Finn’s Arrival!

It was a very early Sunday morning when I woke up and had that feeling. It was the same feeling I had the morning I found out was pregnant with Logan. I decided to just take a test. Logan was 9 months old so the thought of having another sounded like a crazy idea but we just said what is meant to be will be. Well, my gut feeling was right and the test was positive. I walked into our bedroom and said to Matt, “so do you think Logan will have a brother or a sister?”


In June is when we found out that we were expecting a boy – Logan would be getting a brother! At first, finding out he was a boy hit me hard. Will I disappoint those who wanted us to have a girl? How could I love another son as much as I love Logan? Will I ever get the chance to raise a daughter? It was a whirlwind of emotions for me. I experienced what some call gender disappointment. However, at the end of the day, I was thrilled we had the opportunity to be welcoming another baby into our lives and I knew I would love him with my whole heart and life.

My pregnancy compared to Logan’s was a tad easier in some ways. They say the closer your pregnancies are, the easier everything is. My morning sickness stuck around longer and my heartburn was much worse, but I felt like my body was better at handling the toll it takes carrying a baby. I experienced a few weeks of pain in the second trimester and at the end when I was close but other than that, it was pretty tolerable compared to my first. However, the summer heat was brutal. Moms who have summer babies – how do you do it!?

When I hit my 37 week appointment I was already 2 cm dilated. Everyone, including myself, thought Finn would surely make his entrance at the end of October so I made the call to stop working at the end of 38 weeks. Two days past my due date my doctor scheduled us for an induction. Inductions are absolutely no fun, however, because of my history with preeclampsia we could not risk going any longer. Finn had 5 whole days to make his entrance before then and despite me walking at least 2 miles each day (doctor approved), he did not come. I called up my best friend Erin to come watch Logan and at 4 am on November 11th we made our way to the hospital. It was a nice, calm ride with Matt as we talked about our excitement to be adding Finn to our family.

When we arrived to the hospital it felt like I was dreaming. It was really hard for me to grasp that sometime later day I would be holding my second baby boy. The nurses got me all hooked up and began the induction. My mom and sister arrived shortly after and we all just waited. Around mid-day I decided to get an epidural to get some comfort and rest. The day was pretty uneventful. It was calm, quiet and there was this sense of peace in the room.

In the early evening around 6:00 pm they told me I could begin pushing. Just like with Logan, my mom helped hold my legs and count, my sister took pictures and Matt encouraged me the entire time. Finally at 6:52 pm on Friday the 11th of November our second beautiful baby boy, Finn Howard, made his entrance into this world. He was healthy and very alert! We were all overcome with emotion. They immediately put him on my chest and I sobbed tears of joy and relief. Once everyone got to hold him we all began taking guesses on his weight. Everyone was guessing around the 7-8 lb range, but Finn weighed in at a whopping 9 lbs, 1 oz and was 20.5 inches long of perfection!

The day was going great – we were all so happy and excited. My labor and delivery was so smooth, Finn came out healthy and we ordered food with one of the nurses. My mom and sister headed home and they began to transition me to the recovery floor. Then all of sudden I started to experience excruciating pains that felt like labor pains but 100 times worse. The nurses were baffled and tried to figure out why I was in so much pain. I was screaming for my life as terrified Matt held our son who was barely 2 hours old. Finally a doctor came in and discovered that I had a hematoma on my vaginal wall. What the heck is a hematoma?! Well, a hematoma is a solid swelling of clotted blood underneath the tissues. Mine was the size of a softball and it needed to be immediately removed so I didn’t bleed to death. *I want to add this important note: what happened to me is extremely rare, so if you’re expecting, do not stress about this happening to you!* The hematoma was probably caused from Finn’s head as he passed through the birth canal. Without a second to think, I was rushed to the OR where they put me under and began the operation to carefully remove the hematoma.


Despite what happened  to me after delivery and the torturous recovery that followed, I would do it all over again if it meant having my precious baby boy. Finn is healthy and so, so happy. Logan adores him and gives him hugs and kisses and is always putting his hands out to hold him. My boys are my world and we love watching Logan and Finn develop that brotherly bond with each other. I can’t wait to see them both running around together! (I may regret saying that later haha!)


