DIY: Valentine’s Day Baby Craft!

This Valentine’s Day is extra special for both of us. It is Logan and Madeline’s first Valentine’s Day! We wanted to commemorate this with a craft that we could do together – so of course we took to Pinterest!

Not long after Madeline came home from the hospital we set a date to get together. We loved the idea of being able to utilize the babies footprints in our craft.  It’s fun, cute, and something we could display in our homes for years to come. 🙂

Sherrie has a collection of all things with the word “love” on them. Along with cupcakes, it’s one of the things she collects! So when we found the idea of putting the word LOVE on a canvas and using our baby’s footprints as the “v” it was a no brainer!

 There are many ways that you could create this – we chose to do it on a canvas but you could do this on paper. In addition, you can use any medium for the letters you want, but our trick is to use scrapbook paper and stencils. Scrapbook paper is thicker and the stencils will ensure the letters are the same font and size.

Here’s what we used:
10×10 Canvas
Scrapbook Paper
Baby Safe, Water Based Paint
Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
Alphabet Stickers & Jewels
Cute Baby Feet!

After we chose the different scrapbook paper we wanted, we traced and then cut the letters L, O, and E.  Remember – when you trace your letters you have to trace trace them backwards. This is so that when you place them on your canvas they will face in the correct direction.

After you trace and cut your letters, you can then do one of two things:  glue the letters down first or start with the footprints.  Since Madeline’s feet are so small, Emily opted to glue the letters down first so she would know exactly how to space out her feet.  On the other hand, Sherrie chose to place Logan’s feet first because they’re bigger and she wanted to ensure there was enough space for the letters.

Putting the baby’s feet on the canvas was easily the trickiest part.  We recommend you brush on a even layer of paint on your baby’s foot with a paint brush. If you dip their feet in the paint, when pressing down the foot on canvas or paper, it may be too much paint and smear.  Brushing the paint on the foot first will give you the best footprint possible! It also helps to have a few extra hands to help hold the baby and place the foot on the canvas- they can be squirmy!



After the foot prints and letters are are set you can add whatever embellishments you choose! We put our baby’s names and jewels (because duh! Glitter!). Don’t forget the date so you remember when you did it! 🙂

We just LOVE how they turned out! 😉


Are you crafting anything special with your little ones for Valentine’s Day?
Be sure to share photos with us!

Sherrie & Emily

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