Indian Ladder Farms

Local Love: Indian Ladder Farms

We’re always looking for fun, local things to do with our little ones.  Since Madeline is a berry fiend (no joke!) we thought she might enjoy a trip to go berry picking but had no idea where to start.  FYM Sherrie has taken trips to Indian Ladder Farms with Matt and Logan in the fall seasons, and pointed us in their direction.  And boy, were we thrilled! We’ve now been a few times!

Let’s start with the berry picking! The bushes were FULL of big, juicy, amazing blueberries!! Picking two quarts didn’t take more than 15 minutes, even with a toddler in tow! Madeline loved walking through the bushes, pulling the berries off (though some she chose we’re quite ripe) and stuffing them in her mouth.  Seriously, I couldn’t hardly pick fast enough to keep up with her eating! She even made friends with fellow pickers (and sampled their blueberry bounty as well).

Indian Ladder Farms

It didn’t end there! What I LOVED about our visit was how much there is to do at the farm.  We could have chosen to pick raspberries as well, but instead we opted to walk the farm.  It is a working farm and they have so many animals that you can see and interact with.  We’d never taken Madeline to a zoo, and we thought this would be a good test, knowing how much she loves our dog, Bruce Wayne!  To say she loved them would be an understatement.  There are so many animals at Indian Ladder Farms including, sheep, goats, a HUGE bunny, baby bunnies, chickens, cattle, and a massive turkey.   She squealed with delight, said hi to everyone and everything she saw and really got a kick out of daddy feeding some of the animals.

 Indian Ladder Farms

Indian Ladder Farms

Once we were able to pull her away from the wildlife, we stopped into the cafe and store.  To say it is full of country charm is an understatement!! The adorable shop is filled with unique gifts, homegrown produce, local milk, and the most delicious baked goods.  Even in the middle of august, it is safe to say, Madeline loves cider doughnuts! I cannot wait to go back for apple picking!

What I didn’t know, and will be nice to explore on a date night, is that Indian Ladder Farms also has a brewery and cidery on site.  In the afternoons and evenings, you can do tastings- Mike and I will love that, as we love hard cider!

I am already planning our next trip back- this is a family favorite and a staple in the warm weather months for sure!



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