Essential Oil Soft Scrub

Essential Oils: DIY Soft Scrub

I have really enjoyed using more essential oils in our cleaning products! One place that I hate using chemicals in particular is in our bathroom.  Every time I clean it, I feel like I’m just inhaling fume after fume.  I specifically do it while Madeline is asleep so I can shut her door!  and even after all that, it never seems to be that much cleaner!

That’s when I discovered a soft scrub recipe using essential oils on Pinterest.  I never have bought soft scrub before, I always used a cleaner like Scrubbing Bubbles.  I was excited to give it a try!  And I was able to make it with ingredients I had in my house!

Here’s what you’ll need: 

3/4 cup baking soda

1/4 cup castille soap (I use Dr. Bronner’s and LOVE it!)

1 Tablespoon Water

8 drops Lemon Essential Oil 

5 drops Lime Essential Oil 

5 drops Cleaning Blend Essential Oil

First you mix the baking soda and castille soap together with a wire whisk or a fork, make sure there are no clumps! Then add in the water and mix.  After that, add your oils (you can change the combination, but don’t lose the citrus!) Mix thoroughly and you’re ready to go! If you don’t use it all in one sitting, you can keep it in an airtight container out of the sunlight.

Essential Oil Soft Scrub

I just added globs to the places I needed to clean; tile, bathtub, toilet boil, bathroom sink.  Using a scrubber sponge and water it took no time to scrub down everything! I even used it with my regular toilet brush in the toilet instead of toilet bowl cleaner!  I was amazed and how stains that I felt like had been there since we moved in came off with ease!  Warning- the state of my bathroom was gross before cleaning, I’m almost embarrassed to post them!

Essential Oil Soft Scrub

This is a staple in our cleaning routine now, I make it weekly, so much faster, more efficient, and safe to use!



Essential Oils for Diaper Rash Spray

Friday Faves: Essential Oil Diaper Spray

When we first started using Essential Oils one of my goals was to have more natural products for Madeline. One thing we use almost daily is diaper rash spray. Madeline has sensitive skin, and her tush is easily irritated. I hate lathering her up in messy butt paste (even though FYM Sherrie swears by the bum brush!)! So when I came across a diaper rash spray, I was excited to try it out!

Here’s what you need:
2 oz spray bottle.
20 drops tea tree oil
20 drops lavender
Fractionated Coconut Oil

It is important that you always use a glass container for holding your essential oils! The oils can break down plastic- so you’re better off safe than sorry! I add 20 drops of each oil and then just fill it to the top with fractionated coconut oil.  Once the top is securely on, just be sure to shake it delicately back and forth a few times to be sure it’s all mixed.

Essential Oils for Diaper Rash Spray Essential Oil Diaper Spray Fractionated Coconut Oil Essential Oil Diaper Rash Spray

I have made a habit of keeping two of these, one on the changing table and one in the diaper bag. Any time she has a little redness I spritz her and it clears up with the next change. Since we started using it, she has yet to get a big, sore rash like she used to! And as a plus- her diaper smells a little better!  We love having a natural solution for her that works! Do you use a natural diaper rash spray? How does it work for you?

DIY Shadowbox

DIY: Newborn Shadowboxes

After you leave the hospital almost every mom will save their  baby’s first outfit, blanket, hat, bracelets, etc. We sure did! Instead of just throwing those keepsakes in a box or inside a baby book, you can put them in a shadowbox to be out on display. We both spotted this project on Pinterest and just couldn’t resist recreating this for Logan and Madeline (and now Finn)!

First things first, you need to gather all of the things you saved from the hospital.  This may include hats, blankets, going home outfits, bracelets, foot prints, birth announcements, name banners from the bassinet at the hospital, etc.  Here’s what it looked like when Emily got all of Madeline’s things together:

FullSizeRender (1) copyunnamed

What You Need: 

Shadowbox (we suggest 8×10 or larger)
Gel Pens/Stickers
Scrapbook paper (for background, embellishments, etc.)

