Kendall’s Baby Dino Shower!

This past weekend I had the honor of helping plan my friend’s baby shower! I met Kendall when we began working together a few years ago. Kendall is due with a baby boy this March and it is bittersweet because she will be leaving our work to be a stay at home mommy (I will miss you!). At least my little Logan will finally have a boy buddy to hang out with!

So as soon as I knew I was helping to plan the shower I made a Pinterest board so we could both pin ideas. I had Kendall pick the theme for her shower which included sending her a very long list of potential themes. After narrowing it down to a few faves she ultimately picked the theme Baby Dinosaurs! What a fun and adorable theme we had to work with!

IMG_5832 (1).JPG

Kendall drew this on a white board that was in the party room!

Once the theme was picked the next thing on our list were the invitations! We solidified a date, time, and location and the search began for some cute baby dinosaur invites. I tracked down these invitations on a website called Zazzle. I have been obsessed with this site for as long as I can remember. They are always running great sales and it just so happened the day we ordered all invitations were 75% off…what a steal!!! What I love about Zazzle is their customization. I was able to type in all the info myself, change fonts, sizes, add text boxes, etc. We added, “rawr means I love you in Dinosaur!” and “it’s a boy!” on the front. I loved that we were able to add our personal touches to it. We got 25 invites that were customized and printed for about $12 – that is less than a $1 a piece! They came out awesome and for a price you just can’t beat!

So Kendall and I got busy pinning a bunch of things and then we met with Kendall’s friend, Allison, who would also be helping us tackle the shower. We discussed who would be doing what, the games would we play, favors, food, you name it! Luckily for us, Kendall is a graphic designer so she was able to design some super cute pieces for the shower. Now you may think how dare we make the Mom-to-be do work for her shower. Well, Kendall is crafty like me and she wanted to help us out! Her graphic skills are pretty dang awesome and I love that she got to create things because then we knew it would be exactly the way she likes it – it’s her shower after all! 🙂

Let’s start with the food table! We made an assortment of dips and finger foods and for dessert instead of cake we went with Chocolate Dipped Pretzels, Fossil Print Cookies, and Dinosaur Dirt Cups. I love how we made some of the foods/desserts tie in with the theme. Kendall designed these adorable name cards for the food!

Next we have the tables. For centerpieces I just ended up going to the dollar store and bought fake flowers and vases. The trick is to pick a flower that looks least fake and add water to the vase. It will give your guests the illusion that they are real. Everyone thought they were! These centerpieces cost me just $3 a piece! Not bad for a baby shower on a budget!


At each seat we set up these fun place settings. Kendall designed these napkin rings that I folded them around each napkin and placed a fork and spoon inside. Above that we had these two cards for people to fill out that acted as Kendall’s guest book. One was Wishes for Baby and the other was Advice for the Parents to Be. I had something similar like this at my shower and so I sent them to Kendall and she personally designed these to fit the baby dino theme (I told you she was talented!). I think they turned out great!


For activities at the shower we went with one that people could do while socializing and eating and another where there was a slight competition with prizes. The first activity was Decorate a Onesie. It was a huge hit! Allison took charge of this one. She ordered puffy paint, fabric markers, stencils, and onesies/bibs. People loved this and there was not a single bib or onesie left to decorate! It was so cute to see all the finished onesies hanging up all decorated during the shower.


The second activity was the Price is Right game. Kendall once again designed the game cards with items she already had. We gave out a prize for each item and then a bigger prize for the grand total of all the items. The small prizes were shower loofahs with mini body washes and the big prize was a candle gift set! Both activities went over really well with the guests!

For some added decor we strung up some pictures of Kendall and her husband as well as pictures of Kendall’s weekly pregnancy photos. It added a nice personal touch to her shower. Allison and I left this piece a surprise for her and she really loved it!

IMG_5820 - Copy

For the favors we went with a candy bar. Kendall designed this fun banner we hung that said “thanks!” and we picked three candies that we could tie into the theme. We had “Triceratops” Twizzlers, “Dino Eggs” which were peanut M&Ms and Baby Dinosaur gummies. Also at the table we had a framed sign that said rawr means thank you in dinosaur! 🙂

I asked Kendall to design a Mom-to-be banner to hang above her chair while opening presents –  it came out so cute! Kendall is one of those pregnant ladies who is just all belly!

IMG_5837 (1)

You looked beautiful Kendall!  I can’t wait to meet this baby boy! I am so glad I had a hand in planning this shower for this wonderful Mama to Be!  Congrats, Kendall! <3

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  1. Mommy Dil :) says:

    Tooo cute! I love the surprise photos! Im sure she would have been very pleased!and great detailing on Ll the games too!
    One game ww did at a friend’s baby shower – which i loooved – was baby pics! As long as its a small group of close friends of mom to be it can work well.
    We made a pinboard chart of all of our pictures. And took printouts of our haby pics which were shuffled n given to mommy. The cuteness overload + pregnancy brain means she ll nit recognize quickly enough 🙂

  2. AMB says:

    I loved the “wishes for baby” card you distributed. I want to do something like that for our little guy at each of his birthdays. He’s into dinos and cars right now, so I’m going to keep this theme in mind for his second birthday, if he’s still into the crazy creatures! 🙂

  3. babiestobookworms says:

    This is so cute! I love the adorable foods and the onesie decorating! You can never have enough onesies!

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