Mommy Down Time: Book Clubs

One thing both of us here at Forever Young Moms love to do is read! But it’s increasingly hard to find or make the time to read for fun. We love the idea of book clubs for moms because it forces you to make the time and you are exposed to new books you may not have tried before!

FYM Emily introduced Sherrie to a Mommies Only Book Club on Facebook.  This is the best of both worlds, not only are you getting to read a new book, but you can discuss the book over a weekend, on your own time, and you don’t have to clean your house to host others!

While I get frustrated with book clubs because I find myself reading books I didn’t want to read, it’s also good because it’s an eye opener.  I recently discovered the author Jodi Piccolut.  I had heard great things but never really tried her books until I read two of them for a book club.  Turns out, I really like her style of writing and the stories she creates- and now I have so many more choices to read!

Books clubs are a great way to have something for yourself.  As moms, we are always go, go, go, putting everyone’s needs before our own,  but self care is extremely important.  That’s why we love book clubs, it helps to keep some time just for you, where you can relax and escape your reality for a little while.  Even if you don’t love the book, it’s nice to just get away.  🙂


5 thoughts on “Mommy Down Time: Book Clubs

  1. Mae says:

    I honestly need to take the time to catch up and read all the books I’ve been hoarding so far! I am not part of a book club just because I’d like to read at my own pace and only the books I really want to read, but I can see how it would be a good motivation to read more if you are part of one.

    Mae |

  2. Jhilmil says:

    Reading is so important, I get less ime to read but I love reading & sharing the reads with others. Discussing in groups about some books also makes me aware of those which I would not have had!

  3. Jenn says:

    I was actually a part of a great book club (in person) a few years ago. I loved that I could discuss books with women who I would have never met otherwise. They introduced me to books that I might have never read. Sadly, being a mommy, working, blogging and Poshmark leave little time for reading. I do try to fit it in, but it’s always last on the list. Hopefully I can join this group someday!

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