Happy First Birthday, Logan!

Where does time go? I feel like that is a question I have tossed around a lot in the last few weeks because TODAY our baby boy Logan turns ONE. I can’t believe I am even saying or typing that! We officially have a ONE YEAR OLD. Wow!!!

This time last year was such a whirlwind. I want to say we were ready for his arrival, but is anyone ever truly ready and prepared for a baby? The answer is no. I had no idea what to expect when Logan made his entrance into this world. I had no idea how much love I could ever have for someone other than my husband. The second he entered this world, our lives changed forever. Everyone’s heart exploded with LOVE and that has not stopped!

This past year has been so hard. We have had our share of struggles, frustrations, tears, and doubt. However, the biggest thing is we have shared so much joy, laughter, excitement and happiness. If I tried to bottle all the good up it would stack high enough to reach the moon a thousand times.

I have to keep this post short and sweet, because if I don’t my tears might never stop flowing! So I will end on a small note to the birthday boy:

Logan, I want you to know how much you are loved by Mommy and Daddy. You have, and will always be, our world. We will always be there for you no matter what. Watching you grow is bittersweet for us. Each milestone you hit is such a big deal. We cheer, clap and laugh but I know you are that much closer to growing up. I know I will long for these days. Everyone always tell us, “Enjoy it now! It goes by so fast!” and they are right. I already long for the earlier days when you were so tiny and would fall asleep in my arms. Now I can barely get you to sit still!

You have such a strong and stubborn personality and we want you to never change. You are so incredibly smart and witty with a great sense of humor.  Your curiosity for life has us looking at the world differently too. We love looking at everything through your eyes – everything is so new and exciting again. What a joy you are to be around!

Thank you for teaching us what true and unconditional love is all about.
We love you so much, Logie Bear!!! Happy First Birthday!!!


I love you forever always
I like you for always,
As long as I’m living
my baby you’ll be.


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