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When Mike left for bootcamp I knew I would be spending less time at the grocery store because it would just be Madeline, Bruce Wayne, and I.  My husband actually consumes most of the groceries!  While the couponer in me was not happy about letting go some of the great deals, the realist in me won.  I also wanted to more healthy meals, so the first week he was gone I decided to try Hello Fresh.

If you haven’t heard of Hello Fresh, it’s a subscription service similar to others like Blue Apron or Plated that sends you a chosen number of meals that will serve a chosen number of people.  The beauty is,  all the ingredients arrive in the portions you will need with their recipes, they even have little stickers that say, “Make me first!” if need be.  Most of the recipes take 30 minutes and the only thing you need to have in your house is salt, pepper, water and butter.

I chose Hello Fresh over the others for a few reasons.  One, I had a coupon (of course!).  Two, it was the least expensive of the three choices.  Three, they have partnered with one of my favorite celebrity chefs, Jamie Oliver, and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some of his recipes!

I chose to start off with three meals that would serve two people delivered, since it’s just me, I thought it would make great leftovers.  I was sent a shipping statement from UPS on Monday and the box arrived to my doorstep Tuesday by noon!  Here’s what it comes packaged as:


Once you open the box, there’s a fun recipe card and all of the ingredients for each meal come in it’s own box with the exception of the protein, which is under ice packs.  That means when you’re ready to cook, you open the box, pull out your ingredients and get to work!

The recipe that I loved most from this box was the Lemony Pan Seared Chicken.  I would eat this again and again! And now I can recreate it very easily and still have the beautiful recipe card.  I think it turned out great! While these recipes seem to have a high calorie count, they’re well balanced meals and are delicious. Plus they’re a great way to keep track of portion control!


I am excited to see what comes next.  The best thing about Hello Fresh is that they publish all their recipes on their site and in their app, so if you weren’t a subscriber before when a recipe came out but want to try it you still can.  I am making this Eggplant dish from Jamie Oliver – it looks like it’s to die for!

The best thing about Hello Fresh though is it’s app.  You can favorite recipes, choose what comes next for the week, and handle your account all from your phone.

Interested in trying it out? Use referral code 8HVGUR and see what you think – then let me know!

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