Happy First Birthday, Madeline! 

Dear Madeline,

On the eve of your first birthday I sit here thinking about where I was this time last year. Tomorrow we are celebrating your first birthday and it will be joyous, wonderful and hectic; but for now I take solace in the peace. The same thing happened this day last year. Your father and I spent the night in the hospital as I was being induced. I was tired, uncomfortable and anxious. As your daddy slept in the chair next to my bed, I lay awake waiting to meet you, wondering when you would get here. But I felt peace and calm just as I feel now. Little did I know the joy you would bring to our lives. You were the piece of the puzzle that was missing, what we dreamed of always having, and my darling, you have not disappointed.  This year has been nothing short of miraculous. Watching you learn, grow and discover who you are and what you are capable of brings me no greater joy.

You are a bundle of energy, our tumultuous tornado of a little girl. Your laugh melts my heart, your smile lights up a room and your adorable little voice as you learn and express words is music to our ears. You are the sweetest, kindest and best baby in the world. Your daddy and I are so blessed and lucky to call you ours.

I hope the first year of your life was been everything you could have dreamed of because it was everything we have dreamed of and more. You have showed us the true meaning of living and loving and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you my girl, because it is amazingly bright.

I’ll share with you a quote from a wonderful story, Cordelia, in the hopes that it can fill the words that I can’t put together, “Don’t let anyone tell you how high you can fly.”


We love you, Princess. Happy birthday.

Mommy 💕

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