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DIY: Newborn Shadowboxes

After you leave the hospital almost every mom will save their  baby’s first outfit, blanket, hat, bracelets, etc. We sure did! Instead of just throwing those keepsakes in a box or inside a baby book, you can put them in a shadowbox to be out on display. We both spotted this project on Pinterest and just couldn’t resist recreating this for Logan and Madeline (and now Finn)!

First things first, you need to gather all of the things you saved from the hospital.  This may include hats, blankets, going home outfits, bracelets, foot prints, birth announcements, name banners from the bassinet at the hospital, etc.  Here’s what it looked like when Emily got all of Madeline’s things together:

FullSizeRender (1) copyunnamed

What You Need: 

Shadowbox (we suggest 8×10 or larger)
Gel Pens/Stickers
Scrapbook paper (for background, embellishments, etc.)

For the background Emily made the hard choice and decided to use Madeline’s blanket.  Let me tell you, cutting that blanket almost killed her, she was in tears! But in the end, it turned out really well! For Logan and Finn’s background Sherrie went with a piece of scrapbook paper.

After you have your background, it’s just a matter of arranging and rearranging until you find a layout that you love.

Emily really wanted to get Madeline’s going home outfit in, but it didn’t fit so instead she used a hat that was given to Madeline.  There’s a few women who knit and crochet hats for all the new babies born at Bellevue Women’s Hospital where Madeline was delivered and she showed up back from her bath in this cute purple hat!  Emily had made a name banner for Madeline’s bassinet at the hospital (Thanks Pinterest!) the whole thing wouldn’t fit, but a piece of the gold bunting was reused to hold Madeline’s birth information.

For Logan and Finn’s shadowbox Sherrie made a name banner using scrapbook paper, stickers and small clothes pins. She added their hats and their hospital bracelets, as well as the stamped footprints the hospital did when they were born. I used more stickers to write out their date of both and weight/height stats.


Once all your pieces are in and you add your embellishments/stickers and whatever you wan, simply close the shadowbox up ensuring that everything is nice and secure!  Here’s the finished products from ours!

FullSizeRender (1) copy 6


They make great additions to the nurseries and are keepsakes the kids will have when they get older!

Sherrie & Emily

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