How We (sort of) Co-Sleep and Why

When we started looking into bassinets and sleep options I had strong feelings against co-sleeping. The first reason being was I truly thought it was dangerous.  I am not a light sleeper and neither is my husband. I was convinced one of us would roll over onto the baby.  Couple that with the fact that Bruce Wayne sleeps with us and likes to snuggle so I could see that this idea would have disaster written all over it.  The last thing I wanted was for him to step on her, or lay his head across her face, etc. Secondly, I didn’t want to be the parents that let their baby sleep with them and then have them in their bed through toddler years.  As much as I knew I would love my little girl, sleepy time is my time and I wanted to keep it that way.  So, we got a bassinet that we set up next to our bed and it worked great for the first month.

After a month, we noticed that Madeline is a very gassy baby.  She usually needs to sleep with some sort of elevation, and thus she began to sleep in her bouncy chair. This also caused some issues as she would wake herself up either because it stopped vibrating or bouncing, or she had scooted down to the bottom of the chair.

That’s when one of my friends recommended a Snuggle Nest.  I had never seen one before! They are basically a soft bassinet that sits on top of your bed. Suddenly, it was a whole new world.  We discovered Madeline needed to be close to us.  Granted, it takes up a ton of space on our bed, but when Mike left for bootcamp it was perfect for her and I.  I could pop her in and out easily at night when she needed to be nursed.  What I really love (and we will see how well this plan works) is that it can also lay flat in her crib.


 It’s something she’s used to sleeping in so I planned to use it to transition her from our room to her own once she’s sleeping through the night. Unfortunately, Madeline got her daddy’s height and out grew the snuggle nest before she was ready to move to her crib. This meant we have become exactly what I wanted to avoid: cosleepers.

I actually really love cosleeping with my baby. I think she takes comfort in being so close to me and I love that she’s snug next to me. I also love that when she wakes I can roll over to nurse her and then she’s right back to sleep ten minutes later. With Mike being gone it works for us. But I worried that when it comes time to sleep train and move her to her bed, I’ve made it that much harder. I will certainly miss my little baby snuggles.

Luckily Madeline started sleeping through the night about three months after she was born. Once that happened I moved her from sleeping on our bed to sleeping in a pack and play set up next to our bed. I tried to “sidecar” it as much as possible, meaning it’s as close to our bed as it can get. This way I can still roll over and check on her. It’s perfect and will make an easy transition to her crib in a few weeks!

Co-sleepingCosleeping in a Bassinet

What this whole experience has taught me is to never assume you know it all. I had some very strict ideas on how I would parent and what I thought would be best for my baby, but every baby is different and you never know what will work until your baby is here!

Are you a cosleeper? Let us know what has worked for you!

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