DIY: Hair Bows Galore! 

One of the things I was looking forward to making the most for our little girl was headbands and hair bows! How many times have you seen little baby girls wearing big headbands!? I mean seriously, I can’t even, it’s too cute!

So- I started out with headbands. It was really easy – I just took a trip out to the craft store. My list included: elastic, oversized flowers, and anything that sparkles!! After that putting them together was very simple. A baby’s head has a circumference of between 14 and 15 inches so I cut the elastic a little bigger to account for overlap when gluing.  I glued the elastic and then added (with my trusty hot glue gun!) either big flowers or sparkly bows. I just love how they came out!!


Next up were bows that I wanted to make, both were more challenging, but they came out great!  After scanning Pinterest I found two tutorials that I thought would be helpful to make Korker bows and loopy bows, you can find the tutorials for each here and here.

There are some supplies you’ll need to make these bows- a variety of colored and patterned grosgrain ribbon (I suggest 3/8 of an inch wide), wooden dowels, straight pins, a needle and thread, a glue gun, alligator clips, and a lot of patience!

The first style I did was the more complicated. I wanted to make what are known as Korker bows. These are the bows you see at stores like Gymboree that are super curly.  What I didn’t realize was that in order to achieve that curliness it involves wrapping the ribbon around wooden dowels, securing both ends with straight pins and then baking them in the oven at 275 degrees for 20 minutes.  Once they are done and cooled, you slide them off and cut them into 4 inch pieces.

img_5770 (1)

If your fingers have survived at this point it’s time to assemble! You need to layer each and every ribbon you want onto a needle that has been threaded with a corresponding thread color- but do not push them all the way through.  Each bow will take about 30-40 ribbons. It’s a lot of work for one bow! Once they’re all layered on the needle and you like the way it looks, pull the thread all the way through and sew back through the bow to secure it. I tied the pieces together at that point for extra security.  Once the bow is done you need to glue it to the alligator clip. Be careful not to glue the clip shut- I learned that the hard way! In the end you’ll have a series of bows that look like this:



The second bow I made is called the loopy bow and looks just like it sounds. It involves the same ribbon from before, a needle and thread, alligator clips and a glue gun.

Cut the ribbons into 3 inch strips. Once you’re all set you fold them in half and start to layer them on the thread. Actually pull them through the needle this time. Once you have all the pieces you want in the order you want, sew back through them to make a loopy bow. Secure with a knot and tie the two pieces together.  Then you can glue it to the alligator clip.  In the end they will be various shapes and sizes- here’s how mine turned out!


Of course once I made all of these bows- I realized I needed a way to store them! Cue Pinterest!

I made another trip to the craft store and the hardware store to purchase a large white frame. I (nicely) made my hubby drill holes into the bottom of the frame and twist in hooks from the hardware store – this is where the headbands will hang. Then I hot glued strips of ribbon to the frame to make a place for the clips to sit.  All in all it turned out great!


Can’t wait to see our little girl wearing all of these!

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