite things this past year was watching him be a Dad. <3

Respect for My Mother
My mom is a supermom. She has been there for me since Logan’s first breath. She has really showed me the ropes a lot this first year. I can count on her anytime, any day. She is my leading example of the mother I want to be. In the last year I have grown a lot more respect for my mother as I now understand what it takes to be a Mom – it really is the hardest job you’ll ever have! She raised 3 kids and it did not come without several obstacles. Mom, you’re the best and I appreciate everything you do for us and Logan!

This last year of my life has been my absolute hardest year yet but it has also been the most rewarding and joyful year. I take such pride in being able to say I am a Mom. I just can’t believe one year has gone by already – it went by way too fast!  I would like to wrap up by saying thank you to everyone who has helped us this last year. Whether your help was big or small, it means a lot. It really is true what they say – it does take a village!!! I hope this Mother’s Day you take the time to reflect on your journey as a mom whether that journey has been a few days, weeks, months, or years. Now get out there and treat yourself Moms – you all deserve it! 🙂

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First Mother’s Day Photo Shoot!

This year Emily and Madeline are celebrating their first Mother’s Day! Unfortunately, Mike is at bootcamp for the Army National Guard and won’t be there to celebrate.  Since he is away, Emily wanted to do something fun and special to celebrate with Madeline and came across a local photographer (Kimberley Alexis Photography) doing “Mommy and Me Mini Sessions” on Facebook.  Sherrie had done the same thing for Logan and Matt’s first Father’s Day last year! Here’s why she loved it and would highly recommend it:

I wanted a keepsake to celebrate our first Mother’s Day.  I knew that I wanted something that I could share with Mike even though he wouldn’t be with us on the actual day.  I looked high and low (ok, mostly on Pinterest) for ideas on what I could do and was stumped.  Then I stumbled upon a local photographer doing Mommy and Me Mini Sessions! What a perfect solution.

I think it’s really important, and I know Sherrie agrees with me, to take professional photos multiple times in the first few years of your child’s life.  Yes, I snap an exorbitant amount of photos with my iPhone everyday, but they’re not the best they could be, and I’m not in as many as I probably should be (though that can change, thanks to my selfie stick!). So I knew that by capturing how much she’s grown at just shy of three months, we’d be able to cherish these forever and give Mike a glimpse into what life is like at home.  With the changes Madeline was making, and hopefully the changes I was making, it seemed perfect!  I am so beyond thrilled with the images, they are more than I could have ever imagined! These two are tied for my favorite:

What I am truly amazed by is that even at three months, the camera was able to capture so many of the expressions that Madeline makes.  Her personality really shines through in these images.  It’s really nice to have some photos of just us together.  Yes, there will be more family photos, and I’m sure Daddy and his princess will have a shoot together, but for right now, this is a wonderful summation of all of the time that I am so blessed to have been able to spend with her.  It also comes right before she starts daycare and I head back to the office for work, so it’s bittersweet.

These photos are great, they mean so much more to mean than something material that I could have gotten for Mother’s Day (though in this case, I would have had to pick it out myself and that’s not fun). I love that we will have them to look back on forever.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms, and to anyone in the same situation as me, Happy First Mother’s day! Welcome to the wonderful world that is motherhood! 🙂

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