Money Saving Mamas: Swagbucks

Money Saving Mamas, get ready for our next app/website that we love for extra cash! If you haven’t heard of Swagbucks, we think you’re going to love it!! It’s a little bit of work, but so worth it!

How it works: 

Swagbucks is a website, and a series of apps, that rewards you for doing certain actions like shopping (think just like Ebates), completing surveys, searching the internet, and signing up for special offers.  Essentially, you earn Swagbucks and then redeem them for gift cards, or a PayPal deposit (so cash!)  Each day you have a to do list that will earn you bonus Swagbucks for completing. You also have a daily goal that you earn you bonus points for hitting, and extra offers available to you.  Every day there are hidden “swagcodes” that give you more swagbucks. Each month, there is a game called “Swago” (just like bingo) that also gives you extra!


Redeeming For Gift Cards: 

Can it really be true? Well guess what it is! FYM Emily has been seriously swagging (yes, she made it a verb) for about three months now and has already redeemed $250.00 in gift cards.  We’re using this as a forced savings. All of these gift cards are to Lowe’s or Target and they will hopefully finance a remodel on our house next summer! Now, that’s an ambitious goal, but we’re hopeful we can get there.  If only Mike would also start swagging- we would be golden! (let’s face it, FYM Emily may just swag for him….)


Just like many of the apps we’ve featured, there are a lot of Facebook groups of other people who come together to find the best deals and ways to use the apps.  We’re in a couple swagbucks groups and have found that they’re extremely helpful.  It is building a community, and it’s nice to know you’re not out there alone on an island and that there are others if you run into issues, or just have questions!

Are you already swagging? Let us know what you think of the app! If not, what are you waiting for? Come on over and join us.

Money Saving Mamas: Verydice

One of our favorite new apps to earn free stuff from is Verydice! Seriously, we’re a little addicted at this point, but it’s so easy, it’s hard to believe it’s real!

In this app you complete tasks  such as inviting your friends and family to play, watching videos, taking surveys or downloading and playing games. Each task you get awarded a set number of rolls.  Then you simply click your screen to roll the two dice. The number you roll equals the number of tickets you earn. For example, if you roll a 1 and a 5, you will get six tickets.  If you roll doubles (i.e. 6 & 6), you will get double the tickets! You can also choose to roll with a ‘multiplier’, meaning every time you roll, you will earn double the tickets, and if you hit doubles with a multiplier you get even more tickets. However, if you do choose the multiplier, it will ‘cost’ you more rolls. So if you choose the 2x multiplier, it takes away 2 rolls, but  the payout is higher – you get double the tickets! The multiplier can be a great way to rake up lots of extra tickets pretty fast!  The other fun thing about this game is when you roll doubles, you have the choice to claim the extra tickets or play a basketball game for bonus tickets!

If you roll all the doubles in 24 hours, you win a jackpot! The amount of tickets in the jackpot will change depending on whether or not you rolled doubles with a multiplier.

Why are the tickets important? Well, that’s the crux of the whole game.  You save up as many tickets as you need to redeem for free stuff! Almost everything is on the list, as it pulls from Amazon.  You can search for items you want and begin to make your list of favorites.  As if it could get better? Everything ships with Amazon Prime, so it’s to your house in two days!!! WHAT?! Seriously, free stuff!

Verydice search

We’ve gotten pretty hardcore about this game, because let’s face it, we love free stuff!  You’ll hear us singing jingles we’ve made up from “you see me rollin'” to “rollin’, rollin’, rollin’ in the free stuff!” and staying up late nights playing games to get those extra 79 rolls- but it’s worth it.  In two months of playing, here’s a peek at what we’ve redeemed!  Melissa and Doug wooden toy sets, a Wonder Crew doll, and Cricut tools! With more tickets saved up, we’re finishing out Christmas shopping and starting on next year!

