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Creating Family Yearbooks is a Pinterest project we both love! Having a special place to keep track of all our of memories each year is just so precious! We both tackled this project using the website, Shutterfly. Making these books is not only easy, but super fun! These books would be great for your coffee table or somewhere on display in your home so guests can look through them when they are visiting – what a great conversation piece! It will also make a great keepsake to pass down to your kids so they can cherish them as well.

Sherrie is currently working on creating a yearbook of Logan’s first year. Here is glimpse of one of the pages!

FullSizeRender (1) copy 3

We strongly suggest you start this project at the beginning of each year, or if you are going to create books for each year for your baby/kids, begin it as soon as the baby arrives or right after their birthday. This will cut back on time because if you’re anything like us – you will have a ton of pictures to sort through! Drafting up a few pages at the end of each month will be easier than tackling the whole thing at the end of each year.

Emily just got hers in the mail and it look how cute they turned out!

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The other great thing about Shutterfly is they are always have sales and coupons!!! If you’ve learned anything from reading our blog, you will know that we are definitely money saving mamas! There are always coupons for free shutterfly books, prints, calendars, etc. Emily actually got 4 free codes on packs of coffee she bought recently.  Plus other companies will send codes for a certain percentage or dollars off at Shutterfly. Emily has received them from Carters, Panera, and many more!  They’ve even printed out at the grocery store! Sherrie has even found them in baby products as well!

We are so excited to think in twenty years we will be able to have a bookshelf full of yearbooks and memories to look back on!

Sherrie & Emily

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    Super excited to share this blog post. My family has started growing, and we would love to find something perfect to start some type of memory or yearbook. This blog post is great because it shares one of their methods of saving memories, by using shutterfly! Now that we have our little bundle of princess on her way, to add to our fur family (husky; meeka and american feline; Otis) and my husband and myself.. this would be an awesome project to do! First year married, First year with Pup, First year with our new princess! Highly recommend this blog!! xo – Heather J.

  2. HeatherJ says:

    I will most definitely be returning to this blog when I start my little ladies yearbook, as well as our first year as a married family! Thanks ladies! great blog post!! 🙂 Sharing!!

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