Finn Howard, you were the final piece to our puzzle. We are so excited to watch you grow up from our little baby to a kind gentleman. You bring that extra ray of sunshine to our worlds. We love you so much!


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Pregnancy Update!

Wowee! I cannot believe how fast this pregnancy is flying by! I have not even had time to write about my journey because we have been so busy with Logan and we just moved into our first home a few weeks ago – my hands and belly are pretty full right now! 🙂

Last time I wrote I was just entering into my second trimester and now I have just begun my third. Second trimester wasn’t all that bad. The only issues I had were some mild-moderate heartburn and excruciating hip/groin pain. I believe my pain was SPD so I started wearing a maternity support belt and it really helped with the pain. Now I am battling really painful muscle cramps/spasms at night. My doctor told me to drink more fluids and stretch. I really hope this does not stick around to the end – it keeps me up at night and once brought me to tears! The other pregnancy symptom that has really caught me off guard this time is how HOT I am. Now I understand why people say being pregnant in the summer is no fun. With Logan I got pregnant at the end of summer so being hot wasn’t a major issue, but catching colds were. As much as I hate the heat, I would rather be hot than constantly have a cold! Although neither are really fun!

At 20 weeks we did decide to find out the gender – no way Matt could hold out and I was pretty curious myself. We have a really cute name picked out for this baby that only immediate family and close friends know so far. Everyone really loves it – can’t wait to share both things with you guys!

As I reach the home stretch I find myself getting more and more excited and other days super anxious. How will I manage TWO kids?! Despite my fears and worries, we cannot wait to meet this baby. The joy of meeting your child is no like no other joy and in just 12 weeks, give or take, they will be in my arms. We are always telling Logan about his soon to be born sibling. He comes over and taps my belly and sometimes will run his toy truck over my bump. When we tell him to say hi to his sibling he says hi and waves his hand. I know he doesn’t quite understand, but it is still super cute. Can’t wait to see them interact together.  Until then, I will settle for this baby’s crazy kicks. I am convinced they will be a soccer star!

Well I need to grab some tums and drink my water! Check back soon for my post announcing the gender!

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Registry Must Haves: Our Favorites 

When you start to register, particularly as a first time mom, the process can be completely overwhelming. Just deciding on what store or stores to register at is tough, and all of your friends and family will have an opinion (for help picking a store to register, like Amazon, see our advice here). Here are the types of products we think you should be sure to register for:

Travel System: Travel systems (car seat, car seat base and stroller) are extremely important as you will most likely use them everyday. This is a place where you should do your research. Sherrie and Matt went with the Britax b-safe car seat and a BOB stroller and Emily and Mike went with the Britax b-safe car seat and b-agile stroller. Both are top of the line rated for safety, lightweight and easy to use!  Emily and Mike also chose to register for an extra base knowing they would be swapping out multiple vehicles and didn’t want to always be moving the base from car to car.

Crib/Pack & Play/Bassinet: If you’re not buying furniture before your shower, you definitely want to put a crib on your registry. We recommend a convertible crib, you’ll get more life out of it as most can transition to a toddler bed. This helps save money in the long run, but remember that most baby’s don’t sleep in their cribs for a few months. You will need a bassinet of some sort. We’re totally obsessed with the Halo bassinet, it’s amazing! You also want to make sure you don’t forget a pack and play. Many will have a bassinet features you can utilize but more importantly, this is your portable crib. It’s great for traveling to have a place for baby to sleep. In addition, it doubles as a great place for those little ones just on the verge of being able to move on their own to play in a contained space when visiting friends or family, or even in your own home.

A Glider:  Again, if you’ve purchased your own furniture you can skip this item but if you’re registering for furniture do not forget the glider! Gliders are a lifesaver at 3 am when baby won’t go to sleep, so choose a comfy one!

A Baby Carrier: Baby wearing is all the rage right now and we totally understand why!  Just being hands free allows you to have her strapped in and be able to take the dog for a walk, grocery shop with ease, or simply do housework. Carriers come in many different varieties from traditional carriers to wraps and slings.

Swaddle Blankets: In those first few weeks you’re going to need a lot of swaddle blankets! The hospital sends you home with some but we have a few that we love. The first are these cotton blankets from Carters. They’re nice and warm and soft! Second we love alex + anais muslin swaddles. They’re a little big to use right away but work well and double as great nursing covers.They’re also nice and lightweight for those of you who have summer babies.

