DIY: Superhero Curtain Tiebacks 

When Sherrie found out Logan would be a Logan I was so excited to get started on all the cute superhero projects I had planned as gifts for her shower! One thing that I knew I wanted to make were curtain tie backs. I thought they’d make a great addition – I think I was right!

Because Logan is named after Wolverine I thought it would be fun to make wolverine tiebacks. What I did was download a template for Wolverine’s mask to use as my pattern.  You can find multiple templates for masks on Pinterest or here. Be sure to print them to fit a full sheet of paper so that they are big enough!

Here’s the materials I used:
Copies of the mask template (I needed three)
A color photo of what the mask should look like
Felt sheets in the correct colors with sticky backs
Glue gun

Once I had the masks printed I cut out each piece that would be a separate color. For wolverine I needed the full size of the mask in yellow, the eye coverings in black, and the eye holes in white.  Cutting the felt was the hardest part! Tip: Make sure your scissors are super sharp.


After it was all cut it was a matter of layering. The sticky back made it really easy and once it was all together I simply glued ribbon to the back on each side long enough to be able to secure the curtains.

Matt’s favorite superhero is Captain America so I also made a set of those as well to switch out if they preferred!


This was a fun, quick and inexpensive touch that makes a great difference!

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  1. Danj says:

    This look a like so much fun! Can’t wait for son to be a bit older so that he is more into these things! For now all he does with crafts is tear them aparte hahahahaha

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