DIY Easter Photoshoot Banner

DIY: Easter Photoshoot! 

Some people like to take their kids to get their photos taken with the Easter Bunny. For us, getting our kids dressed and out of the house at a time that’s not during breakfast, lunch, or nap time is a chore! So we decided again it would be much easier to make our own photoshoot. Here’s how we did it!



Easter Bunny Template (we just printed one)

Easter Ego Template (again just printed)

Bakers Twine

Colored Rin on (we got ours in the Target one spot)

Spring Clips (Target one Spot)

Carrot Clips (Target one spot)

Egg Clips (Target one spot)

Cotton Balls


Plastic Easter eggs

Start off by cutting out your bunny and egg templates. Trace them on the Cardstock, we chose pastel colors. Once you cut out your eggs and bunnies, line them up and clip to your bakers twine. We added cotton balls as little bunny tails – super cute!

Easter Photoshoot Banner Easter Egg and Bunny Photoshoot Banner

Next, cut your ribbon to the desired length and fold over the bakers twine, pulling the ribbon through.  Reapeat that step as until it’s your desired width and you’re done! Hang on the wall with  decorative clips.

Easter Photoshoot Banner DIY DIY Ribbon Banner- Easter Photoshoot  DIY Easter Photoshoot

Place a kids chair in front of the banner and sprinkle Easter eggs around for decoration. Add cute babies and take the photos!

DIY Easter Photoshoot DIY Easter Photoshoot Backdrop

We love how they came out and it really was a quick and easy project. We rotated the babies in and out as naptime and feeding required and it was a (relatively) painless process. Much easier than lugging all the kids to the mall! 🙂

Do you take your kids to the Easter Bunny? Or do you do photos yourself with a different theme? We’d love to see ’em in the comments!

Sherrie & Emily

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