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Since I found out that I was pregnant, one of the things I’ve been adamant about is building my “tribe” or finding my “village” as it’s sometimes referred to. I have a few good mommy friends local to me, but I was looking for more support. Since then, I have found many mommy groups and boards and from that made some amazing friends.

Just Mommies Due Date Clubs: I don’t even know how I found the site, I must have searched for it on google. It is a community of women who are all due at the same time called Due Date Clubs. These are essentially groups of discussion boards where you can interact with other women around the world going through the same stages of pregnancy. When all of our babies were born, our due date club switched to a Facebook Group and we still all interact on a weekly and monthly basis. From this board, I met two women who I consider to be great friends of mine. They are definitely part of my village! Sharilyn and Megan are the sweetest women, we have a ton in common, and as consultants, they both feed my lularoe habit! But, seriously, I talk to them every week and love that I have them as a support system. Plus our kids are all within days of each others age, and that helps us relate as well. I still have yet to meet these two fabulous ladies in person, but that hasn’t slowed our friendships at all!

Facebook Groups:  Nearing the end of my pregnancy, I also joined a few Facebook groups dedicated to nursing moms.  They were a huge help, especially with Mike being gone a good chunk of the first part of Madeline’s life.  As a first time mom, breastfeeding was completely new to me, so to be able to just jump on at any time of the day or night, ask a question, and get a friendly response was a huge piece of mind.  Many of the ladies in these groups feel like an extended part of my tribe, even if I haven’t met them.  Towards the end of our nursing journey, I met a woman (again thanks to Lularoe) who I just adore.  Holly (and her husband Partick) are amazing, and at the time I met them, had just started their journey to become lactation consultants and doulas. They are so much more than their business, they truly live and breath what they do- and they care! I can’t say enough good things about That Doula Couple.  As a part of that, they each run a support group, one for moms and one for dads.  This is a huge resource to be able to utilize! After Madeline was born, and still now, I suffered from some Postpartum Anxiety, but these groups and the people who run them have truly been a way for me to ease out of that anxious state and know that I’m not alone.  I think that’s all a new mom can ask for, is a little support.

Meet up Groups: There are also local meet up groups in my area.  I joined two but never actually found the time to go to a meet up! Being a working mom, it’s hard to find time to get to playdates as they tend to be during the day.  But, they are a wonderful way to make friends, socialize your children, or just get out of your house!


7 thoughts on “Mommy Support Groups

  1. Jayme says:

    I did the same thing! I joined several Mommy groups and I’m so glad I did. It’s important to have a support system. Great post!

  2. remainingmeg says:

    You are so right, finding your people is SO important for moms. You need those gals in your life that totally understand what you’re going through. I’m so glad you’ve found some and what a great idea to look online as well.

  3. Bethany says:

    Having support is hugely important for new moms. I don’t know how I would have made it through without my tribe.

  4. sayhellonature says:

    Love these! I wish I would have done more of this when I was a new new mom. Our little one is 9 months now though so I have plenty of time to need these, haha

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