#lovecarters Unboxing 

Here’s a great example of why it pays to follow your favorite brands on social media!

I have a shopping problem. Seriously it’s bad. So much so that the last three months of my pregnancy my husband (among others) banned me from entering a Carter’s store. I love their clothes they are adorable, durable and affordable! So naturally I follow them on Twitter (and you should too).

Leading up to Mother’s Day, they ran a promotion asking you to tweet about your Mother’s Day and use their hashtag #lovecarters. I tweeted them this photo:


To my surprise on Saturday they messaged me to say they wanted to send me something and today it arrived! Here’s a fun video of what I received!

I am so excited to use my new reusable cup at Starbucks (where I also have an addiction- it’s like they know me!)

IMG_8304 (1)
Thanks Carter’s! I’ll be putting these coupons to good use 😍

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