Family Traditions: Easter Egg Hunt!

You may have noticed, but here at Forever Young Moms we are big on creating family traditions that we can share and pass on! Now that the babies are toddlers, we thought it would be fun to have an Easter Egg hunt! Just like the conundrum we had with Easter baskets- what do you put in Easter Eggs geared towards toddlers!? Well here are some great ideas that we put together for our little ones!

When they don’t throw their food, toddlers can be eating machines! So we thought some food instead of candy would be perfect for the eggs!

Snacks: We wanted to make sure we included healthy snacks and since we love all things Annie’s, we got snack packs of bunny grahams and cheddar bunnies, but we had to order extra big eggs to make sure they fit! We also went with applesauce pouches which are quick, easy grab and go of one of their favorite foods.


Of course we knew we would be putting toys in the eggs, but what is small enough to fit in eggs, but big enough to not be a chocking hazard? That’s harder than you’d think! We found ourselves taking the Easter Eggs out shopping with us to test them out!

Tsum Tsums: When in doubt, more tsum tsums! We got two Mickeys (no fights here!), Kermit and Miss Piggy and superheroes!

Disney Tsum Tsum

Little People: Little people come in pretty much all variations! So of course we snagged Disney characters. We got two duplicates on a buy one get one free sale (again no fights and saving money!).

Little People Magic of Disney Mickey and Friends

Hot Wheels: Logan is all about cars and trucks right now and hot wheels fit perfectly in an Easter egg!


Mini Beach Balls: Our kids are obsessed with balls, they love to throw things! These mini beach balls were the perfect size to fit in the eggs. Once they find the eggs we will blow them up and set them loose!



In addition to toys, we added some activities to the eggs! We had to buy extra jumbo eggs for these! ūüôā

Playdough: Even though it can get messy, playdough is still a toddler favorite!

Bubbles: Have you ever met a kid who didn’t like bubbles!? Ours sure do! There are many many mini bubble wands hidden in these eggs!

Easter Egg Hunt- Bubbles

Slime: These eggs were a perfect addition from the Target One Spot and they’re already shaped like eggs! Perfect!


Once we had dozens of filled eggs we wanted to find baskets for the hunt. We snagged colored buckets at Michael’s and grabbed bunny ears for them to wear.

The day of the hunt we will hide the eggs all over the house and hopefully outside if the weather holds up! Target One Spot had cute egg hunt signs! We enlisted the help of our twin hubby’s to create a maze- starting at the sidewalk, through the entire house and out the back door to the swing set! The kids will love it!¬† And we can mix this up every year as they grow.

Do you do an egg hunt for your kiddos? What do you put in the eggs? We’d love to hear!

Sherrie & Emily

Family Yearbooks

Creating Family Yearbooks is a Pinterest project we both love! Having a special place to keep track of all our of memories each year is just so precious! We both tackled this project using the website, Shutterfly. Making these books is not only easy, but super fun! These books would be great for your coffee table or somewhere on display in your home so guests can look through them when they are visiting Рwhat a great conversation piece! It will also make a great keepsake to pass down to your kids so they can cherish them as well.

Sherrie is currently working on creating a yearbook of Logan’s first year. Here is glimpse of one of the pages!

FullSizeRender (1) copy 3

We strongly suggest you start this project¬†at the beginning of each year, or if you are going to create books for each year for your¬†baby/kids, begin it as soon as the baby arrives or right after their birthday. This will cut back on time because if you’re anything like us – you will have a ton of pictures to sort through! Drafting up¬†a few pages at the end of each month will be easier than tackling the whole thing at the end of each year.

Emily just got hers in the mail and it look how cute they turned out!

 FullSizeRender (1) copy 2 (1)FullSizeRender (1) copyFullSizeRender (1)

The other great thing about Shutterfly is they are always have¬†sales and coupons!!! If you’ve learned anything from reading our blog,¬†you will know that we are definitely money saving mamas! There are always coupons for free shutterfly books, prints, calendars, etc. Emily actually got 4 free codes on packs of coffee she bought recently. ¬†Plus other companies will send codes for a certain percentage or dollars off at Shutterfly. Emily has received them from Carters, Panera, and many more! ¬†They’ve even printed out at the grocery store! Sherrie has even found them in baby products as well!

We are so excited to think in twenty years we will be able to have a bookshelf full of yearbooks and memories to look back on!

Sherrie & Emily