For the background Emily made the hard choice and decided to use Madeline’s blanket.  Let me tell you, cutting that blanket almost killed her, she was in tears! But in the end, it turned out really well! For Logan and Finn’s background Sherrie went with a piece of scrapbook paper.

After you have your background, it’s just a matter of arranging and rearranging until you find a layout that you love.

Emily really wanted to get Madeline’s going home outfit in, but it didn’t fit so instead she used a hat that was given to Madeline.  There’s a few women who knit and crochet hats for all the new babies born at Bellevue Women’s Hospital where Madeline was delivered and she showed up back from her bath in this cute purple hat!  Emily had made a name banner for Madeline’s bassinet at the hospital (Thanks Pinterest!) the whole thing wouldn’t fit, but a piece of the gold bunting was reused to hold Madeline’s birth information.

For Logan and Finn’s shadowbox Sherrie made a name banner using scrapbook paper, stickers and small clothes pins. She added their hats and their hospital bracelets, as well as the stamped footprints the hospital did when they were born. I used more stickers to write out their date of both and weight/height stats.


Once all your pieces are in and you add your embellishments/stickers and whatever you wan, simply close the shadowbox up ensuring that everything is nice and secure!  Here’s the finished products from ours!

FullSizeRender (1) copy 6


They make great additions to the nurseries and are keepsakes the kids will have when they get older!

Sherrie & Emily

DIY Easter Photoshoot Banner

DIY: Easter Photoshoot! 

Some people like to take their kids to get their photos taken with the Easter Bunny. For us, getting our kids dressed and out of the house at a time that’s not during breakfast, lunch, or nap time is a chore! So we decided again it would be much easier to make our own photoshoot. Here’s how we did it!



Easter Bunny Template (we just printed one)

Easter Ego Template (again just printed)

Bakers Twine

Colored Rin on (we got ours in the Target one spot)

Spring Clips (Target one Spot)

Carrot Clips (Target one spot)

Egg Clips (Target one spot)

Cotton Balls


Plastic Easter eggs

Start off by cutting out your bunny and egg templates. Trace them on the Cardstock, we chose pastel colors. Once you cut out your eggs and bunnies, line them up and clip to your bakers twine. We added cotton balls as little bunny tails – super cute!

Easter Photoshoot Banner Easter Egg and Bunny Photoshoot Banner

Next, cut your ribbon to the desired length and fold over the bakers twine, pulling the ribbon through.  Reapeat that step as until it’s your desired width and you’re done! Hang on the wall with  decorative clips.

Easter Photoshoot Banner DIY DIY Ribbon Banner- Easter Photoshoot  DIY Easter Photoshoot

Place a kids chair in front of the banner and sprinkle Easter eggs around for decoration. Add cute babies and take the photos!

DIY Easter Photoshoot DIY Easter Photoshoot Backdrop

We love how they came out and it really was a quick and easy project. We rotated the babies in and out as naptime and feeding required and it was a (relatively) painless process. Much easier than lugging all the kids to the mall! 🙂

Do you take your kids to the Easter Bunny? Or do you do photos yourself with a different theme? We’d love to see ’em in the comments!

Sherrie & Emily

DIY: Diaper Cake

We love baby showers!!! Why?! Because baby showers mean a baby is on the way! YAHOO! We always aim to create themed gifts (look for a post coming soon!) so when we had a Harry Potter themed baby shower to attend, we knew we wanted to do something big!
Cue- the diaper cake!!!

Here’s what you need:
Rubber Bands
Toilet Paper Rolls
Shredded Paper Filler
Themed Goodies!

*We used a 36 count of newborn and a 100 count box of size one to achieve four tiers*

First things first, you start with the diapers. It is a good idea to determine the approximate circumference you’re shooting for in each tier. To make this easier, you can measure and cut out cardboard circles to use as a guide or you can just keep adding diapers until each tier reaches your desired size.

All of the tutorials we had seen said to roll each diaper and rubber band them individually. Diaper cakes we had been gifted were made this way, but it was time consuming to unroll all of those diapers! So we chose a different route and found that it came together much more quickly and easily!