Verydice Rewards

Think Verydice sounds too good to be true? Think again!! Come join us and start getting your own free stuff.  When you join with one of our friend codes, you’ll get 50 rolls and we’ll get 30.  So thanks for helping us win more stuff!  Just download the app from the app store and add our friend code (you can only add one, so surprise us!)

Friend Codes: 472866 or 947142

Good luck and Happy Rolling!! Share with us in the comments what wish to win!

Money Saving Mamas: Hannaford Rewards

We love Hannaford for it’s  everyday low prices and high quality, but given all the other stores we can shop that will  double manufacturers’ coupons, we’re usually only at Hannaford to grab a couple of things when we return our Clynk bags. So we were super excited when they announced a new Hannaford Rewards app and program!

When you download the app it is chock full of coupons (it appears these were limited, cannot guarantee they’re still available).  We got an entire list of products for free (about $50 worth) such as Mt. Olive Organic Pickles, Chick Pea Snacks, Dole Jaya Juice, Seventh Generation Dish Soap, Noosa Yogurt, Ciao Bella Gelato, Laughing Cow Cheese Wedges, Bertolli Rustic Cut Pasta Sauce and so much more! But the best of all was a coupon for $5.50 off a $5.50 or more purchase! The best part was that these appear to be store coupons, so if you had a manufacturer coupon or there was a rebate available on another app, you could combine them and make money.  We actually found a $1 coupon on the Bertolli rustic cut sauce!

Hannaford also rolled out a rewards program with this app. Every time you buy a Hannaford brand product, 2% of the price will go into an account and be deposited as a reward coupon each quarter.  So, we made the most of our $5.50 coupons by buying meat that had coupons on it (we freeze it right away) and getting the 2% rewards back.  We will continue to check out and use this new app- it’s a great way to grab some extra freebies for your household!


Ready to get started? Download the app here! Happy Saving Hannaford Rewards Shoppers! If you downloaded it and got some coupons or used it in store- let us know how it went! Join our Facebook group, Money Saving Mamas and share with us!

Money Saving Mamas: Checkout 51

Ready for more ways to save money?! This is another rebate app that we love, but can be slower to earn money from. It is called Checkout 51. It is an app for your phone that gives you a certain amount of money for purchasing specific things. Similar to the other apps we have shared, you need to upload a photo of your receipt and then select the items you are claiming, however you do not need to scan the bar codes of the specific items like the other apps.

Once the receipt is processed, it deposits that amount into your account, when you hit $20 you can request a payout via check or PayPal! So while this does take a little longer than some of the others,  it is still an easy way to have a forced savings.  Particularly if you’re using the funds you have from couponing for something like a college savings, or a vacation, you can watch this accumulate.

Unlike some of the other apps that only pay you for one of a certain item, Checkout 51 allows you to claim multiples (with a limit that varies per item).  There are also bonuses for purchasing specific items or multiples that let you get more savings!

Important to note about this app is that the offers change on Wednesdays, which is different than most sales cycles.  So if you’re counting on it in your weekly match-ups, just be sure to shop and upload your receipt before the offers change! They are also limited and tend to be claimed fairly quickly, so if it’s a good deal, don’t wait to claim!

We like this as an added bonus for saving money.  So far FYM Emily has earned $83.55 and FYM Sherrie has earned $92.25.  Do you use Checkout 51? How much have you saved?

Money Saving Mamas: SavingStar

Another one of our favorite money saving coupon apps is SavingStar! This is another app that gives you cash back for buying specific items. This app tends to sync up with the Sunday coupons every week, so it’s a good way to get some freebies!

First things first, you need to download the app, we’ve connected our bank accounts to it so we can get paid cash directly.  You also need to connect your store cards to the app as that is how it verifies your purchases.  This is a little different from apps like Ibotta, but it means that you don’t have to take the extra step of uploading receipts! The app is available for a wide variety of stores and will show you what’s available near you using your zip code.

