DIY: Diaper Clutch 

I will be the first to say that I get a little hung up on being matchy, matchy. So when I started to think about what I would want to put in my diaper bag and how I would organize it- I knew I needed a diaper clutch. 

Wanting to ensure mommy had something really nice I splurged and got a Kate Spade diaper bag, in fact I got two (plus I’m just obsessed with Kate Spade!)! Each bag came with its own changing pad so instead of registering for one that could hold diapers and wipes I thought I’d make my own diaper clutch. 

Leave it to Pinterest to have a tutorial for everything! You can see the one I used here.  This was a simple project that only took me about an hour.  After cutting all of the fabric (again I can’t recommend a cutting mat, quilting ruler, and rotary cutter enough) it came together really easily.  The biggest challenge I ran into was the fusible interfacing.  Fusible interfacing is intended to stiffen fabric to increase its durability and needs to be sealed to the fabric with heat. The easiest way to do this is with an iron. But, in true Emily fashion, I have misplaced our iron. I am telling you I searched the whole house and it’s nowhere to be found.  Not to be deterred, I found a new solution! I pinned the interfacing to the fabric and used my ceramic flat iron (yes, for my hair) to run up and down and create a heat sealed bond- it worked perfectly!! Though I felt like a whack-job!

Next, it was time to sew the pieces together and attach the handle. I used a straight stitch with white thread to be invisible but you could easily use a contrasting thread and zig zag stitch for extra emphasis.  


The hardest part was attaching the magnetic clasp. This has to be done last so you know where to line up each side and it includes cutting four holes in the beautiful piece you just made! So scary! But in the end it came out well.  These retail for between $12-$15 and the homemade one cost me about $4! All that was left to do was add diapers and wipes. Now we’re good to go! 



  I love how it matches our car seat canopy I made. What do you guys think? 🙂

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