Diaper cake how to Assemble a Diaper Cake

We stumbled across this new way to make the tiers.  You start off by laying the diapers down in an overlapping fashion and then using a toilet or paper towel roll, you simply just roll them up!  Once you have the biggest roll you can manage with your hands, place a rubber band around the entire thing.  If you then need to make the tier larger, you can add diapers, in an overlap, around the outside by tucking them in the rubber band.

Once all of your tiers are done you will need to stack them.  We suggest that you use some sort of support in the middle, whether that is a poster roll, a dowel, paper towel rolls, something that allows for stability.

After that comes the fun part –  decorating it! We had a Harry Potter theme to work with so we chose colors and trinkets to match. We wrapped each tier in red and yellow ribbon and in between the tiers we put black and white shredded paper filler. You can find this filler at any craft store, dollar store or Target.

We then added some more trinkets for extra fun. 🙂 We cut out black felt glasses and a yellow lightening bolt scar to put on the top tier. For the second and third tier we printed out the baby’s nickname in Harry Potter font and taped it on. The final touches were homemade pacifier clips and a snowy white owl to top it off!

It was a hit at the shower! It even got a special mention by the hostess! And we think it is adorable!


Are you a diaper cake pro or newbie? Share with us how yours have turned out in the comments!

Sherrie & Emily


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DIY: St. Patrick’s Day Photo Shoot!

A few weeks ago we shared a post about creating a cute and easy banner to make your own Valentine’s Day themed photo shoot with your little ones. It was such a huge hit that we decided to do it again for St. Patrick’s Day!

Here’s what you need:
Green Cardstock
A Bunting Template (we just printed one off google)
Letter Stickers
Themed Clips (optional)

Once again we just traced and cut out all the  banner pieces on our green cardstock using the printed banner template. For added fun, we purchased green glitter cardstock and also printed a shamrock to cut out! We then stuck on our letter stickers to spell out “Kiss Me” and “Lucky” – you can spell out whatever you want! Get creative! Next we took our white and gold glitter clips that  Emily scored at the one spot in Target and strung it on the ribbon. If you prefer to glue the banner pieces to the ribbon – that wold also work. When you’re all done hang the finished banner on the wall with tape and you’re good to go!

DIY St. Patrick's Day Photoshoot DIY St. Patrick's' Day Photoshoot

It can be hard to get your kiddos to sit still but between the four of us, we always try silly ways to make them smile! We had a lot of fun together!

We even took a break for pizza!


Sherrie & Emily

St Patricks Day Photoshoot DIY

DIY: Classmate & Teacher Valentines

This Madeline’s first Valentine’s Day where she will be has celebrating in a school/daycare setting.  For her fellow classmates Valentines I knew I wanted to make something adorable and yummy.  However, when you think about a typical Valentines for kids- it usually involves some form of candy, which just isn’t appropriate for one year olds. After much searching on Pinterest, I came across the idea of using pouches of applesauce instead.  In addition to these being candy free, it was perfect because Madeline is currently obsessed with anything that comes in a pouch. 🙂

Here’s what you’ll need: 

Printed Tags
Squeeze Pouches (any flavor or brand you prefer)

I made the tags on my computer (you can use word, publisher, etc.). The say, “Valentine- you’re main my squeeze!” I cut the tags out and glued them on to pink cardstock for a nice added touch! I punched a hole at the top and using baker’s twine I tied the tags around the pouches cap.  They came out super adorable!

But- what about her Valentines for her teachers?! I didn’t want them to be left out.  In my opinion, coffee is a must for watching just Madeline, let alone eight kids, so I thought I would get a Dunkin Donuts gift cards.  I stumbled upon this cute (and free!) printable online and couldn’t resist.  I  just printed, cut them out and taped it all together and we were good to go! Super cute and super easy!

They were a huge hit at daycare! And the best part was they were super cost effective and fun to make!

What did you do for Valentine’s? Are you a make your own or buy a box type of person? We want to know!