Then, you choose the rebates you want, sometimes it’s cash for a specific item, and sometimes it’s a larger amount of cash for spending a certain threshold.  For those types of rebates, you can also participate in learning more about the product to get a “boost” towards your spending – that’s easy, free money!

When you purchase the items, or reach the threshold of particular items, you are automatically credited with the rebate amount.  Once you reach $5, you can cash out in the form of gift cards, Paypal, or even directly into your bank account! It’s an easy was to earn cash back!

Unlike some of the other apps we’ve shared with you, SavingStar can also work from a desktop, so if you don’t like to download apps to your phone- never fear! You can still use this one!  It all adds up, since she started using it about two years ago FYM Emily has saved $311.45 and FYM Sherrie has saved over $100!

What are you waiting for? Get started here!




Money Saving Mamas: Ebates

If you’re an online shopper (which if you’re a mom, let’s face it, online shopping is life) and you’re not using Ebates then we’re about to change your life!

We do a lot of online shopping! Being a mom is exhausting and you may not have a lot of free time to be out shopping. So online shopping whether during a late night feeding or waiting for your kid at the bus stop is a life saver. Ebates is a great way to make those online deals just a little bit sweeter by paying you cash back, literally cold hard cash, for shopping through their links!

Here’s how it works:
Log on and create an Ebates account. Once you do that you can can activate cash back two ways. The first option is you can go to directly to the site,  search for the store you’re shopping at and click through from Ebates. The second option is you can install the Ebates cash back button for your internet browser. We both like the second option because what can happen is that you forget to click the links through Ebates first.  So anytime you visit a site eligible for Ebates cash back it will create a pop up that asks if you want to activate your cash back – super easy!

We also recommend checking out their mobile app. They do promos like Mobile Mondays! On Mondays (and other holidays) by shopping through the app instead of the computer links, some stores will offer higher percentages of cash back. This is awesome! Particularly during the holidays when it happens all the time.

You can also earn bonuses for referring friends- they get money and so do you! It’s a win win all around.

This has totally changed the way we online shop. To be honest, we get more than a little sad when we see 0% cash back on a store. 😭! To date, after almost two years Emily has made $426.24 and Sherrie has made $258.55! Are you an Ebates user? If not, you will be now! Ready to get started? Join us here or here!

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Money Saving Mamas: Ibotta

Saving money and couponing in this day in age is definitely at least half digital! There are so many apps out there to increase your savings. Over the next few weeks we will be sharing our favorites!

One app that we both love is Ibotta. This is a rebate app that works at multiple stores. The rebates rotate, but essentially, you make an account with your Facebook  and it will automatically puts you on a “team” of your friends.

Then, you shop the listed stores and buy the items there are rebates for. When you get home, you verify the rebates by scanning the barcode and uploading an image of your receipt. It is that simple.

Within a few hours you are credited the amount of the rebate! It accumulates in a bank and when you hit $20 you can cash out either via a gift card or directly into a PayPal account.

Every month there are team bonuses where you’ll get extra savings for redeeming a certain number of rebates and money value within your team.  Additionally, some brands have bonuses where you can earn an extra $1 or $2 for completing them!

Ibotta Bonus Ibotta Teamwork

What we love about Ibotta is that it is not just grocery stores,  there is also rebates for retail stores too. For example, the craft store Joann’s (and you know we love our craft stores!) occasionally pops up as a rebate!

Ibotta Joann Rebate

Since this is money already spent, you can use this money as a savings plan. Emily was putting all her savings into Madeline’s college fund,  but they recently decided they want to take a family trip to Disney. She saves up to buy Disney gift cards from Target  where she also saves an additional 5% with her red card! Sherrie and Matt put their savings towards paying down their student loan debt. Every little bit helps!

Want to get started? Join our teams! Either use this link or this one to create your own account and start saving! FYM Emily has saved $434.10 with this app alone in the last two years and Sherrie has saved $107.10 over the last 6 months! What are you waiting for?!

