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Friday Faves: ChooMee

Right around Madeline’s first birthday we started looking for a solution for her to feed herself.  We have followed a modified baby led weaning approach to introducing her to table food, but she’s at a point where she needs to learn to use utensils.  Why? Because she is little miss independent, and spoon feeding her is no longer an option! That being said, yogurt is one of her favorite foods, and the only way she will eat veggies is in a pouch.  So, without a solution, we’re left with a really messy kid!

That’s when I discovered the company ChooMee, and I have fallen in love!!! They make two different products, and we love them both for different reasons.

The first are these silicone spoons.  They’re small, easy to hold, and malleable, so they’re perfect for little hands who don’t understand why spoons are curved with a top and bottom.  They have a cutout on the spoon part,  so when dipped, they pick up the food you’re trying to eat.  This makes it easy for toddlers to learn, we found it works best with a thicker liquid, so yogurt was perfect! It absolutely helped Madeline learn how to use utensils and she loved that she was doing it herself.

ChooMee Spoon ChooMee Spoon with ToddlerChooMee Spoon 

Then I discovered these pouch tops! They are a life changing invention!

ChooMee Sipn

Essentially what you do is put this on top of the existing pouch spout.  What it does is make it so that you have to suck on it for the food to come out! This helps avoid spills and not squeezing the pouch onto the floor (Madeline’s favorite activity) and helps your child learn to use a straw (same sucking motion).  They have made giving Madeline a pouch wonderful and worry free, and she loves the independence of eating by herself!

ChooMee Pouch Top ChooMee Sipn Pouch Top

We got our Choomee products on Amazon and in true prime fashion, they were here in two days! We love them, and while we no longer use the spoons, we don’t go anywhere without the pouch top!

10 thoughts on “Friday Faves: ChooMee

  1. Luz Tijerina-Garduño says:

    We haven’t been too fond of the pouch food for my son but recently saw that I can actually buy pouches and put the food I make it them … this is definitely something I will try with a future baby since my son is over this stage now. Thank you for sharing. I’m glad your little girl liked it.

  2. Brenda says:

    Both of these products look great, especially for babies just learning to feed themselves. Pouches are great, but then they squeeze it all over themselves!

  3. Joslynn wassing says:

    Oh my gosh! These are so awesome!!! I have been in the market for some new baby utensils – as my little guy turns one this week!!
    I love the pouch top! I will for sure be buying those !

  4. Angelique Dale says:

    Both of these products are genius! Having a 2-year-old and nearly 5-year-old, I’m just now out of the age range where we need them. But these will make great gifts for my friends with younger toddlers! Thanks for the head’s up!

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