Mommy Brain: The Struggle is STILL Real

Just recently Emily wrote up a funny post about her pregnancy brain and how much of a struggle it is for pregnant woman. Whether you believe it or not, it totally is real. Some of my funniest pregnancy stories I have are related to my pregnancy brain. Once Logan arrived, I was so happy to finally have my brain back! Yahoo! I will finally be able to put the milk in the fridge and the cereal in the cabinet instead of the other way around! Well, my brain had other plans. Now, I am here to tell you that Mommy Brain exists and the struggle is STILL real.

So let me explain Mommy Brain to you. You’re exhausted, you’re now responsible for another person’s life, you’re probably hungry, your brain is always on and the wheels are always spinning. As I remind myself to do one thing, I instantly think oh yeah, there is that to do also, completely forgetting the first thing I was supposed to do. Or there’s the Mommy Brain where you say, did I do this? do I do that? all the while your putting your keys in the microwave and trying to feed your dog your cellphone as a treat. I kid you not there has been times where I scoop Zelda’s dog food right into the garbage, or almost put soap on my toothbrush, but one of the worst moments was when I totally forgot to pick my husband up from work when we carpooled. I just went straight home and he is standing outside at work wondering, where the heck is my wife? The worst part was I didn’t notice until he called me. I didn’t live that one down for a few days, but at least I remembered to pick up Logan!

But let me let me share my first (and most embarrassing) Mommy Brain story with you:

Logan was maybe just a week old, Matt was cleaning and I was feeding Logan. Other than the fact that I was in massive amounts of pain (labor and delivery will do that to you!) and had barely a wink of sleep, I was feeling pretty good! The day before I had taken some pain meds…or so I thought, but we will get to that in a minute. My phone buzzes and it’s my alarm telling me that it is time to get another dose of pain meds. I ask Matt if he would get some for me since I was feeding Logan. He walks over and asks, how much do I give you? I said, “3 please!” And he quickly responded with,  “Are you sure? They are 500mg a piece.” I said yes, I am sure I took 3 yester—wait a minute. Alright, so let me rewind to the prior day when I said I had thought I had taken some meds. Well, it turns out I didn’t. After having a baby the doctor prescribes colace, more widely know as stool softener (I know, I know but we said we’d be with real with you). I was on the couch playing with Logan and as I went to get up I scooted, maybe a inch or two…and well, I will spare you the details, but I think you can put two and two together. Now, fast forward back to when Matt was asking me how many meds to give me, it dawned on me that I had mistakenly taken the wrong meds. Mommy brain, you got me! Overtired I just grabbed the colace bottle thinking it was the pain meds, saw it said 200mg and took 3 with nice tall glass of water. I was only supposed to take 1 colace every 24 hours, but I took a whopping 3. Let’s just say after that incident I took a nice long….nap (come on now, what did you think I was going to say?! 😉 )

Any other good Mommy Brain stories out there? I’d love to know I am not alone!

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