Bouncy Chair/Swing: Babies love bouncy chairs and swings. As long as it has a vibrating setting and bounces it should do the trick to soothe and calm them. Emily picked the Fisher Price Snuggle Puppy because it was adorable and Sherrie picked the 4 Moms Mamaroo swing.

Diaper Bag: You definitely are going to need a diaper bag to carry of all your baby’s items. We recommend going bigger than you think you will need. It’s amazing how much stuff babies have and we are always looking to maximize space in our diaper bags! Emily has two Kate Spade bags – they’re huge and she loves them! Sherrie has a Skip Hop diaper bag which worked great for just Logan but with another baby on the way she is upgrading to a Ju-Ju-Be diaper bag which is bigger and has the option to be worn as a backpack or messenger bag.

Bath Items: Although in the beginning baby’s can only do sponge baths until the umbilical cord falls out and you do not need to bathe baby every night, it is still a good idea to get an infant bath tub. An infant tub allows babies to lay safely and comfortably during bath time. They will grow out it eventually but not until they can sit up on their own. Along with a tub you will need necessary bath accessories like towels, wash cloths, body wash, shampoo and lotion. We love the CeraVe baby shampoo/wash and lotion! It is free of those harsh ingredients that can be tough on baby’s soft skin.

Play Mat/Toys:  Just like adults baby’s can  get bored too so it’s a good to keep their brain stimulated. In the beginning an activity play mat is great for their developing minds and then once they can hold themselves up an exersaucer makes for exciting play time! We also love the Lamaze toys.  Logan has the moose and dinosaur and Madeline has the Jauques Peacock. Emily swears by Jauques Peacock. Pictured here he is easily Madeline’s best friend! It’s now a must give gift to all of her friends who are expecting!


Health & Safety: Just a few things that are also smart to throw on your registry are some essentials you may not think of. Items like baby nail clippers, thermometer, first aid kit, grooming kit, & baby proofing kit. These items are great to have on stand by because you will never know when you might need them. It saves you stress from having to run out to grab it when it comes time to needing it!

Other products that are good to register for that we didn’t mention above are crib bedding, humidifier, baby monitor, bottle set, burp cloths, bibs, nursing pillow, diaper pail, diapers,  wipes – the list goes on! Babies need a lot of stuff! When it comes down to it – it is entirely up to the parents what they want or need to register for. We suggest to take the time to do some research prior to making your registry – it will save you some time and stress.

What baby product can you not live without? Let us know in the comments!

Sherrie & Emily

App Love: Ovia Fertility

At Forever Young Moms, we are big fans of the apps created by Ovuline. A while back we wrote a post on our favorite pregnancy apps and we discussed our love for Ovia Pregnancy. We both used it and it is wonderful!  That being said, in order to use their pregnancy app, you have to get pregnant!  That is where the Ovia Fertility app comes in. This app certainly works – twice now for Sherrie or even if you use it to not get pregnant like Emily!

 If you’re trying to conceive this is the app to use – it’s so easy! You just have to enter some data each day. You can keep it simple by entering when your period starts and ends and when you have sex or get more involved and include your mood, symptoms, basal temperature and so much more. The more data you enter and track, the better chance you have of getting pregnant. Entering data is very simple – just click the date on the calendar and scroll down to which data you’d like to enter for that day. The homepage on the app will give you a fertility score based on your data: 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest. It will also tell how many days until your next fertile window and how many days you should wait to take a pregnancy test.

Another great feature is the tips and advice it gives in a newsfeed like format. This ranges from what foods boost fertility to proper exercise when TTC to what is happening in your body at the current time during your cycle. The app also has a cycle insights (a snapshot of your cycle based on the data you enter), articles to read about all sorts of fertility topics and the ability to export your data to excel. You can even customize the look of your app with different fun themes to choose from – Sherrie’s favorite is fresh abstract. 🙂

So if anyone can vouch that this app works it has got to be Sherrie. Twice she has gotten pregnant using Ovia Fertility! She started using the app in February 2014 and by  that August she found out she was expecting. Sherrie had irregular cycles so using this app made it easy to figure out when she was ovulating. After a cycle or two the app was able to determine her fertile window. Each time using the app she was pregnant within months and both times tracking a very irregular cycle.

