Disney Movie Rewards!

Recently, I stumbled across this great rewards program.  I consider myself to be, what some people would call, a Disney freak.  Mike and I actually honeymooned at Walt Disney World.


For the past five years or so, I’ve been visiting Disney World at least once a year.  I can’t wait to take Madeline! So even when I didn’t know about this rewards program, it was a shock! Rest assured, I have rectified the situation and am now a member.

Essentially, this is a rewards program that rewards you for buying and seeing Disney movies!  Whether you purchase a DVD/Blu-ray or you see a movie in the movie theaters, you can earn different amounts of points by entering in codes found in the movies.

  Once you’ve accumulated enough points you can redeem them for Disney merchandise, retail gift cards, Disney experiences, and of course more Disney movies!

What I didn’t realize is that this program has been in existence for quite some time.  When I joined, I immediately pulled all of my Disney DVDs off the shelf to see if they had codes on them.  Sure enough three of my movies did, and I had purchased them as far back as 6-8 years! I was excited to have some points! As Madeline grows, I am excited to add to our Disney movie collection. After all, I’m sure she will love Disney as much as I do and think she’s a Disney Princess!  I’ll be racking up the points since  I’ve got my eye on the private studio tour of Disney Studios for 4 people- it’s 15,000 points.

Are you a Disney freak like me? Or maybe you just have multiple kids and see/own a lot of Disney movies?  If so, you should be a member! It’s so easy and it saves money in the long run- so why not? Join me here.

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