Doc McStuffins Color Wonder

Friday Faves: Crayola Color Wonder

Have you tried Color Wonder with your kids? We are constantly blown away by this product.  Essentially, Crayola promises that your children will only color on their coloring book.  How?! They have special markers that only show up on their special color wonder paper.  MAGIC.

Crayola Color Wonder Marker

We were skeptical, to say the least, assuming they either wouldn’t work after a while, or they would be dull in color – and we couldn’t have been more wrong.  These are our favorite way for our toddlers to color – no mess and no “art” on the walls, floor, or self!

 Crayola Color Wonder in Action

Madeline is obsessed with Doc McStuffins, which is great for us because Crayola seems to have partnered with Disney.  They have so many themed coloring books to choose from and are a pretty good value considering how long they last in our house.

Doc McStuffins Color Wonder

Still a skeptic? Check out this video- it’s true!

Crayola Color Wonder in Action!

They don’t just make coloring books though! Sherrie was able to score this awesome stamp set for Logan after Christmas on clearance.  To say that Logan loves to color is an understatement and color wonder makes it mess free!



Have you tried these Crayola products yet? Let us know in the comments!


5 thoughts on “Friday Faves: Crayola Color Wonder

  1. Shell says:

    I really love these products!!! I always pick up several to ale with us when we fly! They are the perfect no mess item to entertain on a flight .

  2. momalwaysknows says:

    These are super cool! We love them at our house too! We will have to look for the Doc one, my kids will love that! Thanks for sharing! : )

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