The app not only tracks fertility but also works for simply tacking your period. This is what Emily used the app for. She had many medical issues when it came to her cycle, in fact a few months before they learned they were pregnant with Madeline, Emily had been diagnosed with PCOS which pretty much confirmed her doctor’s opinion on what they had told her for years: she wouldn’t be able to have children.  So she was using the app to track her cycle days, try to estimate her ovulating or fertile days, and try to actively avoid getting pregnant. She had been using the app for almost two years and it worked very well.  In late December of 2014, it became necessary to have her IUD removed because of a hemorrhage and some troubling shadows on an ultrasound – tracking her cycle became even more important.  It also helped her be able to track symptoms that she could update her doctor with at the many appointments she had. Since she was so tuned into her body, imagine her surprise when she found out they were expecting Madeline!  The app is so good, it works even when you don’t mean it to! Seriously though,  Emily is religious about entering information, even now that Madeline is here and they will not be having another for quite some time, Emily is back to tracking her symptoms and inputting information to see what trends arise and make sure she’s on top of what’s going on.

Another great thing about this app is the ability to report special conditions. For example Emily  has reported that she is breastfeeding, so it won’t necessarily take sore nipples as a sign that she’s pregnant. She also was able to ‘hide fertility content’ so her timeline will not show TTC tips as she is not currently trying to get pregnant.

We cannot say enough great things about the Ovia Fertility app! Trying to conceive can be a grueling and emotional process. Using this app can take some of the stress off. Once you report a pregnancy be sure to download their awesome Pregnancy App! Thank you Ovia for helping both of us create our perfect bundles of joy! <3

Sherrie &amp; Emily

App Love: Baby Pics

There is an app that we both love and want to share with you guys called Baby Pics. There are so many great things about this app and you can use it in so many different ways!

Originally, we were drawn to it for the cute photos you can create for your baby – from major milestones to how old your child is to silly little things babies do! You can also add your own text to keep any memory you want. We’ve created some really cute photos of our baby’s that are great keepsakes. Here are few of our faves. 🙂

IMG_6916 (1) (1)

13530371_10210031698533289_1219293592_n (2)


What we didn’t realize at first is just how many uses there are for this app- they even have great artwork for pregnancy! This would be much easier than making a chalkboard every week. Sherrie made really cute photos for her best friend (and fellow blogger- check her out!) and is using the app to track her second pregnancy now!

Sherrie also found that this app is great to use for our blog. Remember the BabyBum Diaper Cream Applicator Giveaway we recently had? Well, Sherrie made all of those graphics in this app using the text feature! You can change the font, size and color of text. We can’t say enough good things about it!

One thing we will absolutely recommend is paying the extra $3.99 to download the premium artwork – so worth it! There are so many categories to choose from such as dates, holidays, firsts, pregnancy and so much more! It’s just fun to play around with some of the different artwork  and doodles available – it makes the app that much more versatile. Do you know someone who just had a baby or is pregnant? You can gift the app to them! How cool?!

We love watching our little ones grow and capturing all their milestones and daily moments with this app! It is available for iPhone and Android users! Share your little one’s photo you’ve created with Baby Pics with us on twitter (#welovebabypics) or in the comments!

Sherrie &amp; Emily




Big News!

Guess what FYM readers?! We have some news to share with you! There is another baby joining our family this fall!


Sherrie is due with baby number two!!! Logan is going to be a big brother! 🙂  Here is the latest on Sherrie’s pregnancy:

Yahoo to Baby #2! Matt, myself and both our families are very excited for the next bundle of joy to arrive! I am 18 weeks pregnant and although it has been a tad rough, the weeks are really flying by! Logan just turned 1 so as you can imagine he keeps us on our toes which certainly helps to pass the time.

This pregnancy compared to my first has similarities and differences. The beginning of both my pregnancies were rough but for some reason this time around my morning sickness is overstaying its welcome. My cravings have really kicked into high gear now. I cannot get enough sweets! Cupcakes, donuts, cookies..UGH! Last night I indulged and ate some cinnamon rolls – so delicious! Luckily though I have only lost and not gained any weight…YET. haha! Heartburn this time around has been non-stop. I don’t recall having this much heartburn with Logan – wowee!

