Easter Basket Ideas for Babies & Toddlers!

We don’t know about you, but when we think of Easter baskets we have visions of chocolate bunnies, Cadbury eggs, jelly beans and peeps! All so YUMMY! But that is not really ideal for babies or toddlers. So what can  you give babies and toddlers in their Easter baskets? Well, here are some of our best recommendations based on what our kids are getting this year!

First things first, you need to pick a basket. You will soon learn that we have a slight obsession with Thirty One Gifts. So when a chick basket was a special in February, Emily just had to have it for Madeline! As for Logan and Finn, Matt and Sherrie love sports, so they picked out a soccer ball and baseball basket for them!  Then comes the fun part, filling your basket! Here is what our kids are getting in theirs!

Books are always a great gift to give for any holiday! You know FYM Emily loves Usborne. This That’s Not My Bunny is perfectly paired with a hand crocheted bunny lovey!!


Imaginative Toys
Our kids are at a stage where they are obsessed with play food! For Madeline- these soft carrots from the Target one spot are perfect! For Logan, who just got his Step2 cozy kitchen from Pampers Rewards, will get a more durable, wooden cupcake decorating set by Melissa and Doug! (We love Melissa & Doug- a post on that a later date).

Easter Basket Fillers for Toddlers

Logan is at a stage now where we are ready to introduce Play-Doh. We got him two containers to start to see how he likes it! Other great imaginative toys are action figures. We thought Logan would enjoy these toy dinosaurs, which even can double as an educational toy!

Sensory Toys
Our kids love puzzles and they make a great addition to any Easter basket. Madeline is just starting to figure out chunky puzzles- so she will be getting this adorable insect wooden puzzle made by Melissa and Doug! Finn will be getting these stacking rings and block set – both are great sensory toys for babies. All of our kids love, and still love, blocks and stacking rings! (Side note- check your local Marshall’s, we found these all at great prices!)

Plush Toys
If you haven’t noticed, FYM Emily is only slightly obsessed with Disney, Tsum Tsums are perfect because they are your favorite characters in a soft, squishy form for your babies and toddlers to enjoy! The mini ones are perfect for their little hands! Since Beauty and the Beast is so popular right now- FYM Emily was able to find Belle, Beast, Gaston, Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts and Chip! Because you want to collect them all- this will be a fun challenge as Madeline grows!


Bath Toys
If there is one activity that our babies love more than anything, it’s bath time. Seriously- we must have some of the cleanest kids around because they love their tubs! We are always looking for fun bath toys. Emily got this adorable Rubber Ducky set for Madeline at Carter’s! And Logan is getting bath crayons while Finn will be getting a bath time book and a lion toy! Our kids will be so excited for all of this!

Another great basket suggestion is to complement what your kids already have/love. Madeline has a Little Tykes vanity that she loves, but she didn’t have any accessories to go with it. FYM Emily was able to find this cute wooden beauty set in the Target One Spot. It will be perfect for the vanity as Madeline learns to play with it more!

Finn is currently obsessed with chewing on his hands. It’s hard to tell if he is teething just yet, so we got him a Nuby teething bib. He absolutely loves it! So we decided to pick up two more for his Easter basket!

Nuby Teething Bibs

Here are the baskets all put together and ready for the Easter Bunny to deliver!

5Sports Easter Baskets

The kids are going to LOVE what the Easter Bunny got them this year! 😉 We can’t wait for him to drop it off for our kids! What is he bringing your kids? Share with us!

Sherrie & Emily

Easter Basket Ideas for Babies and Toddlers

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    I love how you broke down your list. We are huge fans of imaginative play! I did a list too, can’t believe I forgot play-doh! I love the baskets you use so cute! Cheers

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