DIY: Ruffle Blankets 

One of the things I saw and fell in love with on Pinterest were ruffle blankets! I couldn’t find a good tutorial to use so I made my own. I think they turned out wonderfully!

You will need:

1 yard minky fabric
1 yard coordinating cotton print fabric
Satin blanket binding
Sewing machine

This was super easy! I took the yard of cotton and the yard of minky and trimmed them until they were the same size. Then I laid them right sides together.

Making the ruffle was more difficult. I used a satin binding because I wanted a thicker ribbon. You need to sew this with a zig zag stitch without backstitching at the front or back. Once you’ve done that pull the threads and the binding will automatically ruffle. Don’t worry if it doesn’t ruffle as much as you want.

Start to pin the ruffle between the edges of the minky and cotton. As you go, if the ruffle isn’t ruffled as much as you’d like just start to fold the ribbon under- it will have the same effect.  Once you’ve pinned everything, sew around the whole blanket leaving a space as wide as your hand for turning it out.  Turn the blanket right side out and pin the opening.

 Once you’ve done this you’re ready to topstitch! I topstitched in white thread so it blended in but you could easily do a coordinating color to stand out. That’s it! You’re done- enjoy your blanket!

Here are the two I made for Madeline:

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