Meet the Moms

Twin Wives, Twin Lives! Two ladies married to identical twins making our own ways through all that life throws at us.  First newlyweds, now moms, tackling similar issues in different ways.  You’ll get to see the ways we’re similar and the ways we’re different: but in the end, we’re one big family!

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Hey, hi, hello! It’s Sherrie. I am the wife to Matt and Mom to Logan Scott born in April 2015 and Finn Howard born in November 2016. Family is everything to me! I love to laugh and smile, doesn’t take much to put a smile on face. I love cupcakes. My motto is a cupcake a day, keeps the doctor away. My favorite color is glitter – that’s a color, right? I consider our family dog one of my children. Yes, pets are family (right, Emily!?)! I love celebrity gossip and reality TV, it’s my guilty pleasure. If I find a shirt with sequins on it you can bet your last dollar I will buy it.  I love food, arts & crafts, and music. I am so excited to be sharing our journey of motherhood with you guys!

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Hello blog world! Emily here- wife of Mike and Mom to Madeline Grace!  I love all things DIY or Pinterest related! I’m a little social media obsessed and could binge watch Netflix forever!  I love all things pink- the more pink the better-and am always up for learning something new.  Just don’t ask me to clean: that’s what my husband is for!  I’m an extreme couponer to the max (some may call it hoarding) and am always looking for ways to save money.  In addition, I’m now a brand new military spouse and very proud of it!  Mike and I are so lucky to have our Bruce Wayne who we frequently say isn’t a dog but a baby in dog clothes. We’re excited to grow our family with our little girl!

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