DIY: St. Patrick’s Day Photo Shoot!

A few weeks ago we shared a post about creating a cute and easy banner to make your own Valentine’s Day themed photo shoot with your little ones. It was such a huge hit that we decided to do it again for St. Patrick’s Day!

Here’s what you need:
Green Cardstock
A Bunting Template (we just printed one off google)
Letter Stickers
Themed Clips (optional)

Once again we just traced and cut out all the  banner pieces on our green cardstock using the printed banner template. For added fun, we purchased green glitter cardstock and also printed a shamrock to cut out! We then stuck on our letter stickers to spell out “Kiss Me” and “Lucky” – you can spell out whatever you want! Get creative! Next we took our white and gold glitter clips that  Emily scored at the one spot in Target and strung it on the ribbon. If you prefer to glue the banner pieces to the ribbon – that wold also work. When you’re all done hang the finished banner on the wall with tape and you’re good to go!

DIY St. Patrick's Day Photoshoot DIY St. Patrick's' Day Photoshoot

It can be hard to get your kiddos to sit still but between the four of us, we always try silly ways to make them smile! We had a lot of fun together!

We even took a break for pizza!


Sherrie & Emily

St Patricks Day Photoshoot DIY

DIY: St. Patrick’s Day Craft!

This year is Logan and Madeline’s first St. Patrick’s Day! This time instead of creating a keepsake for our home, we wanted that make something they could wear to celebrate the holiday. Sherrie came across many ideas on Pinterest, but we both fell in love with this painted green shamrock on onesie/shirt.  After all, what’s gender neutral and adorable!? See our pinspiration here!

Here’s the supplies we needed:
White onesie or t-shirt in your child’s size
Various shades of green fabric paint (we also used white to make lighter shades)
Pencil with an intact eraser
Cardboard or hard surface to put inside to prevent bleeding through
Printed out shamrock for tracing

After you have gathered your supplies and are all set up, you will want to mix  your paint so that you have the exact shades that you want to use. It’s much easier to mix first before you start to create.

One way to begin is to trace your printed shamrock to ensure that there is a recognizable shape. Then you can start stamping the eraser all around the shamrock. Or, Emily placed the shamrock face down and literally stamped around it, so that when peeled back it left the shape. Emily chose to go with an ombré technique, starting with the darkest first and working out to a lighter shade and Sherrie chose to place the different shades randomly around the shamrock.

 Here is Emily’s onesie for Madeline:

 12822106_10102423938968807_814069992_n (1)

Here is Sherrie’s shirt for Logan:



We can’t wait to see these outfits on the kids for St. Patrick’s Day, so cute and festive!
What do you think?

Sherrie & Emily