DIY: Car Wallet 

My nephew Jack is four and right now he’s very into cars, trucks and trains. When I stumbled across this project on Pinterest I knew I had to make it! It is a DIY car wallet! I followed this tutorial but made my own modifications along the way.

First things first, here’s what you need:

2 Coordinating Fabrics: 1 piece measured to 8″ x 34″ and another 8″ x 6″
4 Favorite Matchbox Cars
Coordinating Ribbon
Black Fabric
Sewing Machine

Start by folding the larger piece of fabric wrong sides together- this is so you can place your road. I then cut a curvy road out of scrap black fabric and then pinned it in place. Sew it on but be sure to unfold before you sew!


Next you’re going to place your car pouch. Fold the smaller piece in half (I chose a solid fabric) at the bottom underneath the fabric road. Then sew around the side and bottom edges keeping the top open for the cars. Before you sew the pockets for the cars it is very important (!!!) to to test the pocket size with the actual cars you picked. It would be awful to make the whole thing and have the cars not fit! Then mark where you will sew and sew straight lines.


In the final steps, fold the whole wallet right sides together, pin two pieces of ribbon to the bottom edge underneath the car pockets. Then stitch all the way around the wallet leaving an opening so you can turn it inside out. Lastly, sew a top stitch to secure. And you have a car wallet! Put in your favorite cars and you’re all set. I think it’s adorable and so did Madeline who wanted to play with it!!!

DIY Car Walllet

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