I believe I just started feeling some movement this week which is very exciting because my favorite part of pregnancy is feeling the baby kicks! In just a little over a week we will know if we are expecting a boy or girl! We have not decided if we will be sharing the gender or keeping it a secret – not sure my husband will be able to hold out that long. 🙂 Either way, we are SO excited for this baby to come…and nervous and terrified! BUT we got this! It will be a lot of work since they will be 18 months apart but we wouldn’t want it any other way!

We had a mini photo shoot with Logan to make this announcement. I can’t get over how funny it turned out. Logan started off super happy (see picture above) and then it was almost like he realized what the sign said and then freaked out because he doesn’t want a baby sibling – too cute and funny! 🙂

Do you also have two under two? Any advice? I would love to hear from you!

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Remembering Your Pregnancy

One of my obsessions the last few years has been chalkboards. Seriously between our house and our wedding we have so many in different colors and sizes! I got all of ours at Marshalls, Home Goods or TJ Maxx and I love them!

When we found out we were pregnant I knew I would hate having my picture taken, but I wanted to ensure that we remembered this special time! So I enlisted the help of my graphic designer friend so she helped me create my weekly chalkboards!

We started out using chalk dry erase markers but eventually learned that they die quickly and are hard to erase from these types of chalkboards.


Unfortunately, there was a week that my designer friend was on vacation and I was left to my own devices to draw the board- needless to say it didn’t turn out well!

Once we hit this point I realized the chalk markers were a bust. In fact, I had to redo the chalkboard  with chalkboard contact paper (found at Lowe’s or Amazon) because of the issues we had when removing the chalk markers. This is where we made the switch to paint pens. The great thing about paint pens is they’re more vibrant and as long as you get to them quickly they wipe right off with Lysol wipes!


 I have loved looking forward to taking these photos to chronicle our pregnancy. I have two older sisters that live in different states and my parents are four hours away. These chalkboards have been a fun and creative way to share photo updates as the weeks have progressed!


  What did you do to remember your pregnancy?

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What’s in a registry? 

When it comes time to pick a registry, it can be a tough decision. There are so many options out there to choose from! And when you boil it down, each place comes with its pros and cons. Here is where we registered for our babies and why.

When we found out we were expecting I knew exactly what registry I wanted to use. Having used Amazon for our wedding registry I knew it was the perfect match for us for our baby registry. I’m a huge Amazon fan in the first place. We have a prime membership and I cannot imagine my life without free two day shipping!

What I love about Amazon Registry is that not only can you add items on their site, but you can also include products from other websites that are not listed on Amazon. It will still show you a picture and the price, but then when someone goes to purchase that product, it will link them directly to the site to purchase that product.

A feature of Amazon I love is the Wish List option, it couldn’t be easier! The nice part is when you add an item to your Wish List, it also adds it to your registry. So when you’re searching and you find a product you know you want, it’s as simple as clicking one button to add the product to both. After you add items to your registry you can go back and organize how many of each item you need, the categories you want them in, and even assign a priority level so that you can note that a product is more or less important.

 Amazon also offers some other perks when you have a registry with them including a completion bonus. Once your registry is complete (a certain percentage of it has been purchased), you’re eligible for a completion discount. As long as it’s all placed in the same order, you get 10% off anything left on your registry. This came in handy because we got a lot of gift cards from our shower and I was able to choose the things I knew we still needed and get them at a discount. As long as they’re sold by Amazon- there are no exceptions!

I never thought twice about using a registry entirely online. I didn’t miss the scanning gun or walking through the stores. I highly recommend Amazon’s registry to other moms-to-be but with a couple of caveats. You have to know what you want: Amazon will make some suggestions but it helps to know exactly what you need.  Second: do your research so you know what you want. It helps to know your brands and model numbers prior to making your registry. Third: Don’t rely on just Amazon reviews to guide you. While they’re helpful, particular things like car seats are not mortar to research!


Buy Buy Baby
Unlike Emily, when we were making a decision on where to register, we were like a fish out of water. I wasn’t totally sure what was best. There are so many options out there! We also love Amazon, but I am a very visual person and since this was my first baby, I knew little to nothing about baby products. I figured registering in a store would be better for us so I can see the products in front of me and ask employees any questions we may have. And of course, my husband loved using the scanning gun – he is a kid at heart!

