DIY: Baby Arts & Crafts! 

Next week is Fathers Day and Mike’s first one too! I had been searching for some pinspiration as to a project I could do with Madeline that is easy enough to be mailed since Mike can’t receive care packages (he is still away at bootcamp for the Army). Almost everything involved hand or footprints and since we’d done that for Valentine’s Day and have plans to do so at Christmas, I needed something different.

That’s when I came across this sensory play activity. We just had a three day weekend at our disposal so this was perfect way to spend time together! It’s also a good way to encourage tummy time!

You’ll Need:
A Gallon Sized Ziploc
Cardstock Paper
Baby Safe Paint (and items for texture)
Painters Tape & Stickers

First, you place your stickers on the paper in any pattern that you want. We chose a heart and the letter U. 🙂 We suggest you use stickers for your pattern because when we used the painters tape we ran into some issues when we went to peel it off- you live and learn right? Once your pattern is all set, squirt some baby safe paint in gobs around different spots on the piece of paper. Cardstock paper is best for this craft, as regular paper gets super soggy and doesn’t dry well- it almost cracks.

After you have your pattern and paint all set, place the paper inside the large Ziploc bag and ensure that it is closed tightly.  Be careful not to smear the paint as you place it in the bag- you want to leave that fun for baby! We used painters tape to secure the bag to the floor so that it wouldn’t move as Madeline played with it.  If you wanted to do this craft with an older child, you may not need to secure it to the floor. However, with babies you can set them up for tummy time and let them squish! Once your baby is done take a pair of scissors, open the plastic bag, and cut along the sides to remove the paper with ease.

As she grows, we will add different textures to our paints.  I think using glitter paint would add a neat new texture for her! You can also mix regular, everyday items into the paint as well.  Salt for example creates a great experience for little ones and will also leave a glistening, sparkle like finish when it dries. Similarly, rolled oats will create a more glob-like paint, making it a harder to smear, add a different texture to work with and will leave a raised finish when it’s dry.  All of these ideas will make for a great sensory experience to create for your little ones!

The best part about this craft is the sensory play and tummy time for babies. And the best part for us parents?  No mess! After her painting dried, I trimmed it down to fit an 8×10 matted frame. As she grows and we do more activities like this, I will just keep adding them to the same frame.  When she’s older, we can look back at the progression of her art and it will double as storage for them all!

Madeline really enjoyed this activity and I loved watching her play! I think her artwork turned out pretty well too!  It was a win-win for us both! 🙂


Have you tried this or other sensory play ideas for tummy time? Now that Madeline is a little more alert, we’re trying all sorts of ideas we find on Pinterest! Let us know what works for you in the comments.

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