Logan’s First Birthday Party!

Last weekend we celebrated Logan’s first birthday party! I still can’t believe it! It was a lot of fun and our guests really enjoyed themselves. Here are the details from our little man’s birthday party! 🙂


To start we needed to find a space big enough to hold both sides of the family and where we could bring in our own food to save money. We have this beautiful local park with walking trails, a large playground, and buildings with rooms available to rent out for events. It was the perfect location! Once we secured the date and time we had to pick a theme. I ran all sorts of themes by Matt: jungle animals, Dr. Seuss, One is Fun, etc. He was not feeling any of those. Then I came across this Baby Mario First Birthday theme and suggested the theme of video games – didn’t take more than a second for him to say yes. It is an unusual theme for a first birthday but it was different and Matt, as well as others in the family, love to play video games. So why not?

I told Emily the theme and her and I went to town pinning all sorts of ideas. The first thing I had to do was order invitations. One of our favorite sites to order stuff from is Etsy and after searching for video game party invitations I stumbled upon this customizable video game invitation! I love how they turned out.


Next up were the party details. Unfortunately the venue did not allow stuff to be hung on the walls which was a bummer at first but then I realized it just meant less work and we can put more attention into the smaller details. My inspiration for the centerpieces came from Pinterest. The room was to set up with 4 tables so Matt picked 4 video games to decorate each table with that video games’ color scheme and characters. We had Zelda, Mario, Sonic and Donkey Kong. The centerpieces were very simple and easy to make. I printed clip art images for each video game and then hot glued them onto a wooden dowel. Then we hot glued a foam ball to the bottom these plastic vases and stuck the dowels into the foam balls. To hide the foam ball I purchased shredded paper basket filler. The tables turned out to be super fun!

On Logan’s actual birthday we had professional photos of him taken that included him wearing a cute outfit with some props and then of course a cake smash! The photos came out great! We glued them to a poster board and put them on display for everyone to see. We also framed two pictures of him one from when he was one day old and the other from his from first birthday – it was so crazy to see how in one year he changed so much!


One of my favorite details from the party was this time capsule idea I snagged from Pinterest. You have your guests write a note for the birthday boy or girl and then you give it to your child years later maybe on their 18th birthday or high school graduation. I think this is something I’d like to continue for all birthdays to come. It would be so neat for Logan to be able to read all the different wishes, memories, pieces of advice, etc. that family and friends wrote to him on each birthday. Here is how we set it up:


For the favors we set up the classic candy bar that everyone loves. We purchased different size and color bowls and put candy in them. I printed these matching tags from the same Etsy shop I got the invites from and we glued them on the paper bags. Fun and simple!

Of course one of the best parts of the party was the cake!!! We ordered a video game themed cake from a local bake shop and a special happy birthday cupcake for Logan to smash and eat. So delicious!

 We opened all the wonderful gifts from everyone and I can say that Logan was one special and loved birthday boy! Here is him on the gift he got from Emily, Mike and Madeline. 🙂


I owe a huge thank you to my friends and family who put in the time to help set up before the party – I couldn’t have done it without you!!! I know Logan won’t remember this party but we have lots of pictures to show him how much fun it was and just how much everyone loves this little man!!!

We love you, Logan!!! Hope you have a wonderful year being ONE!

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