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Clynk Bottle Redemption

Products We Love: CLYNK

With Earth Day this past weekend, we thought we’d feature a new company that we love: Clynk! Bringing back cans and bottles is awesome, not just because it’s good for the environment but because it gives you your money back (and we’re all about saving money!).  That being said, we HATE doing it.  When are moms  supposed to find time either without your kids (sorry, but if we have free time we’ll be at target, in leggings, sipping Starbucks) or with them in tow (forget about it!) to stand there and enter all those cans and bottles into the machines?! You can imagine, that’s not likely to happen when they are little.

Then we discovered CLYNK! The way this program works is you sign up, either online on your computer or mobile phone or at your local Clynk Kiosk. They will mail a card for your keys and wallet as well your unique barcode stickers that are linked to your account. Go to your local Hannaford and get special green bags (you’ll receive a coupon for a free box when you sign up!).

Clynk Bottle Redemption Clynk

While you’re home you fill up the green bags with your bottles. Once it’s full (or you reach the max line if it’s glass) you tie it up and put your account barcode sticker on each bag. At your local store, there will be a CLYNK kiosk where you simply just drop off your bags!

The refund is automatically placed on to your account which you can review online. Once you reach an amount you want, you can cash out at your kiosk!

We love that we can recycle in such an easy way! When you have kids a lot of the things you did before fall by the wayside. But happily, thanks to Clynk– recycling and saving money doesn’t have to!

Sherrie &amp; Emily

Extreme Couponing

Money Saving Mamas: Extreme Couponing

If there’s one thing that we love it’s saving money! With three kids between the two of us we certainly know how expensive life can be. We started couponing a few years ago and while we’ve certainly scaled back in some areas, we are still hunting the best deals!

Over the next few weeks we will be sharing some of our favorite apps to help you save! In the meantime, we wanted to share our top ten tips for Extreme Couponing: Mom Style.

#10: Consolidate Stores

As a mom, time is precious. Before kids we’d make multiple runs a week to as many as five stores. That’s just not realistic anymore. Forget the fact that we don’t have that kind of time, imagine getting your kids in and out of their car seats that many times, no thank you!

#9: Start a Stockpile

We can’t even explain how important this is. I can’t imagine what I would do if we ran out of diapers, paper towels, or toilet paper! Luckily, we don’t have to find out!! When they’re free (or really cheap) stock up on the items you use frequently. While storing these things may be annoying it is worth it in the long run for convenience and cost savings.

#8: Forget Brand Loyalty

With the exception of very few items, we don’t necessarily always buy the same brand. Being open and flexible allows you to save the most money. A salsa in one brand may be free, while another could be $4! We’ll take free please!

#7: Set Your Max Prices

How do you know you’re getting a good deal? You won’t unless you set some thresholds, there are certain things we just refuse to pay for, like shampoo. But there are other items we are willing to spend money on, but not a lot. For example, Emily prefers not to pay for coffee, but she’ll pay up to $1.49/lb.

#6: Meal Plan

Meal planning may not seem like it relates to couponing but it sure does! It’s not enough to look at the sales for the week, if you can create meals with what you have in your stockpile/freezer and then replace those items with the sales from that week- you’re always going to find that you save money.  It also doesn’t hurt to meal plan so that you’re not left scrambling and then end up ordering takeout!

#5: Shop the Sales

This shouldn’t need to be said, but shop the sales when they happen. If there’s a great deal on a ham before a holiday, but you’re not going to be home, get it anyway and freeze it. You can always use it and you may not see that sale again.

#4: Clip Coupons

Gone are the days where coupons only came in the Sunday paper. While you may still want to buy one (or 4) newspapers there are so many other places to get coupons. Try printing some from, Red Plum, Smart Source, or even many manufacturers websites. We use a coupon database and check for coupons for every item before shopping!

printable coupons

Print coupons for your groceries and household items from

#3: Rewards Programs

It pays to be a member! You know we love programs like Pampers Rewards, but did you know there are other rewards programs? One of our favorites is Kellogg’s family rewards.  You just link your grocery store card and you accumulate points for buying their brands. You can cash those points in for coupons!