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DIY: Valentine’s Day Photoshoot!

This year for Valentine’s Day we came up with the idea of capturing some cute photos of all the kids together! We don’t have any great photos with all three of them, so what a perfect opportunity we thought this would be.

Of course, that meant that we needed to create a backdrop! Sherrie had all of these supplies in her craft stash, so this took no time or money at all and it turned out REALLY cute!

Here’s what you need: 

Pink and Red Cardstock
A Bunting Template (we just printed one off google)
Letter Stickers
Red Ribbon
Themed Clips

Seriously, this couldn’t be easier, no glue involved at all! Once you trace and cut out all the  banner pieces on your cardstock using your template, you simply stick the letters on in the correct order.  Then using the clips (or glue if you prefer that) and string it on the ribbon.  Hang the finished banner on the wall with tape and you’re good to go!

The craft was much easier then getting the kids to cooperate!


But, in the end we got some good shots!


(Yes, Madeline and I have matching Lularoe leggings- more about Lularoe in a coming post! 🙂 )

For now, Happy Valentines Day from our gang to yours! <3
Don’t forget to take milk breaks- they’re important 🙂

milk break.jpg

Sherrie &amp; Emily



DIY: Busy Bags 

One thing I’ve noticed now that Madeline is quickly leaving the “baby” stage is that she constantly needs to be entertained. She’s usually pretty good while we’re out and about and is the center of attention but I knew I would want to be prepared. I thought it would be great to have something I could quickly pull from her diaper bag.  That’s when I stumbled across busy bags. Once my idea of busy bags took shape I knew they would also make great gifts! You can make a busy bag with almost anything but here’s mine.

I stumbled across these zipper pouches from Thirty One – they’re made of canvas so they’re super durable and clean easily. A plus is that they can be personalized! That added touch makes a big difference!  (Side note- if you don’t know about Thirty One gifts, you need to! We’re obsessed. A blog post to come!)

So you picked out your bag now what can you put in them to keep them busy?! Well as you know I’m crazy for Usborne Books so I picked out a sticker activity book that was age appropriate for each of my nieces and nephews.


Then for good measure I  wanted to add a toy. Logan and Ellie are both between 1 and 2 years old so I thought these DIY Lacing Cards were perfect! Jack on the other hand is a little older so I wanted to add something he could have fun with. That’s when I found the idea for a DIY Car Wallet!  Everything fits perfectly and the bag can go right in your diaper bag, purse or keep it in the backseat of your car!


The Busy Bags turned out great! They were a huge hit with the kids and parents this Christmas!

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DIY: Car Wallet 

My nephew Jack is four and right now he’s very into cars, trucks and trains. When I stumbled across this project on Pinterest I knew I had to make it! It is a DIY car wallet! I followed this tutorial but made my own modifications along the way.

First things first, here’s what you need:

2 Coordinating Fabrics: 1 piece measured to 8″ x 34″ and another 8″ x 6″
4 Favorite Matchbox Cars
Coordinating Ribbon
Black Fabric
Sewing Machine

Start by folding the larger piece of fabric wrong sides together- this is so you can place your road. I then cut a curvy road out of scrap black fabric and then pinned it in place. Sew it on but be sure to unfold before you sew!


Next you’re going to place your car pouch. Fold the smaller piece in half (I chose a solid fabric) at the bottom underneath the fabric road. Then sew around the side and bottom edges keeping the top open for the cars. Before you sew the pockets for the cars it is very important (!!!) to to test the pocket size with the actual cars you picked. It would be awful to make the whole thing and have the cars not fit! Then mark where you will sew and sew straight lines.


In the final steps, fold the whole wallet right sides together, pin two pieces of ribbon to the bottom edge underneath the car pockets. Then stitch all the way around the wallet leaving an opening so you can turn it inside out. Lastly, sew a top stitch to secure. And you have a car wallet! Put in your favorite cars and you’re all set. I think it’s adorable and so did Madeline who wanted to play with it!!!

DIY Car Walllet

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