Product Review: Little Martin’s Nail Trimmer

We are so excited to share this great product find with you!!!

If there’s one thing we absolutely dread it’s cutting our babies nails.  It’s a terrifying process to say the least.  That is not the case anymore because of a company called Little Martin’s Drawer who makes a new nail trimmer that we love and we can’t figure out how we existed before we knew about it!

Here’s what the Little Martin’s nail trimmer looks like. It runs on two AA batteries and is super light and compact.

The button on the front is the on/off switch that controls the speed, high and low, and rotation, clockwise/reverse. There is even an LED front light to make it easier to see their tiny nails. This nail trimmer is also equipped with a “whisper-quiet” motor so you can file nails while baby is sleeping.

There are interchangeable attachments for babies/toddlers and even adults. For babies/toddlers you choose the file pad based on their age, however if you feel a lesser course nail pad is more appropriate you can choose that one instead.  For Madeline, Emily is using the green one, the least coarse, because Madeline’s nails are still very soft (though she did try to use the coarsest one on Bruce Wayne and it didn’t work – she will leave it to the professionals!). There are even 3 attachments for adults: a shaving disc, a polisher and a point polisher. We love that we can use it too!  When the pads wear out, you can purchase replacement pads separate from nail trimmer package.


The scariest part of clipping nails is getting them to stay still. We are both terrified that they would move and suddenly we’d pinch them or worse, cut the skin.  That’s not the case with the Little Martin’s nail trimmer and it’s why we love the product so much.  You can see here, Madeline is moving all about, and as long as her hand is still, it’s easy and quick to trim down her nails!


Want one of your own? ( Trust us, it will change your life!)  Grab one here and be sure to check them out and like their page on Facebook!

Sherrie & Emily

App Love: Baby Pics

There is an app that we both love and want to share with you guys called Baby Pics. There are so many great things about this app and you can use it in so many different ways!

Originally, we were drawn to it for the cute photos you can create for your baby – from major milestones to how old your child is to silly little things babies do! You can also add your own text to keep any memory you want. We’ve created some really cute photos of our baby’s that are great keepsakes. Here are few of our faves. 🙂

IMG_6916 (1) (1)

13530371_10210031698533289_1219293592_n (2)


What we didn’t realize at first is just how many uses there are for this app- they even have great artwork for pregnancy! This would be much easier than making a chalkboard every week. Sherrie made really cute photos for her best friend (and fellow blogger- check her out!) and is using the app to track her second pregnancy now!

Sherrie also found that this app is great to use for our blog. Remember the BabyBum Diaper Cream Applicator Giveaway we recently had? Well, Sherrie made all of those graphics in this app using the text feature! You can change the font, size and color of text. We can’t say enough good things about it!

One thing we will absolutely recommend is paying the extra $3.99 to download the premium artwork – so worth it! There are so many categories to choose from such as dates, holidays, firsts, pregnancy and so much more! It’s just fun to play around with some of the different artwork  and doodles available – it makes the app that much more versatile. Do you know someone who just had a baby or is pregnant? You can gift the app to them! How cool?!

We love watching our little ones grow and capturing all their milestones and daily moments with this app! It is available for iPhone and Android users! Share your little one’s photo you’ve created with Baby Pics with us on twitter (#welovebabypics) or in the comments!

Sherrie & Emily