5 Ways to Make the Most of (Children’s) Consignment Sales

It’s Fall y’all! (well almost) and we’re excited because this means it’s consignment sale season!

In our area, there are two major consignment sales that happen in the spring and the fall, you’ll want to check around your area because they are awesome!

Let’s just talk about the clothing for a second, some are lightly worn, but many things you will find here are brand new with their tags! FYM Sherrie was able to score all Under Armour and Nike clothes for Logan for summer at one of the spring sales, they have all sizes, and the pricing is amazing!

It’s the same thing with toys, we usually find more Melissa and Doug and Fisher Price Laugh and Learn toys than we can possibly bring home! They even have outdoor toys, slides, playhouses, wagons, kitchens, and more.

If pricing wasn’t already great, anything left on the last day (usually Sunday) becomes half price!

Pretty much everything you can imagine are at these sales, and they’re a great place to stock up pre-baby as well!

Here’s our top 5 ways to make the most of these consignment sales.

1- Sell: If you can get on the list to be a consigner, it’s totally worth it.  FYM Emily has been doing this for about a year now, while it is some work to get everything ready and drop it off, it’s a great place to get rid of things that you no longer use or clothes that no longer fit.  Otherwise it’s just taking up space in your house.  Also, you’re making money! You even have the option for everything to be donated, so you don’t have to go get it! Score!  And as a consigner, you get special passes to shop early, which means you have access to the things that go fast! Bonus tip: If you don’t want to sell, but have extra time on your hands, you can volunteer.  If you volunteer for 8 hours over the three days, you also get in early.

2- Get an Early Pass: After the consignors and volunteers get in to shop, the next two categories of people who can get in are new moms (pregnant or a child under a year) and military (with ID).  Both of these categories can bring guests! So team up with a buddy and head out to shop.

3- Make a Game Plan: These sales can be extremely overwhelming, so it helps to have a game plan.  Make a list of the three priority things you’re looking for, and go in order of what you think will sell quickly.  There will always be clothes, hit them last. the hottest items are usually outdoor toys and play kitchens- make a beeline.  If you see one you want, grab the claim ticket! You do not have to carry it around.

4- Bring a bag (or Wagon):  Seriously, you can get out of control quickly, so bring a bag or even a wagon, something so that you can put the things you want in.  Once you think you’re done, step to the side and go through it all, you want to make sure you really want or need everything you’re getting.

5- Leave the Kids at Home: These sales are not only extremely overwhelming but they are packed and usually in large venues like indoor soccer arenas.  Do yourself a favor, leave the kids at home.  It will be considerably easier to move around, get what you need and focus if you’re not trying to chase your toddler.

Happy Bargain Hunting!


5 thoughts on “5 Ways to Make the Most of (Children’s) Consignment Sales

  1. makeamomsmile says:

    I Love these tips. Sometimes consignment sales can be so overwhelming. Overwhelming to the point of I don’t even bother to stay! I will def keep these in mind, make a game plan and leave my kids at home!!

  2. Afra says:

    How I wish I saw this before a few weeks ago when I visited my first consignment sale. It was exactly as you described and since I was heavily pregnant it was hot, stuffy and I had to stop for a while so I can breathe. My kids were going crazy wanting to buy EVERYTHING! They did have fun though.

  3. melissasheis says:

    Great article! I’ve learned the biggest one is leaving your kids at home! Haha, they end up wanting to spend the money you would have made reselling their old clothes and toys.

  4. Mae says:

    I used to join and sell the annual consignment event near our place before we moved. It’s always a great way to declutter and earn some money too.

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