We ultimately picked the store Buy Buy Baby because they have locations all over New York and New Jersey, which is where my guests from my baby shower were from. Your guests can shop in-store or online and the store product is pretty consistent from one store to the next. I noticed Target wasn’t really able to offer that and we didn’t go with Babies R’ Us because I just wasn’t as familiar with it. My sister worked at Buy Buy Baby when she was in college so I was able to use her as a resource when I had questions about store coupon policies or registry questions. I also loved that Buy Buy Baby accepts coupons, not only their own store coupons, but also from Bed, Bath, and Beyond and manufacturers coupons. The store will also price match! Thank goodness for the coupons and price matching because at times Buy Buy Baby tends to be slightly more expensive than the other stores. I wanted those shopping my registry to save as much as money as they could!

When walked into the store, we were immediately overwhelmed! It is SO big! We sat down at the registry desk, met our registry associate, and then began to tackle the store. With the scanner in hand and the in-store registry associate it was go time! The associate we had was super helpful as she actually worked with babies as her full time job. She knew what all the popular brands and products were.  Something I loved about Buy Buy Baby was a lot of the products were out on display. This is exactly what I needed, as I said above I am a very visual person. For example, when it came time to pick a car seat and stroller they had almost all of their strollers assembled on the floor. It was our most expensive registry item so I felt good knowing we were able to give it a little test drive!

After we finished up what we could we were given a goody bag full of free samples of all sorts of baby and pregnancy products! What a treat! Later on I was able to make some changes online which was great because I knew we had missed some essentials. I should also mention your registry acts a receipt so if you get a duplicate item at your shower or there was a product you just didn’t like, it allows for hassle-free returns. And another BBB bonus, there is also a completion coupon for 10% off your remaining registry items, although we didn’t use it because they are always sending us 20% off coupons in the mail, a much better deal for this money saving mama!

And last but not least, if you know someone who has used a Buy Buy Baby registry and you also decide register there, you can put them down as your referral and they will receive a coupon in the mail. My best friend Heather and fellow Mom Blogger just registered at Buy Buy Baby and used me as her referral! Thank you so much, Heather! If you want to see what awesome goodies came in the free goody bag, check that out her blog here!

Buy Buy Baby

Where did you register? What were the pros and cons?

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Pregnancy Brain: The Struggle is Real

A lot of times you hear the term “pregnancy brain” thrown around.  Is it real? Is it fake? To be honest, before I got to be as pregnant as I am, I wasn’t so positive that it was real.  Mommy brain, that I could understand; you’re recovering, you’re sleep deprived, you’re overwhelmed -it makes sense.  But, I am here to tell you, pregnancy brain exists, and the struggle is real.

Imagine, being mid conversation, about to say something and suddenly you have no idea where you were headed.  Train of thought completely gone! I can’t count the number of times lately that I’ve had to stop and really think, only to come up short.  It’s like having selective amnesia.

Here’s the most recent example of how bad my pregnancy brain has gotten. After we got married my husband decided he wanted to join the Army National Guard.  After a lot of discussion and hard choices, I came around to the idea. But I never imagined that getting enlisted would be a year and a half long process.  Throughout this time we’ve been asked to provide a lot of documentation such as our marriage certificate, birth certificates, etc.  It used to be all nice and organized in our home office.  But when the home office suddenly has to become the nursery and you combine that with nesting that has kicked in, I go on cleaning rampages and things get lost in the shuffle.

Case and point?  I found out on a Thursday we needed an original copy of the marriage certificate for Monday. Our birth certificates (which we also needed for Monday) had been sitting in our tray on the coffee table. Now, I will admit that’s probably not the safest place for them, and let me not forget to mention that my husband neglected to tell me that we needed them for that Monday, and it was Friday afternoon. I can remember the day that I moved them. We had company coming over unexpectedly, I had an hour to run around and get things cleaned up.  I remember picking them up and saying to myself, “okay Emily, put them somewhere safe!”  Do you think I was able to find them? Or remember where I thought it was safe?  Absolutely not.  I ran around the house Friday night looking for them like a chicken with my head cut off, cursing and trying to rack my brain.  My husband, who works nights, came home to me in the middle of this furious search and tries to calm me down.  That is the last thing that was going to work.  I immediately launched into not only an aggravated rant, but also a complete emotional breakdown.  For my husband, it just means a drive to his home town (about 45 minutes) on Monday morning.  Luckily, we don’t need mine as I was born about 2.5 hours away – dodged a bullet there! But do you think it mattered in that moment?  Not in the slightest.

