DIY: Classmate & Teacher Valentines

This Madeline’s first Valentine’s Day where she will be has celebrating in a school/daycare setting.  For her fellow classmates Valentines I knew I wanted to make something adorable and yummy.  However, when you think about a typical Valentines for kids- it usually involves some form of candy, which just isn’t appropriate for one year olds. After much searching on Pinterest, I came across the idea of using pouches of applesauce instead.  In addition to these being candy free, it was perfect because Madeline is currently obsessed with anything that comes in a pouch. 🙂

Here’s what you’ll need: 

Printed Tags
Squeeze Pouches (any flavor or brand you prefer)

I made the tags on my computer (you can use word, publisher, etc.). The say, “Valentine- you’re main my squeeze!” I cut the tags out and glued them on to pink cardstock for a nice added touch! I punched a hole at the top and using baker’s twine I tied the tags around the pouches cap.  They came out super adorable!

But- what about her Valentines for her teachers?! I didn’t want them to be left out.  In my opinion, coffee is a must for watching just Madeline, let alone eight kids, so I thought I would get a Dunkin Donuts gift cards.  I stumbled upon this cute (and free!) printable online and couldn’t resist.  I  just printed, cut them out and taped it all together and we were good to go! Super cute and super easy!

They were a huge hit at daycare! And the best part was they were super cost effective and fun to make!

What did you do for Valentine’s? Are you a make your own or buy a box type of person? We want to know!

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0 thoughts on “DIY: Classmate & Teacher Valentines

  1. stannacarey says:

    Such a wonderful Idea! and sooo cute! I love that you thought of something so age appropriate and that you include an extremely thoughtful gift for the teachers! Who doesn’t LOVE coffee!? Thanks so much for sharing this! I will have to steal this idea for next V-day!

  2. softfuzzygunddog says:

    Applesauce is a great Valentine’s idea! And they look awesome 🙂
    I only like being around my child, so I have mad-respect for teachers and coffee is an incredibly suitable Valentine for those heroes!

  3. Working Mum says:

    Brilliant idea! They look absolutely fantastic! I bet the teachers were thrilled? I made some heart cards at home with my boys (age 3 and 2), turned my back for what felt like a microsecond when 3 year old used the scissors to pretend to be a crocodile and tried to “snap” off his brother’s finger – blood everywhere. So the scissors have been put away for a while and I will leave the beautiful creations to you I think! Keep up the good work 🙂

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