Common Illnesses: Yeast Infections

Our poor Madeline has been plagued with sicknesses as of late.  The latest is a yeast infection.  I’ll spare you the photos, but I can only imagine it is painful!

Yeast infections manifest themselves in babies as a diaper rash that you can’t get rid of with any diaper cream.  Eventually, Madeline’s started to look scaly, like small bubbles. We tried our go to, Boudreaux’s Butt Paste, for 5 days to no avail before calling the pediatrician. It turns out, when a baby has a yeast infection, you need a prescription, Nystatin, in order to clear it up.  This cream, applied liberally, to dry skin three times a day takes about a week to clear up.

It’s important to know that yeast breeds in warm, moist places.  And yeast is evident in all foods.  So diapers are a perfect breeding ground for yeast infections.  The best way to try to avoid them is frequent diaper changes.  That being said, you’ll never be able to control that 100%.  We change Madeline every two hours, with the exception of overnight, and she still got one.  Let the baby air out as much as possible, apply the cream, and it should clear up!

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