To those women who are pregnant and feel like they’re losing their mind- hang in there.  Pregnancy brain is a real thing and there’s no preparing for when it will strike.  My advice?  Make multiple copies of everything and keep them in a centralized filing cabinet.  When all else fails- have a pint of ice cream on standby.

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Pregnant in a Digital Age

Remember back in the day when you would hear someone say, “There’s app for that!” Well, as you know it is true, especially these days where you will rarely find a person without a smartphone. When you first find out you’re pregnant, as well as throughout your pregnancy, it’s natural to have questions and to want to know what’s considered “normal.” And sometimes calling your doctor to get answers may not be as quick you’d like. Here are recommendations on what we think two best pregnancy apps out there are.

Emily- Ovia Pregnancy


I loved the Ovia Pregnancy App.  Having tracked my cycles previously on the Ovia fertility app, it made sense to me to use their pregnancy app as well.  I really thought that putting in data every day would drive me crazy, but it actually became second nature.  I also loved how it would tell you each week what size your baby was, but not just by the regular fruit and vegetable measurements.   Certainly, that’s there if you’d like to judge that way.  But I chose to switch it up from time to time judging by the size of French pastries for instance, or classic childhood toys.  It was always fun to see that our little girl was the size of baked brie or a croquembouche or a Gameboy or a cabbage patch doll!

It became a ritual on Saturdays to read to Mike what size the baby was and developmental milestones associated with each new week of pregnancy.  It also helped that it would tell you the symptoms to expect, in fact I think it made him realize a little more how not glamorous pregnancy really is and to be a little more sympathetic.

While the symptom tracker is helpful and important, the feature I have really loved is the timers.  Every day I can track fetal movement, which is really important because I can’t always remember how much she would move every day to keep my doctor informed (see post re: Pregnancy Brain).  There’s even a timer for contractions, and with the amount of false alarms due to Braxton Hicks I’ve experienced, it’s so convenient to be able to just time the contractions and see how long they last and how far apart they are to make a decision on whether or not I really need to call the doctor’s office.

The only thing I wish Ovia did was provide an app for baby development once baby arrives; however, I am still looking forward to reporting the birth in the app! But I wish given that there’s a fertility app and a pregnancy app, that Ovia made a baby development app, too. I’ll be on the hunt for good ones. 🙂

Sherrie- Baby Center

In addition to also loving the Ovia Pregnancy app Emily discussed above, my other favorite app is Baby Center: My Pregnancy.  I feel like this app has everything from A to Z for expecting moms. As most pregnancy apps do, it gives a snapshot of baby developments and tells you how big your baby is each week. The app even breaks down your pregnancy day to day by rotating different topics such as nutrition, health tips, products and gear, what’s happening to your body, questions you might have about what is safe and so much more. The app even gives you a baby registry checklist with the ability to search products and read reviews on what other moms like and disliked – how cool is that?! Other features include a kick tracker, contraction timer, and the “bumpie” where can you track your weekly pregnancy belly shots. 🙂

Out of all the features offered in this the app my favorite is the pregnancy checklist. Each week it provides a guide for you on what you should be doing and preparing for throughout your pregnancy. As Emily mentioned above, pregnancy brain is totally real! So it is nice to have the reminders and the ability to check the box when you’ve completed the task. Some of the reminders on the weekly checklist include taking a walk, writing down a pregnancy memory, taking your pre-natal vitamins, and my personal favorite – do something nice for yourself. Because pregnancy can be pretty tough!

Baby Center

Lastly, when your baby has finally arrived the app suggests that you download the Baby Center: My Baby app. Similar to the pregnancy app, it gives you the daily rotating topics about your baby. The checklist on this app is great because you can customize it yourself to include what you want to keep track of. It also offers a sleep guide and a feeding guide.  A super helpful app for first time Moms!

Do you use any of these apps? Or do you have any other good ones that we don’t know about? We’d love to hear from you – let us know!

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