Kiinde Bottle System 

Today I want to give a shout out to the Kiinde bottle system. When we began our registry I knew we would need a bottle system that I could use for pumping when I go back to work. I have two mom friends that both recommended the Kiinde bottle system to me and am so glad they did!

The basic idea behind this system is that everything is done in pouches: milk, formula and even food! You have the option to pump directly into the pouches via an adapter or pour into them as I am doing right now (I am portioning my milk since I typically pump more than baby girl will eat in a single feeding).

These pouches fit into a bottle casing and the nipple, of which there are three speeds, twists right on. This is great for two reasons: the messy part is disposable so it makes clean up a breeze and it’s quick and easy. Kiinde also has a bottle warmer and a special cleaning tool for washing the nipples. This system is very helpful for daycare or late night feedings when you’re half asleep!

It has a very small footprint, which is helpful in our tiny house. We are able to just have the casing and nipples – no need for having to store multiple bottles. For those of us who are short on space this is a lifesaver!

What I love most about this system though is the versatility – as baby grows the system grows with them.  Pouches can be purchased to hold up to 6 oz and then up to 8 oz when they start eating more. These same pouches can then be used to store homemade baby food. These pouches are great for on-the-go feedings. There is a spoon attachment that just twists on and the pouches are not bulky for carrying in the diaper bag!

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Kiinde can be purchased at all major retailers or online (Target, Amazon, Buy Buy Baby, etc.). If you like their Facebook page you will be able to see when they are running good sales! Have you tried Kiinde? What did you think?

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