DIY: Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

One of the DIY projects that I saw on Pinterest when I was pregnant were these adorable Christmas ornaments and I knew I could make them! But, Madeline was born in January so I’ve been hanging on to her things waiting for the best time! I couldn’t hold out any more!

Here are the supplies you’ll need: 

Clear Glass Bulbs
Baby Hat
Baby Hospital Bracelet
Bakers Twine

First, you will want to take the bulb out and fit the hat into it.  I had to cut mine (yes, I shed some tears as I was doing it!)  Then you want to stuff it in so it makes a background.


Next you want to put the bracelet in so that you can read the tags.  I went back and forth on adding a ribbon many times, or a baby’s 1st Christmas tag.  In the end I liked the simplicity of just using bakers twine.  I think this is going to look great on our tree and it’s a good way to remember the year!


Have you made something similar? I want to see them!

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