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Mommy Down Time: Crochet

Let’s face it moms- we don’t get a lot of downtime.  But, it is so important, and you’ll hear it everywhere, to find something that’s yours.  I am always thinking about Madeline, doing activities, crafts, etc. with or for Madeline, so the idea of something that I do for me seems odd.  But that’s exactly why you need something that can either be mindless and let you take a break, and give you something else to focus on. That’s when I really started to think I needed a hobby and crochet is it!

There’s something very satisfying to me to be able to make something and see it come together.  But, by now, I think y’all know I just love to craft! I had at one point, taught myself to knit and the results were less than satisfactory.  So the idea of teaching myself to crochet seemed very daunting.

How did I do it you might ask?

Ravelry: This is a great site for getting started finding projects.  Between Ravelry and Pinterest I was able to see things I may like to make and find a pattern for them.  This got me to a good starting place where I at least knew how much yarn, what type of yarn and what size crochet hook I would need- then it was time to shop.

YouTube: Doesn’t that seem like it’s the answer to everything? No seriously though.  Videos are a great way to learn a skill.  What I found is that patterns are unbelievably hard to read.  It’s almost like crochet is a different language! So that being said, I needed to learn how to actually achieve the different stitches within a given pattern.  Hence- YouTube. There are so many people who have made videos on how to do specific stitches.  Every time I encounter one that I don’t know how to do (and Mommy Brain is real, so let’s be honest, even some I know but haven’t done in a while) I find a video for it on YouTube.  Once I watch it once, do the stitch along with the video a few times I’m good to go!  I then keep it handy to reference as I put down and pick up the project.

c2c baby blanket

Facebook Groups: What I have learned about crocheting (and also knitting) is that it’s like a cult! No seriously, a mom cult.  There are so many people who seem to live and breathe crochet.  Naturally, that means, you can find a lot of groups on social media! I am in a few crochet groups and what I’ve found is it is a great place to show what you’ve recently made and get some feedback, but also a great way to learn about trends and new ideas for projects!

Meet Ups: There are also lots of great resources or local “stitch and bitch” clubs! Personally, I love that my hobby can also be a way to make new friends and get out of my house and routine. That break time with other adults is really important for my own sanity!  I started a lunchtime craft day at work.  Now every Tuesday and Thursday at our lunch hours. We sit together and work on the projects we have currently underway, whether that’s inside or outside, and just talk about non work related things.  There are lots of local yarn shops and craft stores that also host these events as well.  I’m looking forward to attending them!

I’m also really proud of the things I’ve been able to create! I love being able to make handmade gifts for my friends and family, useful items for my house or for Madeline, and so much more! Here are a few quick things I’ve made recently!

Hand Crochet Harry Potter Lovey Crochet Fox Blanket Crochet Baby Hat Crochet Pussy Hat Crochet Afghan

Are you a crochet-er? (I think they refer to themselves as hookers, that seems off color, haha 🙂 ) What hobbies do you pursue that are just for you?

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