Kellogg's Rewards Coupons

Rack up points for buying Kellogg’s products that you can turn into more coupons!

#2: Use Your Store Loyalty Card

Your store loyalty card is super important! For many stores, like Price Chopper or Shoprite, not only do you get sale pricing with your card, but many have e-coupons that you can add and stack with your paper coupons. That’s an easy extra savings!  And places like Target have debit cards linked to your checking account (Red Card) that doesn’t hurt your credit AND saves you an extra 5%!

Shoprite Digital Coupons

Add digital savings to your card with Shoprite’s Digital Coupon Center

#1: Stack It Up!

We always say, don’t just use one coupon! Know your stores coupon policy and use as many coupons as you can- that may mean a paper coupon, an ecoupon, a sale and a rebate through one of many available couponing apps. Check out our favorites in the next few weeks as we highlight them!

Couponing does really does pay off- we’ve saved thousands each year and are able to do so many more things for our families! You can put it towards your savings, family vacations, date nights, whatever you want! How do you save your family money?

Sherrie &amp; Emily


Baby’s First Bank Account: Saving for the Future

Not long after Madeline was born, Mike and I were thinking about all of the expenses that would be incurred over her life, not the least of which is college.  Having both had student loans, we really felt like we’d like to be able to afford to send Madeline to college and not saddle her with the burden of student loan debt as she starts out her adult life.  That being said, this is easier said than done! Particularly with the rising costs of higher education in our country.  We didn’t want her to feel like she either needed to qualify for scholarships or take out student loans, so we came up with a unique plan to start saving for her.

New York State, where we live, has some great savings programs when it comes to college. We chose to open a 529 account for her, these are account that most states sponsor (so if you’re interested check your state’s websites for more information).  The beauty of this is that the money you put in is not only a tax deduction for you (wahoo!), but also not subject to income tax when it’s withdrawn in the future (for qualified expenses).  Once you’ve opened your account in your child’s name, you can then start to deposit money and invest it so that it (hopefully) grows.  *It is important to know, there is a management charge for these types of accounts, in New York State it’s $1.60/year for every $1000 you invest.

Like anything else, you can defer pre-tax money in your paychecks to this account.  I however, chose a different path for the first year of Madeline’s life.  Having a baby comes with a lot of expenses (you certainly don’t need us to tell you that!) Between diapers, doctors appointments, formula, daycare, clothes, etc. it can certainly add up quickly.  So the idea of deferring additional money from our weekly checks into this account just wasn’t going to work in our budget.  Then, I had a thought (that I thought was genius)!

One of the ways in which I keep costs down in our family is through couponing.  As you’ve seen with our diaper stockpile post, we’ve found a lot of ways to coupon and save money.  One of the biggest ways that I coupon is through different cash back apps including (but not limited to!) Ebates, Savingstar, Ibotta, Checkout51, and Find&Save.  All of these are mobile apps that pay you cash back for purchasing specific items or at specific stores.  Prior to Madeline’s arrival, I always just sent the deposits to my bank account, and because they come in various increments, sometimes as small as $5, typically I spent them without thinking twice about it. That’s when this plan really came to fruition.  Instead of depositing them into my checking account- I started to deposit them into a separate savings account for Madeline.  I didn’t miss them in my checking account because I never counted on them anyway. After two weeks of testing this, I was surprised to find that I had accumulated just shy of $86 into her savings account.  So now, monthly, I deposit that savings into her NY 529 account and invest it.  It’s a small way to start saving for her, without putting a strain on our budget, we don’t even notice we’re doing it!

Do you have creative ways to save for your little ones? We want to hear about them!

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