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Did I mention I’m a Disney freak? I’ve known about the Disney Movie Club for a while but had never felt the need to join it until recently.  If you’re unaware of what it is, basically it’s a club membership, like a BJs or a Costco, but for all things Disney movies.  Instead of paying a membership fee, you have to purchase a specific number of movies from the Disney Movie Club, in this case you have to purchase 6 within 24 months of signing up.  Now that I have a baby, it’s a good excuse to buy more of my favorite movies!  I knew we would buy 6 movies in 2 years!  Plus, they sell them at a discounted rate.

I signed up with a promotion.  If you signed up at that time, you got 4 movies from a selected list for $1.  Then you had discounted pricing on two others (those two count towards the 6 you need to purchase).  Being a couponer, I couldn’t pass up this deal as it’s a lot cheaper than many Disney movies in the stores.  I ordered 5 of my favorites.

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Then I had to order Brave for my hubby (he has a crush on Merida.)


What I love about this club is that, not only are you saving money on movies you’re probably going to purchase anyway, but they have movies you are not going to find anywhere else.  Disney releases their movies on a timed schedule over a number of years. They come out of the “Disney Vault” for select periods of time and are only released a few times.  For instance, I own the platinum edition of Beauty and the Beast that came out a few years ago.  It will be released one more time, as a diamond edition before it is locked away in the vault forever (or so they say to scare you!).  So some of those older classic titles I wanted to get my hands on.

As a small child some of my favorite VHS tapes to watch (I know, I’m dating myself here) were the Disney Sing-A-Long Songs.  I had them all, and I would follow along with the bouncing ball across the lyrics at the bottom of the screen until I had them memorized, and even then, I’d still watch them.  I really wanted Madeline to grow up and experience this, but could not find them anywhere on DVD.  I was so pleasantly surprised to see they were in the Disney Movie Club! Rest assured, I’ll be purchasing them all.

Sing a long songs

I noticed as well when my DVDs arrived in the mail recently they all have codes for Disney Movie Rewards.  So this is a win, win! Not only am I saving on my favorite movies, I’m racking up the points in the process!

If you’re a Disney freak like me, you will want to join the club! Why? “Because we love it!” (see what I did there, with the Mickey Mouse Club reference 🙂 ) Seriously though, this is a great club and great idea for those of you who are still kids at heart and can’t get enough of all things Disney.

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